About Shawarma House: Franchise Fees, Requirements and Other Important Info

Shawarma is one of the most trendy products in the Philippine Market. With its buy 1 take 1 promo, and filling food formula, it’s no wonder why Shawarma is loved by many Filipinos. The mobile packaging of the food is also suitable for those who love to eat while walking around or doing window shopping in malls.

Shawarma House one of the wide-spread business in the Philippines right now, it’s rampant across malls, sidewalks, and terminals. The reputable brand name and well-formulated business concepts will help those who are new in the business to run their outlet easier.

About Shawarma House Franchise

Shawarma House is founded and currently handled by RFC Visionary, which started as a single stall in Recto, Manila and became one of the biggest and fastest growing business in the company.

The franchise boast of its fresh ingredients and their all-meat shawarma variety which is made of 100% pure beef. Shawarma House prides itself at delivering their customers and franchise partners the best value for their money, by providing a product which is both high-quality and affordable.

The Mission and Vission of RFC

Vision- RFC aims to be considered as a major player in the Philippine market, which offers quality and affordable products to its customers and profitable business concepts to their investors.

Mission- To assist aspiring entrepreneurs to have a high earning asset-while at the same time help them build their business portfolio to achieve new heights at their business venture.

Shawarma House Franchise Product Line

  • Beef Shawarma w/ veggies
  • All Meat Shawarma
  • Shawarma Rice
  • Nacho with Beef

Shawarma House Franchise Details

shawarma house franchiseFranchise Package: 500,000

Continuation Fee: 3,000

Package Inclusion

  1. Tools & Equipment
  • Shawarma Machine
  • Basic Utensils
  • Sauce Dispenser
  • Food Pan
  • 2 Sets of Uniform
  • Initial Inventory Amounting to Php 5,000
  1. Marketing & Operational Support
  • Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Supervision and Assistance (First day only)
  • Operations Manual on Loan
  • Use of Trade Name

How to Franchise Shawarma House

For further inquiries and a more comprehensive guideline on how to acquire a franchise contract with Shawarma House, it is advised to contact the business directly to receive updated instructions on partnering with them. Meanwhile, interested investors may want to ready some of the following information for a faster transaction with Shawarma House

  • Prospect Location, with complete details including landmarks, surrounding establishment, type of area (residential, commercial, etc.)
  • As franchises tend to prefer their franchise sites to have a decent amount of distance from each other, scout your prospect location/s and see if there are nearby Shawarma House outlets.

Contact Details

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shawarma-House-537028446472716/

Website: www.shawarmahouseph.com

Phone: 0916-313-4211

This link leads to Shawarma House contact form

Why is Shawarma House a good business investment?

  • Strong Management Team
  • Proven Profitable System
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Automated Production
  • Mobile Packaging; Shawarma’s output product is ideal for on-the-go people.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Shawarma House

  • Learn the traffic demographic of the chosen locations and see if it has a suitable environment to grow a Shawarma House business.
  • Shawarma is one of the current trendy food items in the Philippine market, which meant that many entrepreneurs are also diving into its popularity, which equates to more competition. Therefore, know carefully if a place is saturated with similar business concepts, and if it is, either find alternative sites or think of an idea to make your business stand out.

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    I am very much interested in your franchise can you give me information and the prices; also do you have a lease program?

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