Top 3 Ramen Franchises in the Philippines

Noodles are everyone’s favorite, don’t you agree? Its simplicity from the cooking process to being eaten has made itself a food staple in countries such as China and Japan. Flavor is added by mixing other ingredients that make noodles its distinct taste. This is emphasized with ramen, a Japanese cuisine and an art that has been recognized as a delicious meal and snack as well.

Packed with flavor, ramen made its way from country to country, all the way to the Philippines. As Filipinos, we enjoy and embrace other cultures, and we profess our appreciation through food! Yes, ramen is greatly accepted here and has found a market for the large population of Japanese people living in the country as well as Filipinos.

Needless to say, having a ramen business is a very profitable venture if you are an investor. So if you want to franchise a ramen business, look no further! We will show you three ramen franchises in the Philippines!

Rai-Rai Ken Ramen House & Sushi Bar

Initially starting as a tea house when it first established in 1993, owner Benjamin Garcia performed product research as well as being the best of the best as a chef, has converted Rai-Rai Ken into a well-known casual Japanese restaurant in the Philippines.

Its vast menu continues to grow and refine as the years turn into decades thanks to the franchise expansion effort throughout the nation.

The mission of Rai-Rai Ken Ramen Franchise is continuously serving authentic Japanese dishes that need not be expensive. They have the basic Japanese menu consisting of ramen, udon, donburi, bento, salad, sashimi and sushi.

Nowadays, you can find Rai-Rai Ken in multiple locations around Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, sprawling through commercial spaces such as malls.

Investment cost: Php 4 Million to Php 7 Million

Franchise term: Seven (7) years (renewable)

Royalty fees: 5% of gross sales

Franchise fee: Php 1 Million (additional Php 500,000 for every succeeding 100 sq/m)

Rai-Rai Ken Ramen Franchise inclusion:

  • Right to use the name and logo
  • Proprietary trademarks
  • Approval and evaluation of proposed site
  • Training of staff and franchisee/manager
  • Operational manual of business operations
  • Pre-opening assistance
  • Grand opening assistance
  • Ongoing guidance and support

Interested? Contact them now!


Email address: /

Phone number: 02 889 3664 / 02 885 7912 / 02 536 5002

Fax number: 02 522 9463 / 02 706 5538

Office Address: 2877 Finlandia St., corner Newton St., Makati City, Philippines

Manbee Ramen

Manbee Ramen Franchise started out just recently in 2016, as a small ramen shop in Cubao. They realized that there are a lot of Japanese restaurants in the Philippines but most offer ramen at an expensive price. The owner knows that ramen is not that fine of a cuisine but rather should be viewed as a type of fast food instead.

And after many trials of research, Manbee sold their authentic Japanese ramen for just 110 pesos. As a result, customers return to the Cubao branch of Manbee to get their ramen fix.

Franchise fee: Php 200,00 (subject to change without notice)

Manbee Ramen Franchise inclusion:

  • 3 weeks worth of training for Franchisor’s employees
  • Store design
  • Visual merchandising support
  • 1 week support for Franchisor’s operation during opening
  • Cooking tools
    • 2 pcs. of stockpot
    • 1 pc. of chasiu cutter (meat slicer)
    • 5 pcs. of tebo (boiling basket)
    • 1 pc. of electric fryer
    • 4 pcs. of ladle
    • 80 pcs. of bowl
    • 30 pcs. of renge (soup spoon)
    • 10 pcs. of Manbee t-shirts
  • Marketing tools
    • 5 pcs. of main menu
    • Online sales management tool

If you’re interested in franchising, you can contact them through their website below.


Facebook page: ManbeeRamen

Tomochan Ramen Express


Founded by Japanese entrepreneur, Aikoko Okamoto, Tomochan first came to the Philippines with its branch in Angeles City, Pampangay in July 2017.

As a ramen shop, Tomochan provides Shoyu (soy-based) and miso-based broth, with their most cheapest ramen starting at Php 99.

Every measurement for preparing the ramen, from ingredients to packaging, are done in advance to reduce the waiting time for customers. Not only are they affordable, but the ingredients themselves are sourced from the local market and while it might differ from your usual recipe, it is as close to authenticJ Japanese ramen as it can be.

Aside from ramen, Tomochan also sells rice meals for those who prefer.

Tomochan Ramen Franchise fee: Php 160,000

  • Rights to use unique name, trademarks, and systems
  • Rights to use proprietary products and services
  • Access to accredited and exclusive suppliers of Tomochan
  • Location selection evaluation and approval
  • Tomochan’s exclusive classroom and hands-on trainings
  • Pre-opening and opening assistance
  • Confidential Tomochan’s Operations Manual
  • Consistent support, business consulting and field visits
  • Marketing and promotions support

Are you interested? Call them now to inquire about their full franchise package!

Office Address: Food Odyssey, 11th Floor, LKG Tower, Ayala Ave. Makati City.
Mobile number: 09156509906/ 09177092565

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