Angel’s Hamburger Franchise: Is It Still Open? Alternatives?

Angel’s Hamburger is one of the Filipinos most affordable food place to go to whenever they are on a strict budget. Their popular buy-1-take-1 burger is the key as to why they had succeeded in the market – considering the tough competitions and other deals out there.

Their food products were offered in reasonable prices, while the taste was well-maintained. Because of this fact, a lot of customers have been fond of purchasing from the store even though the burgers had small patties. Moreover, each branch’s location is ideal which makes it easy to call in hungry customers who need a cheap, yet value-for-money meal.

For the said reason, a lot of business-minded entrepreneurs expressed their interest in making business with the said store – and later on, different branches sprouted all over the country.

Angel's Hamburger Franchise

Angels Hamburger: Not For Franchising Anymore

Unfortunately, information circulated in the internet last June 2014 saying Angel’s Hamburger closed their doors for franchising.

Sorry for the bad news.

It is indeed disappointing to learn that the business isn’t offering franchising option anymore. However, there’s still a chance! As the saying goes, ‘doors may close, but windows will surely open’.

And doors do open. We compiled a list of alternatives to Angel's Hamburger franchise.

What are My Alternatives to Angel's Hamburger Franchise?

There are more organizations that offer opportunities for entrepreneurs – here are some of the franchises you can go after if you wanted to start an Angel's Hamburger franchise!

Star Frappe Cafe - Franchise Fee: P300,000.00

Star Frappe Bar as Alternative to Angel's Hamberger

One of the Alternatives is Star Frappe Cafe, which offers the same products like Angel’s. The only difference is that they have more products in their menu, like coffee shakes, siopao and siomai aside from the regular buy 1 take 1 burger you wanted to enter at a business venture. Star Frappe Cafe also offer a smaller franchise fee than what Angel's Hamburger used to offer.


  • The use of trade name and proprietary marks
  • Hands-on training for both franchisee and staffs
  • Commercial signage, counter and lighted menu
  • Marketing, operational and pre-opening assistance
  • Continuous site visit and guidance
  • All products in the menu
  • 5 Concepts complete equipment for the operations
  • 2 Cooler ice boxes
  • 10 Service crew uniforms
  • Chest freezer
  • P30,000 worth of products
  • 2 Tarpaulin banners

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Facebook Page:
  • Phone Nos.: 0917-5323708 / 0998-5928617 / (02)6231856
  • Address: #17A Ground flr. St. Martin Bldg. Westpoint St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109
  • Contact Person: Mr. Edison Gomez

Heaven's Hamburger - Franchise Fee: Starts at P59,000.00

Heaven's HamburgerIf you want a "buy-1-take-1" burger franchise only, then your best bet would be a Heaven's Hamburger franchise which also came from Fab Suffrage Inc. The franchise fee starts at P59k for a food cart concept and you can work your way up your deal with the franchisors to make a burger kiosk-and-bar (like an Angel's Hamburger outlet) as an upgrade. See the photo.


  • The use of "Heaven's Hamburger" trade name
  • A mini high end food cart
  • Equipment for Heaven's Hamburger operation
  • Complete set of uniform of one service crew (includes shirt, visor and hair net)
  • Starting products worth P2,500.00
  • Business and product orientation
  • After-sales support

Contact Information

  • Phone Nos.: 0917-5323708 / 0998-5928617 / (02)6231856
  • Address: #17A Ground flr. St. Martin Bldg. Westpoint St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109
  • Contact Person: Mr. Edison Gomez

Minute Burger - Franchise Fee: P360,000.00

minute-burger-franchiseThe Biggest Angel's Burger Franchise Competition

One of the giants in the "buy-1-take-1" burger industry, and a big competition of Angel's Burger before it closed its doors to franchising is Minute Burger. They offer the same products and the quality is slightly better than Angel's.

Minute Burger's advantage over the other choices in this article include (1) a longer stay in the industry, (2) well known brand, (3) offline and online support system.

If you want to start a Minute Burger franchise instead, you can check out this article on how to start a Minute Burger franchise.

Other Buy-1-Take-1 Burger Franchises

More Angel's Hamburger Alternaives in a Separate Article

Looking fore more alternatives for Angel's Hamburger franchise?

You can check out a past article we wrote about the best buy-1-take-1 food cart franchises in the Philippines.

Check out the article by clicking here.

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