Information About Paotsin Franchise: Is It Open for Franchising?

Every Filipino knows Paotsin, from a merienda to that quick and easy lunch, there is no denying that the franchise has seen its fair share of profit when it comes to the food stall industry. Indeed, Paotsin is one of the best franchises for siomai and dumplings offered at an affordable price but with it the delicacy of the Chinese cuisine!

These stalls are most especially favored by struggling budget conscious consumers, such as college students, who offer little to no money when it comes to spending it all on school. As such, Paotsin offers cheap meals at competitive prices compared to rival franchises.

Did you know Paotsin is most especially known at Mapua University? Both the Intramuros and Makati campuses of Mapua offer the food stall for its delicious menu. Various students had said that you cannot go without a day of Paotsin, and if you do, then fate has dealt a bad luck in you.

For people who are entrepreneural at heart, it is best to keep an eye on Paotsin, as it is one of the pioneers of its part in the industry. Paotsin would be without a doubt a feast for the eyes, and a bulge in your pockets as the investment will pay itself in no time at all.

If you are still interested and want to know how to franchise the Paotsin business, then keep on reading to know what you need!

History of Paotsin

Paotsin franchise logoSince 1995, Paotsin has been the pioneer in being able to serve fried dumplings with a plate of rice combo. For the past 23 years and so, you can see that Paotsin has made its way everywhere throughout the country. Aside from Mapua, there are other universities as well as malls (both big and small) that have been blessed to have such a growing fast food chain in its lineup of food business.

Paotsin is responsible for the inspiration of combining the culinary arts of Chinese and Filipino cuisine at its heart to create a recognized brand of taste that is sure to turn tables for many of its consumers. Indeed, when it comes to the best authentic Asian cuisine that you can find at an affordable price, Paotsin can not be beat!

Franchise Information

Sadly, Paotsin Franchise Is Not A Thing Yet!

PaoTsin FranchiseAs of now, there has been no reports of Paotsin being open to franchising its food stall business to the public. Currently, it operates as a private family corporation, with details on the franchising kept on a tight lip.

Do not fret! Keep your eyes peeled as there might be opportunity on its way when the time comes that Paotsin brings franchising available in the Philippines.

If you are looking for work in the mean time, and would want to delve in the operations of a common Paotsin stall, you may want to look at Paotsin:

  • They are currently looking for loyal, competent, results oriented, and hard working employees that have very good work ethics. This means that you must be able to work independently without the need of having a supervisor at your side every time.
  • They seek people that share Paotsin’s vision and those who are willing to grow with the business
  • Employees who are able to keep up with work are sufficently compensated, even above the standard for food stalls.
  • Not only that, if ever motivation dwindles, employees are encouraged to be productive by providing benefits and incentives.

Advantages of a Paotsin Food Stall Franchise

  • Food stall franchises have relatively cheaper expenses to operate
  • Food stalls are able to relocate quite easily compared to larger businesses such as restaurants because of their size.
  • Hiring only requires at least one to two people maximum
  • Food stalls such as Paotsin only need a small amount of space, so you do not have to worry about the rent.
  • Having a small space offers an advantage of maintaining the stall effectively, and efficiently. This ensures that you are operating at lower overhead costs compared to other types of franchises.
  • Location of food stalls offer greater return of profit as they are held in places where there is heavy foot traffic.
  • Of course, a food stall offers less capital required, as it is all negotiated with the franchise owner.

Disadvantages of Paotsin Food Stall Franchise

  • Less freedom how to operate, depending on the franchise owner
  • Location may be dependent on the opinion of franchise owner
  • Training is given how the franchise owner sees fit.
  • Franchise essentially gives free reign to the franchise owner because of the royalty fees and subsequent fees needed to be paid.
  • Franchise fees can be expensive at first, but worth in the long run.

Paotsin Contact Information

Paotsin Head Office
Address: 158 P. Sevilla St. bet 6th & 7th Ave, Grace Park, Caloocan City

As always, it is important to weigh your pros and cons before thinking about venturing forth a business. Trust your instinct, and do the research yourself whether or not a franchise is worth pursuing.

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