How to Franchise Dunkin’ Donuts in the Philippines

Dunkin Donuts have always found their success here in the Philippines. Established in the 1950s and coming from Massachusetts, the idea of serving both coffee and donuts by Bill Rosenberg surprised him to see it become so successful, and make its way all around the world, specifically in the Philippines.

Their marketing has been successful here, and some of the readers may remember their commercials and the saying that Dunkin’ Donuts is the “pasalubong ng bayan”.  Who would disagree? Their donuts have the right amount of sweetness that you crave for and you won’t get tired of them because of the 52 varieties they serve as well as the sandwiches, coffee, and other beverages that make them the perfect companion for afternoon snacking. Their most popular donut flavor is the Bavarian, and rightly so as it is their most sold flavor!

Facts about Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts Franchise in the Philipipines 2The one who manages all franchising aspects is Golden Donuts Inc. The result is good so far as the brand is expanding and increasingly getting more popular and competition gets intense. Franchisees are sure to be welcomed by them, as they will give you what you need such as training to be as successful. They are willing to share all the knowledge and experience they’ve accumulated over the past couple of years of running franchises.

Franchise Packages

There are three packages to choose from, each differentiating by the amount of service you can handle.

1. Chainstore Model – take-out booth applicable for convenience stores or school canteens

2. Dealership Model – investment of P200,000 which includes franchising fee, security    deposit, equipment, and materials.

3. Area Franchising – for individuals or companies wanting to establish a production center in the location of their choosing

Franchise Requirements

Dunkin Donuts Franchise Philippines

You will have to submit the following information if you are interested in applying for a franchise:

1. Location information (address of proposed location, detailed description, photos, and vicinity map)

2. Letter of Intent

3. Contact Details (Email, mobile number, address, etc.)

Investment Fee – Starts at P200,000

Once you are applied and ready to go, they will provide you with the necessary structure to assist you on opening a franchise

Quality Assurance Assistance

As starting the business may seem daunting, you will not have to worry since they will offer you support so that you may not feel lost in the process of handling your business.

Training Program

You will undergo a series of preparations before you are able to manage the store. Production training will teach you how the product is made, Store Operations Training will teach and test you how to handle the day to day operations of your store, and lastly the Local Store Marketing Training will teach you marketing strategies to improve your business financial performance and sales.

Location Selection Assistance

They will assist you in locating a profitable site to place your business.

Marketing and Promotional Support

Included in the offer is the nationwide tactics to market your business and informing you of incoming new products for the business to sell. In your grand opening, they will assist you on the operations and any inquiries you may have as well as any problems you may encounter.

Ongoing Consultant Guidance

Although they will not handhold you throughout the duration of the operation of the business, they will check up on you from time to time and even give advice on things that may improve your business furthermore.

Additional Information You Need in Starting a Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise in the Philippines

Once you’ve submitted the required documents, they will still review them and evaluate your proposal on whether or not it is feasible. Some factors that may influence your approval may be the location of the store and the competitors surrounding the area, and the degree of qualification the franchisee will be able to satisfy Dunkin Donut’s demands and expectations of him or her.

The franchisee will be held responsible to hire the staff, although Dunkin Donuts will happily assist them in recruiting and provide the training programs for your staff to meet the quality standards that Dunkin Donuts sets.

The franchisee is obligated to make the building plan for the construction of the building, hire a suitable architect and discuss the construction with the contractor and the franchisee only. Golden Donuts Inc., will give the guideline which the franchisee should follow with the business plan. If he or she fails to find an architect, the Golden Donuts Inc., will provide one of their own as long as it meets the standard guidelines of the company. With all this, the budget should be kept in mind by the franchisee and should have enough for the construction of the building.

Ready to Start a Dunkin’ DOnuts Franchise? Here are the Contact Details

You may contact them with the information gathered here below

Address: Reliance Corner Sheridan Streets, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Telephone no.: +63(2)9887288

Are you excited to be part of the Dunkin Donut’s family? Franchising it will surely be a way to make you learn how to handle a business as well as earning a lot of money on the side!

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    Hi, I am interested to franchise dunkin donuts. What are the procedures? Can you help us find a location? Thank you.

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    Hi im interested po how much and how my location is the district mall dasma.pls reply.thank you

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    I am interested to apply a franchise her Cubao area.

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    Hi I am interested to franchise a chain store model howmich it’s cost for the Franchise?

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    Hi. Interested to franchise a DD cart. Thank you.

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      Hi im interested to franchise dunkin donut mini stall serving with my favorite brewed coffee inside upper ground asian hospital. Stablishment nearby are coffee bean and ice cream stall

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    Hi I am interested to be one oof your franchisees. Can you help me how? Please send me the details and the contact person to discuss with.

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    Hi good day. Im interested to franchise dunkin donuts in visayas Province of Antique to be exact. How much should i prepare for the fees? Here is my contact no. 09171280222 and email joddshan feel free to contact me any time.

  9. noel jay blanco says:

    good day. i am interested to franchise in tuguegarao city cagayan or in cauayan city isabela. are these areas open for franchising? thank you very much

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    id like to franchise dunkindonuts here in cotabato city

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    How to francise in Visayas area? Region 7.

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  13. Ervin Macailing says:

    Dunkin Donuts

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    Hi! How to franchise?

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    Im interestes in chain store model or dealership model

  16. Raquel lometillo says:

    Im interested in chain store model or dealership model please send me the

  17. delia tolentino says:

    im interested in franchiaing dunkin donut small store..because we have small lot in zambales..kindly email me about the info

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    Hello, im interested to franchise dunkin donut. Here in maniki kapalong davao del norte. Help me. Pls contact me.09153337419..

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    Hi.. I want to have a foodcart franchise for company canteen.

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    I`m interested to franchise Dunkin Donut in E. Rodriquez Sr, QC or can you help me for the location.

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    How much franchise cost here in bulacan @robinsons mall malolos kiosk.. Here my contact# 09988897702…

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    ung 200k ba kasama na ung pag build ng store ? or kiosk ? or hndi pa ? gusto ko malinawan kung seperate pa ba ung construction ?

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    Hi!we’re interested to franchise dunkin donuts at ayala mall feliz..kahit kiosk or sa food court sana.thanks!

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    Hi good morning. Interested for the chainstore model or dealership model type. Location is in Imus Market.
    How much will it cost for the 2 type model whichever is applicable for my space.
    Thank you.

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    Hi, I am interested in franchising Dunkin’ Donuts for Catanauan, Quezon. I am interested in the P200,000 franchise fee.. Thanks.

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    we are interested to franchise a dunkin donut.we have already the area to the the business.all we need is all the details or procedures on how we start the business..09056210065 please do repLy..

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  29. Mariany aboc padilla says:

    Gusto ko po mag franchise nang dunkin dunot bka pwd new ako matulungan …ito po ung contact no ..09083028578

  30. How to franchise just for dealership model?

  31. rlica precia says:

    good day, i would like to know if there is already a franchise granted here in robinson mall, san jose, antique, if none i am interested to apply for a franchise that starts at P200,000.00. here’s my contact nr. 09154111764 or send me a message on my facebook account at ricaprecia i do hope and pray that this message be given favorable attention. thank you.

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    Good day… im interseted in franchising dd(dealership) here in davao region.. pls contact me anytime-

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    I am a retired OFW and interested to franchise Dunkin Donuts here in Lucena City but wondering if there are still open slots…as there are already several Dunkin Donuts outlets here. Please advise.

    Please send also details/ flyers / and cost of franchise.

    Many thanks.

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  45. Cherry says:

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  46. Cherry says:

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    i am interested for a dunkin donuts franchise (chainstore model). im from cavite, just want to know how much capital needed.
    please send complete details.
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    contact number please.


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    Hello I am interested to offer my space for dunkin donut shop. I am in front of SM Bacoor, along Gen. E. Aguinaldo. If interested, pls call or text me at 0998-7939227

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    How po yung franchise for the chainstore model po? Iloilo Area po.

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    Hi.i am.interested in applying for a franchise (200k ).pls send.dertails email pls.thank you

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    Magkano magfranchise sir?

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    Hi i am interested to franchise dunkin donuts here in gaisano mall surigao yong take out counter lang. Thank you waiting your reply.

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    I a.m from Davao de Oro. I am interested for a dunkin donut franchise. Can you send me more information about your franchising packages. I already have a very Good location for the business. My email add is Cel # 09633466053. Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.

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    Interested to franchise

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    Hi. Im Noreen. Me and my husband want to franchise Dunkin Donuts here in Laurel Batangas. As a ChainStore Model or Dealer.

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    How much is the fee for a chainstore model? Thank you!

  83. Armando Binag says:

    How much is the fee for a chainstore model? Thank you.

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    Good afternoon. I am interested to franchise Dunkin Donut in a hospital base in Tarlac that starts Php200,000.00. Thank you for your kind assistance.

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    Hi! I would like to know if this article is updated? I’m also interested to franchise DD in Antipolo. TIA!

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    Hello, Im interested with Dealership model here in surigao..thanks

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    Hi I’m interested to franchinse a dungkindonut can you send me a qoutation.

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    How much is the total cost for franchise of DD chainstore model.. Can you please assist me in the process. thank you.

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    Good day,
    I am interested on franchizing.

    Cqn i have your contact number

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    Hello intetested in Dunkin Donut franchise.. Please give us details

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    hello,I’m interested to franchise

  98. Plz send me more information. Plz send me contact person and contact number.

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    Im interested to be part of your company? Can anyone assist me! Thank you

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    Can someone help me how to franchise dunkin donuts?i emailed them already but no one responded

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    Interested po cabadbaran to get dunkin donut franchise here in cabadbaran city agusan del norte area…

  102. Can you give me contact person and contact number for my inquery?

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    Hi im interested to franchise dunkin. Please contact me for more details . Thankyou so much.Im trying to call at your phone but i think its disconnected. Please email me how can i proceed thankyou

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    Interested po ako to franchise Dunkin donuts. Need to know more about the franchise packages. Kindly help.
    Thanks in advance.

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    hi, I am contacting the hotline but to no avail. I am interest in outing a franchise for dunkin donuts in our place. Can you please give me more information.

  106. Oliva Robles says:

    Do u have a cp no.? Any office in Quezon province?.

  107. Egie Namoro says:

    How to franchise dunking dunot. im interested

  108. Renante Jardio says:

    I am interested. Is ok here in cebu? Thanks

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    Hi po gud day ask ko lng sana mgkanu franchise ng dunkin donuts at ppaano….at iba pang mga details….salamat

  110. Rischel Leynes says:

    Hello! I am interested in franchising Dunkin Donuts. I tried to call your number stated in the site but it’s not working I guess. May I know how to proceed with my franchising interest? Thank you and hope to hear a response from you.

  111. JESSICA U.JUMAO-AS says:

    How to franchise?How much po yung kiosk lng?location ko po bohol..please send me details

  112. JESSICA U.JUMAO-AS says:

    How to franchise?How much po yung kiosk lng?location ko po bohol..please send me details

  113. Paul Briones says:

    How to start franchising here @ pampanga?

  114. Drei Arellano says:

    I’m interested to franchise, can u send me details regarding franchising.
    Thank you & will wait for immediate response.
    mobile# 0910-3710101

  115. Rowena somooc says:

    Im interested to franchise, location mc. arthur hiway dau pampanga pls. Send me more details. I have stall ready to occupy. Tnx

  116. Rowena somooc says:

    Pwede pong makuha cp number nyo di ko ma contact landline nyo. Tnx

  117. Michelle Dela Paz says:

    Hi, im interested, can you send me details on the cost of franchise..thankyou

  118. Rusty says:

    Inquire how to franchise dunkin donut in camella sprinville molino 3

  119. Rusty says:

    Please give some details in camella springville molino 3 cavite

  120. Rusty says:

    Pahingi po ako nang number niyo.

  121. madonna atractivo says:

    please give us some details.


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  125. Pierre Anthony Ong says:

    Hi! I would like to know more about this business. I am interested to franchise dunkin donut. Pls send me details how and requirements.

    Hope to here from you soon.

  126. Pierre Anthony Ong says:

    Hi! I would like to know more about this business. I am interested to franchise dunkin donut. Pls send me details how and requirements.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Can u give me details on this? Pls msg me.

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