Business Ideas for Rainy Season in the Philippines

When planning a business in the Philippines, one of the many considerations is the country’s climate or season. There are technically two kinds of seasons – the wet and dry season. With this in mind, there is a need for planning and flexibility so business will still continue even in the rainy season and stormy weathers. The key here is good planning so the business can still continue even in this kind of weather. Listed below are business ideas that will thrive during the long rainy days in the country.

  1. Mobile Food Carts/Vending

One can never go wrong with a food business. Its success and failure is still determined by how well the business was planned initially. Thus, when starting a food business, flexibility should always be considered. When planning to open a food cart or food kiosk especially in commercial areas, the need to consider climate and weather is important as this is a determinant of foot traffic. During the rainy season, people are somehow limited and restricted to go outside, thus your food cart should have a plan B where you can still easily offer your products and services despite these limitations. This is where the concept of a mobile food cart comes in.

  1. Lugawan and Gotohan

Hot soups are always a hit during the rainy season. This is very popular among commuters stranded in bus or train stations. Thus, opening a lugawan and gotohan in these strategic locations when the rainy season comes may be a profitable one. You may also want to include additional menus such as rice meals and coffee to provide more choices to your young and old customers.

  1. Pick up services

Mobility is always a concern when the rainy season comes. This means that people may have limited movement such that many will have a hard time catching a ride to and from their workplace. To address this concern, you may want to provide pick-up services to these people who will easily contact you during a rainy day. This can also be a passive income on the side especially if you have a car just idly parking on your garage.

  1. Retail of Rainy Season Accessories

Selling any products is one profitable business especially if these products are of good quality and are much needed. During the rainy season, there is usually an increase in demand for rainy season accessories such as rain boots, umbrellas, jackets, raincoats and the like. So, if you are already in the retail business, increasing supplies of these things when the rainy season comes may help augment sales during this time. If you are planning to start a retail business during the wet season, then these items may be good for your start-up.

  1. Pest Control

Rainy days in the Philippines are always associated with the dengue season. This means that the environment is prone to these dangerous mosquitoes as they thrive in wet areas. When it rains, there is a possibility that water might be kept in the house and where these mosquitoes might stay and breed, bringing harm to the community. Also, aside from these deadly mosquitoes, there are also other pests that are coming out during the rainy season. Thus, it is also wise to invest in a pest control business during the rainy season to address the need to eradicate these pests in the households and even to other business establishments.

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