How Start a Water Refilling Station Business in the Philippines

We never have to question that water is an essential need in people’s lives. But with all the problems that pollution have brought to our environment, obtaining potable water from our natural system, or even from our basic water services, Is getting hard and hard to get.

This is why water refilling station businesses are sprouting on every street, not just in the metro but basically where a lot of people lives. They are now the preferred place where people go and buy safe drinking water. With the high demand most especially in the metro, water refilling stations are becoming a lucrative business option.

Here now is your perfect chance to join the water refilling station business in the Philippines. Basically, you have the option of either have a franchise, or buy your own equipment and build your own station. In any case, here are some tips to kick start your venture.

Water Refilling Station Business in the Philippines


Know What You Will Sell

You should be aware there are types of water that you can process and sell. Basically the four most common are mineral water, purified water, alkaline water and PI water. You should scout the area of your target market to see which of these will be your most suitable product.

Remember that pricing depends on the type of your water, and similarly, the price of the machines you will be investing on to make them. It will be good that you let your supplier acquaint you of each type, and the process that each water type will go through. Knowing these will give you of the processes your shop will be having, the machines you will be needing, and an idea of how you will sell your water to your target market.

Have Your Capital and Location Ready

Your start-up capital will be greatly influenced by the supplier you will contact and ultimately choose. On rough estimates, you will be needing about Php500,000, give and take costs during setup. Give and take too that half of this will go to the water purification equipment. Other things that will cost you will be delivery vehicle procurement, store setup (and might include some renovation), and initial capital.

You need to be located where there is a large traffic of people. Schools, hospitals and clinics, and offices can be your starting ideas for markets. But it will be best if you can position yourself near or within apartment buildings and subdivisions, even mass-housing projects. You can capture a wider market this way.

Mind Your Water Refilling Station Business

One major thing to consider when picking your location is its sanitation: a dirty façade will not do good for your clean water business. It should be spacious enough to accommodate your machines and equipment. Having a garage or a parking area is needed too for your delivery vehicle.

Consider as well your projected yield – check your target market if it will have a big or small demand. Some computations in the internet pegs their yield at a certain number to calculate their profits – scan your area and see if you can have the possibility of delivering that same number.

Of course your business would be running with your hired employees, those that will handle the faucets and deliver the containers. It will be best that you let them know that they will be running under a sterile environment and cleanliness is a major thing.

Test the Water You Will Sell

Water test is the crucial part  part of this business, as you will not want to lose your customers. Check your machines and equipment days before you actually sell your water.

Basically you will have to comply with PD 856 or the Sanitation Code of the Philippines. This is the primary law that oversees regulation of water refilling stations. The Department of Health (DOH) is the government agency in charge of supervising water refilling stations. It is better if you contact the DOH office and have your water analyzed. You’re good to go if it passes the test. If not, contact your equipment supplier and let them check your machines.

From here, you can now buy needed supplies like like water containers, plastic seals, heat gun, sanitizer soap for your staff’s hand sanitation.

Here’s wishing your liquid endeavor a success!

If starting a water business from the ground up is not your style, you might want to take a look at these water refilling station franchises.

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    Want to start a water station

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    I hope you can read this email soon. I am very interested to make a franchise of your business. I got great network and already made business talk to them for us to ensure this business will workwell. In that case, I humbly ask what are the things needed and where are we to start.

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