Affordable Food Cart Franchises in the Philippines (Below P50,000.00)

To quote the words of the Father of Philippine Franchising, businessman Mr. Samie Lim,  he said "It is always food first and the retail concept that is growing in the country”.   By this, one can explain the rising phenomenon of local and international brands venturing in the franchising business.  The trend now in terms of consumption among Filipinos has evolved from consuming goods to consuming services.  Thus, the demands for these various goods and services are projected to continually increase in the next years.  Not to mention that the spending habits of Filipinos has also drastically changed from being conservative to being extravagant when it comes to food and services.  Below are list of affordable food cart franchises in the Philippines that will surely satisfy your budget and at the same time your interest in the food business as well.

Fab Suffrage


Update: Fab Suffrage's Lowest cart is now 59,000.00

Fab Suffrage Foods Inc was started around two years ago by veteran franchise consultants from different companies. They have currently twelve food carts (franchises start at P39k)  you can choose from and they offer combination carts that let you combine two or three franchises for a discount (although these will go above 50k).

They have lots of concepts to offer, including  siomai, siopao, fried noodles, frappes, meat-on-sticks and fries.

You can see their offer here in


Update: Filtrepreneur's lowest cart is now 58k.

Also called the Filipino Entrepreneur Franchise, Inc. or the FFI. It is also sometimes referred to as the Pinoy Pao Express Inc. This company started out as manufacturer of snack foods such as siopao, siomai, fishballs and the likes. It eventually evolved to creating its own brand of food carts starting with MY PAO and JACK’S in 2000 and with continuous innovation, grew in food choices in 2006.

Currently it has 10 single cart packages, 2 choices of discounted packages such as 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 carts. It also has 4 special packages carts and other packages such as the mobile cart, mall cart and distributorship. Its food cart package ranges from P30,000.00 to P50,000.00 that includes standard inclusions and freebies. With a lot of food choices to combine, this seems to be a promising business venture.

You can check out: Pinoy Pao, Emperor's Siomai, Red Bowl, O'Noodle Food Carts here in

First Smile Franchise

The goal of this company is clear cut: It aims to help Filipinos build their own business. First Smile Franchise or the FSF is relatively a new player in the franchising world as it was only established last May 2012. But with its comprehensive and systematic approach to this kind of business, its food carts are relatively increasing because of consumer demand. It’s unique and differently named cart concepts also made its mark in the industry.   To date, it has 11 single food cart choices and the price range starts at P25,000.00. They have intermittent promotions like a "Buy 1 Take 1" or "20% Discount Promo" that can yeild you two food carts or bring the price of the single food cart down to only P20,000.00.

Bee Smart Franchise

Aljovyan Food Carts has been around since 2005 when franchising was a boom at that time. It was in 2012 that the Bee Smart Franchise System was put into place and was made known in the franchising world. This company distinctly offers food and non-food items as choices when planning your own franchising business concept. This company also has unique franchising models that may suit your individual needs from being a wholesaler, franchisee, distributor, center or master franchise. Its single cart starts at around P25,000.00 and to date, it has more than 15 choices of food carts that you can creatively combine to be available in your target area. It is also interesting to mention that this is the only company that offers 1-year money back guarantee to all its carts.

Silver Ace

The complete name of this company is Silver Ace Franchising and Business Development.  This franchising firm was established to offer variety of food cart options and concepts to Filipino wannabee entrepreneurs with a reasonable investment start-up price of only P15,000 (for their unique table top carts concept).  This cool idea makes it even more affordable to Filipinos on tight budgets.  Their regular single food cart options on the other hand starts at P30,000.00.  Their 2-in-1 package is priced at P35,000.00 and P45,000.00 for its 3-in-1 food carts.  Mall carts and Distributorships are also other choices for those with bigger capital. With 12 food cart choices, you will never go wrong with Silver Ace.

To Conclude

With the complete package in terms of business plan, knowledge (both financial and marketing) and steady supply of resources, there is no doubt that engaging in franchising is a great way to deal with the unstable business market and of course the very tough job market. Franchising is also one way to learn to be your own boss (although not absolute) as you also have to deal with your franchisor but you are directly into hands on experience in terms of decision making and judgement thus, learning becomes experiential and beneficial for you. Lastly, franchising also does not take too much of a risk as an established system is being modelled and you have a partner that will give you constant training, coaching and support. With all of these, franchising is a suggested business model for determined and aggressive individuals like you. Why don’t you give it a try?

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