How to Start a Brother’s Burger Franchise in the Philippines

Burgers are one of the most classic comfort foods out there; they are simple, but suitable enough to be eaten as a snack or even a complete meal. As the burger is packed with bread, meat, and vegetables, it can be passed off as a light meal and a filling snack for many.

Brother’s Burger is one of the homes of business concepts providing a taste of the classic burgers Filipinos comes to love. After years of doing business, Brother’s Burger opened its door for franchising-sharing the opportunity to establish a business to other Filipinos.

Read further and find out about Brother’s Burger, their franchising details and the possibility of partnering with them.

About Brother’s Burger Franchise Brand


Brother’s Burger is a homegrown concept founded by the Jose Brothers in 1999. The brand was established with the mission of creating classic comfort food such as burgers into gourmet heights.

The business revamped their brand in 2018, adding new flavors and items to their old menu. With their two (2) decades of experience in the market, Brother’s Burger is now one of the key players in the Philippines growing fast food industry in the next five years, providing a locally made menu with a global competitive taste.

Brother’s Burger Franchise Product Line

28758[1]The attached Burger on its brand name can be deceiving and may deem by many as a shop exclusively selling Burgers; However, through their expansion and continuous product improvement and research, Brother’s Burger’s product line expanded to numerous food items, creating a diverse set of menu to fulfill a large scale of customer needs.

  • Burgers
  • Chicken Wings
  • Burritos
  • Hotdogs
  • Shakes
  • All-Day Breakfast menu
  • Pizza
  • Ice Cream
  • Rice Bowls
  • Mexican Classics

Brother’s Burger Franchise Details

The post retrieved from Brother’s Burger facebook post on May 28, 2012, showcased the business declaring their opening for franchising opportunities and encourages interested investors to contact them for further inquiries regarding the franchise.

However, through recently contacting them, Brother’s Burger is currently improving their franchise packages making Brother’s Burger temporarily unavailable for franchising, once they are have finalized with the improvements the business promises to notify everyone, specifically those who would reach them and provide their contact information to receive the latest news.

Brother’s Burger Contact Details


Email: or

Phone: (02) 815 0732 / 891 1784

Website: (Coming Soon)

Address: Units 2 & 3 V&O Building Don Bosco St. Pasong Tamo 1231

The Pros and Cons of Brother’s Burger Franchise


  • Burgers are classic snacks which is well-loved by a wide range of people, both Filipinos and even foreign tourist visiting the Philippines will be attracted to dine in to a restaurant serving such a known delicious food.
  • Brother’s Burger franchisees will share the two decades of tried and tested marketing and operating system the business had formulated which brought them as one the key players in Philippine’s fast food industry.
  • The extensive menu fits for all occasions and meal times, attracting customers for any time of the day.


  • The business is still undergoing improvements, with no set date yet of opening their doors once again to franchising opportunities.



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