Manbee Ramen Franchise: Fees, Info and How-To

Ramen is a food which can be both light and heavy depending on the soup used for the dish, its variation, taste, and ease of consumption made one of Japan’s national dish a popular food across the world, including the Philippines.

Becoming a part of distributing a product with international appeal is made possible by Manbee Ramen. The company provides opportunities for franchising with an affordable price tag.

About Manbee Ramen

In 2016, Manbee Ramen opened their first branch at Cubao and started its venture with distributing affordable, authentic Japanese Ramen.

Their flagship product was built from the owner’s aim of providing ‘authentic Japanese Ramen that can be easily handled in the Philippines’. After many attempts, the founder accomplished formulating real Japanese Ramen suitable for the Philippine Market.

The founder’s recipe was well received by the patrons and later on provided the company an opportunity to branched out to other parts around Metro Manila namely, Intramuros, Quirino, and Tayuman.

Manbee Restaurant continuously developed their formula to provide franchisees improved packaging, ingredients, and recipes which are easy to prepare. The cultivation of better products is geared to the possibility of reducing franchise contracts to accommodate a larger scale of budget most entrepreneurs have.

Acquiring a Manbee Ramen Franchise Contract

56757510_2082258125161945_5587286778856865792_n[1]Manbee Ramen Franchise Contract Fee: 200,000 (the fee is subjected to change without notice)

Exact Store Location: During the initial procedure, your current home and business address is accepted.

Package Inclusion

Cooking Tools

  • 2 Stockpot
  • 1 Chasiu cutter (meat slicer)
  • 5 Tebo (boiling basket
  • 1 electric fryer
  • 4 ladles (2 for each small and large sized ladles)
  • 80 bowls (comes in 4 sizes, 20 ea)
  • 30 Renge (Soup spoon)
  • 10 Manbee T-Shirt

Marketing and Operating Support

  • 3-Weeks training of franchisor’s employees
  • Store design and visual merchandising
  • 1-week operation support before opening
  • Online Sales Management Tool
  • 5 customizable menu

Options (paid services)

  • Support with store building management
  • Signage designing
  • Promotion Tools (flyers, tarpaulin, etc.)
  • FB page and advertisement
  • Usage of Manbee’s internet resource

Required Appliances to Procure Before Opening a Manbee Ramen Franchise

The following is not included with Manbee Ramen’s package, instead the acquisition and fees for the products below are shouldered by the franchisee.

  • 2 Induction Stoves for Ramen (Required 2000W. Gas operated is also accepted)
  • 1 backup induction stove
  • 1 primary and backup rice cooker
  • Refrigerator
  • Plate for rice meals (Paper or plastic)
  • Chopsticks
  • Fork and spoon
  • Deposit for purchasing (Credit card is accepted)

Benefits of Manbee Ramen Franchise

  • Localized true authentic Japanese Ramen
  • No Royalty Fees
  • Japanese quality controlled production
  • Wide range target
  • Scalable

Things to Consider Before Franchising Manbee Ramen

Based on Manbee Ramen’s length of staff training, one can deduce that operating the store heavily involves skills and knowledge, which requires the guidance of the franchisee to lead the employees to properly execute steps. Therefore, making Manbee Ramen not ideal for those who wish to make money on the side while working with their main job.

Manbee Ramen is a business which requires your time and hands-on involvement to help the store thrive and succeed.

There’s also the issue with obtaining some appliances on your own. Depending on your situation the matter can either be good or bad. It’s ideal for those who have time to canvass and search appliance quality, however, people with little time on their hands may not find it convenient.

Manbee Ramen Franchise Contact Details

Manbee Ramen Inquiry link




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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please be informed that I’m very interested for Franchising of Man Bee located at Cotabato City.

    Currenty, I’m working here Abroad in Dubai and would like to start a business. Accordingly, please let me know how much the package, requirements and what are the term and conditions of the contract.

    You may Contact me to the below contacts:

    contact/Whatsapp : +971508183783

    • Rosemarie Cooper says:

      My name is rose cooper , I was wondering if u can tell me more about Man BeeRamen I’m interested opening a restaurant in batac ilocos Norte my phone num 307-277-3747 my email address thank you , hope to hear from you guys

  2. bing says:

    im interested, is it possible for my location, at goa, camarines sur. thanks

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