5 Best Stir Fried (Hong Kong Style) Noodles Food Carts: Fees and How to Franchise

To begin with something new is one of the most exciting episodes in our lives. Getting a new house, new car or venturing to something different gives us an adrenalin rush. Nobody has ever dreamt of being an employee for the rest of his life. Everyone is looking forward to a brighter future ahead and we all believed that we can only achieve this by being financially independent. Are you financially independent if you are just waiting for your paycheck every month? Of course not! Gaining financial freedom is achieved by becoming your own boss. When you are in charge of your finances without succumbing to any boss or manager then that’s the real deal! Nowadays, many have turned into the business world and have started their own line of industry in the pursuit of achieving success. If you are one of them and you are planning to have your very own business but has only little amount to spare then why not try franchising? Franchising does not require millions, you could get your very own franchise for as low as Php 30,000. Yes, and that is possible through the food cart industry.

Many concepts are available for the food cart franchise, a tedious research is recommended for you to hone your given skills and for you to find out what would be the perfect food cart concept for you. For the hungry Filipinos, food is such a necessity and although they have limited budget to buy what they need, they do set a great amount of their budget to purchase food. In the franchising world, there are popular or trendy concepts that attract more customers and one of them is the fried noodles concept.

In the event that you have chosen the fried Hong Kong style noodles food cart franchise concept as your business but you have no idea on what to avail of, then you need not to worry because we have listed below the top five fried noodle food carts in the Philippines, browse for your perusal.

Chow Mien Noodles

Hongkong Style Noodles Food Cart FranchisesWe, Filipinos just love to eat and we don’t eat just anything, we only eat tasty and satisfying food. We are not afraid to try out different food from other countries because we are always on a quest to achieve the wonderful gastronomical experience. Although we love to munch, there are factors that may affect the food that we get and that is our budget. If there are promos where in you could get good food at an affordable rate then that would be a great catch! Food cart industry has blossomed because of this concept: serving high quality food at a fraction of a cost. One of the most popular food concept nowadays is the fried noodles. Topping it up with a variety of ingredients and serve it as you want makes this food concept more interesting. Silver Ace Franchising and Business Development Co. introduced and developed the Chow Mien Noodles food cart. With the Chow Mien Noodles food cart you can get to have your very own food cart franchise for only Php 45,000.

The Chow Mien Noodles package inclusions are:

  • High end food cart and store with cabinet and drawer
  • Complete set of operational equipment
  • Products that you can sell for a day
  • Business materials about the food cart concept
  • Sales and strategic planning and seminar
  • Trainings for the franchisee
  • Location assistance if you still do not have one
  • Free e-loading services as additional profit generator
  • Free delivery of the food cart

The benefits of availing the Chow Mien Noodles food cart franchise are the following:

  • There are no royalty fees to be collected annually.
  • There no hidden charges, the Php 45,000 is the total franchise package cost.
  • Your franchise fee is a one-time payment only.
  • The return of investment is approximately after one to three months.
  • Marginal income is from forty to fifty percent.

For more information, you may reach Chow Mien Noodles business office through the following contact details:

Silver Ace Franchising and Business Development Co.
Address: 144 West Avenue, Quezon City
Mobile Nos.: 09173280957 /09228332766
Telephone: (02) 945-5070
Site:  www.silveracefoodcart.com

O’ Noodles

What is our most common expression when we feel something good or amusing? “Oh!” Yes, you heard it right. No wonder, on this next food cart concept we have it on the trade name. O’ Noodles is proudly presented by Pinoy Pao Express Inc. or PPeI. PPeI has been in the food industry since 1992 as Red Cricket Vending Concepts Inc. which specializes in the production of kikiam, fishballs, siopao and many more. Pinoy Pao Express Inc is formerly known as Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. (FFI) in 2006 where in the franchising business have started. Until now, it has been branching out and reaching through many Filipinos and strive to provide them their own business concept through franchising food carts at an affordable cost. The O’ Noodles franchise package cost is only Php 30,000.

The O’ Noodles food cart franchise package includes the following:

  • 1 O’ Noodle Mini Cart
  • 2 Electric Griddle
  • Crew Training
  • 1 Set Uniform
  • Product Sampler
  • Training for franchisee
  • Assistance in business plan and marketing strategies

The pros of availing O’ Noodles food cart franchise

  • The company has been in the food industry since 1992 and has been supplying establishments with meat related products so you are assured that the quality of their products are superb.
  • The O’ Noodles food cart franchise fee is one of the lowest in the market today. Imagine getting your own franchise for as low as Php 30,000 only.
  • You have the option to avail of a single cart or combine it with one or two more food cart concept from PPeI.
  • According to current franchisees, the return of investment is achieved after a month to two months and may even be sooner, depending on the location of the food cart.

Noodle House

Noodle House is the fried noodle food cart concept which is offered and enhanced by JC Franchising Inc. JC Franchising Inc. is a company which offers various food cart franchise opportunities for the aspiring Filipino who is determined to earn more. JC franchising is an abbreviation for the names of its founders, the two entrepreneurs: Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang Jr. They have been in the food cart franchise industry since 2006 and since then they have vowed to innovate and discover more potentials in the food cart industry. Noodle House boasts its fried noodles which has the authentic taste of the original Hong Kong stir-fried noodles. Their menu toppings give their customers more anticipation because it has a variety of options to choose from: there is the well-loved siomai of various ingredients from pork, beef, wanton and sharksfin. Sauces are also added to accentuate the flavor and change the mood of the consumer in every bite. The prices are very attractive since you can get to have a plain fried noodles for only Php 21. Add some toppings and you’ll only pay Php 28. If you like to add beef teriyaki sauce, then that would cost you additional 4 pesos and to quench your thirst there is also the refreshing black gulaman for only Php 10. The pricelist of Noodle house is very enticing since it is budget friendly without compromising the quality of the food.

Noodle House franchise package fee is worth Php 78,888.

This food cart package includes the following:

  • use of trade name and logo
  • marketing collaterals (banner and menu tarpaulin, and banner stand)
  • food cart
  • heavy duty equipment and utensils
  • free food tasting product worth P1,000
  • comprehensive personnel training
  • assistance in your opening day
  • operations manual for the franchisee
  • notarized franchise contract
  • six crew uniforms
  • on-site crew training for four days
  • assistance of monitoring officer

What makes Noodle House different from other fried noodle food carts?

  • JC franchising is offering their assistance in training the franchisee and even the staff of your food cart, assistance in monitoring your business is also offered through a monitoring officer to ensure that you are doing well in your newly owned franchise.
  • Other companies are only giving out one to two set of crew uniforms and with Noodle House franchise package, you would get six crew uniforms. You can either have more staff or they could have more uniforms.
  • No need to spend on printing tarpaulins or customizing stands because these marketing collaterals are already included in the franchise package.
  • The given equipment and utensils that are inclusive in the franchise package are of high quality and labelled as heavy duty.
  • The ROI is also fast and can be get within few months’ time or less.
  • Marginal income is said to be 40 to 50 %

Feel free to reach them out through the following contact details for more information:

JC Franchising Inc.
1196 Batangas St., San Isidro, Makati City, Philippines

Telephone nos.: (02)889-4773 to 76
Mobile no.:  0917-852-3726 or 0917-8JC-FRAN
Email: customersupport@jcfranchisinginc.com
Site: www.jcfranchisinginc.com

Dimsum Republic

If you love the oriental atmosphere in your fried noodle food cart franchise then Dimsum Republic is the right one for you. Dimsum Republic is a food cart franchise of KJA Global Franchising Company Inc. KJA Global Franchising Company Inc. is Filipino owned company which started its operations last September 2005. It has helped retirees, OFWs, middle class and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goal and that is to achieve financial freedom through franchising. KJA GFCI is a proud member of the most sought after franchising organization in the country and that is the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA). They have their outlets nationwide. In 2007, the company received the Agora Excellence Award for being the most outstanding food cart business in the country.

The franchise fee for Dimsum Republic varies but for the food cart franchise, the franchise cost is Php 250,000 which is good for three years. The required area for the food cart location should be at least 14 sqm up to 25 sqm. The total franchise investment cost is roughly Php 800,000 to Php 1 M.

Dimsum Republic Franchise is inclusive of the following:

  • Use of the trade name and logo
  • Food cart
  • Initial product inventory
  • Initial packaging materials
  • Crew uniform
  • Marketing collaterals like flyers and tarpaulins
  • Daily operations manual for the franchisee
  • Notarized franchise contract
  • On the site training for the franchisee and the crew
  • Site assistance on malls and store lease applications
  • Assistance before, during and after the inauguration of your food cart business

The perks of availing the Dimsum Republic food cart are as follows:

  • Dimsum Republic serves a wide variety of menu for the demanding taste buds of the Filipinos and they are: dimsum, rice toppings, congee, vegetables, noodle soup, beverages and desserts.
  • You may seek help from the company for their assistance not only before your grand opening but even during and after your big day!
  • The company will also help you in your application for lease in stores or in malls.
  • Trainings are provided not only for the franchisee but also for the crew.
  • Provision for dine in set up if you prefer to have one but you need to meet the required space for such.

For detailed explanation about franchising Dimsum Republic and for other concerns, you may reach them through the following contact details:

239 C. Cordero Street, corner 7th Avenue, West Grace Park, Caloocan City

(632)348-6786, (632)542-3716, (632)442-1648
(63922)8-DIMSUM/ (63922)8-346786 ,
(63922)8-KJA-777/ (63922)8-552-777,
(63922)8-KJA-333/ (63922)8-552-333

Email:  info@kjasummit.com
Site: www.kjasummit.com

Hong Kong Style Fried Noodles and Dimsum

The Chinese or oriental food has always been one of the savory taste that Filipinos love. Although these food came from a different country and culture, we have willingly embraced them and engulfed every exciting dish that we have to relish. Our love for food never seem to stop and by now we have a various options in the fried noodle food cart franchise alone. Each of it claims that they have the authentic taste of the original Hong Kong stir fried noodles but one of the first players in this industry even branded itself with the name because of the closeness of the taste of their product to the real thing. Hong Kong Style Fried Noodles and Dimsum food cart is a proud creation of Asia Pacific & Global Franchise Co. The company is founded by two business partners: Angelito Marcelino and Jo Ann Buenaventura in year 2000. It started of as LIn-Shin Noodles & Dimsum as their flagship at Caloccan City. It was then a restaurant and when it has boomed in business, they decided to start opening its doors to franchising last 2002. Since then they have branched out nationwide with over 100 outlets and still counting.

APAGFC is a proud member of the Philippine Franchise Association and has received several prestigious awards such as:


  • 22nd Annual National Awards Consumers Quality Awards
  • 2004 People’s Choice Awards top Food Cart Franchise
  • 2004 National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards
  • Most Outstanding Food Cart (Metro Manila Category)
  • 2005 Philippine Business Achievers Awards
  • Most Outstanding Food Cart Franchise


The Franchise Package is at Php 135,000.00 which is inclusive of the following:

  • food cart
  • heavy duty steamer
  • griddle
  • Utensils and equipment
  • Small wares
  • Menu board and marketing collaterals
  • Uniform of crews
  • Initial product inventory
  • Business training
  • Pre-opening assistance
  • Site assistance
  • Grand Opening Assistance

The advantages of availing the Hong Kong Styled Noodles and Dimsum Food Cart franchise package are but not limited to:

  • It believed to be the most popular brand name among its competitors in the fried noodle food cart concept category. Since it has the name itself, the authenticity of the product comes along with it.
  • The company is multi award winning, therefore you are assured of the quality of its products.
  • It has been around since 2000 which makes it one of the pioneers in the food industry.
  • It has over 100 outlets nationwide which gives it a wide arm reach of customers and patrons all over the country. Which definitely means more customers for you.

For more information, you may reach them through the following contact details:

Asia Pacific & Global Franchise Co.
Unit C-4 Dunville Condominium,
Castilla St. Brgy. Valencia,
New Manila, Quezon City

Telephone No: 343-0536
Mobile Nos.: 0922-8307611 / 0917-5000772
Site: www.asiapacificfranchising.com

Stir Fried Noodles Are Not Just a Fad!

Getting the right food cart concept for you seem to be a hard task but with great initiative in assessment and research, you would definitely pick the best concept for you. We do hope that from the above mentioned list, you can choose the right fried noodles food cart for you.


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