Ways to Earn Money Online as a Stay at Home Mom in the Philippines

Everybody always wants to be in a move. We are always keen to make most out of our time and be as productive as we can. Even if as a stay at home mom. As the super woman of the family, mothers always ensure that their family wouldn’t have to worry about anything. We see a lot of mothers out there, working as best as they can in the day, and being the best mother that they can during the night.

But since some moms still have little kids and they would like their children to grow up nurtured with their love and attention, some opt to be a stay at home mom. Most dilemma of these moms is that they miss doing your day jobs. They feel like they could do other things while looking after their children. Now, there’s an answer to their dilemma. With the current trends of working at home jobs, moms can both to keep the job that they want while taking care of their kids. Here are some of ways to earn money online as a stay at home mom in the Philippines.

At-Home Opportunities for Filipina Women

As An Online Tutor

Moms do not need to have a degree or certification to become an online tutor for various subjects such as Math, English, and alike. Many employers are keen to hire Filipinos, regardless of their marital status, because of their efficiency on teaching foreign students learn several subjects. All a mom needs to have is to secure a stable internet connection and she’s all set to teach.

As a telemarketing agent

Online Job as a Telemarketer in the Philippines

As a telemarketer, your job is to call various prospect clients and offer them the products and/or services the company you’re working with is offering. When it comes to this kind of work, you’ll have to be thick-skinned and not let irate customers get the best of you. If you know to yourself that you’ll be easily stressed out if someone hangs up on you, then you’ll have to go for other options.

Become A Transcriber

Transcription is transcribing either a video or audio material into words. Transcribing doesn’t need any specific nor special skills just the patience to transcribe materials that will be sent over to you by your employer.

As A Makeup Artist

Get Leads for Your Offline Business!

For special occasions these days, some people opt for freelance makeup artists because they offer the cost-effective pricing but still offers a quality makeup service. If you’ll want to establish service on makeup, all you have to is to offer first your service to your friends and share it on various social media platforms.

Become A Copy Editor

A Fantastic Way to Earn Money Online as a Stay at Home Mom in the Philippines!

Work at home womanIf you’re a writer before or you’ve had copy editing jobs before you had kids, you can still pursue this passion of yours through freelance copy editing. If before companies only hire those who can work full time, they are now hiring people who are capable of doing it even at home. Some companies offer four (4) working anywhere you are and four (4) hours n the office.

Become A Writer

One of the most in demand jobs nowadays, many companies and websites offer freelance writing jobs all over the globe. Writing at home will save you money and time. It will also give you more time to spend with your children and loved ones.

Sell Crafts Online

Selling Hand Made Items Online is Very Easy!

If you’re fond of doing a lot of DIYs or making crafts such as crocheting and alike, or you like making shirts, you can put that skill into good use and make profit out of it. Not only you will hone your skills and become really good at making wide array of crafts, you can have the opportunity to have customers locally and internationally.

Sell Your Pre-loved Items

Over time, you’ll be able to accumulate stuff you won’t need but you regret throwing away. Instead of throwing it away, you can put up a page or through your personal social media account, and sell it to those interested. Aside from decluttering, it will also help you earn money and socialize with maybe other moms like you.

The advancement of technology and has led for traditional jobs to transform and adapt with the current trends of today’s lifestyle. Sure enough, for the next years to come, the platform of employment will go through continuous changes that will make it easy, especially for parents, to land a job where they can have time to spend with their loved ones.

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