How to Start a Hen Lin Franchise in the Philippines

Chinese cuisine generally has a huge influence in the eating culture of the Filipinos. Thus, it is no surprise that dimsums such as the siopao and the siomai are popular snack treats to offer whenever family and friends gather. As such a dim sum treat brings people together and the Chinese would often refer to this get together as friendly and casual.  This tradition is carried on to most Filipinos.  So, if you are a fan of siomai and the likes, this is best eaten and shared with the people that matters to you.  Certainly, there is a sense of sharing and camaraderie that comes with these food.

It is no doubt that dim sum carts and kiosks will surely be popular in any parts of the archipelago.  There is always that part in Filipinos that wants to eat this happy meal.

History of Hen Lin

More than thirty (30) years ago, a working couple tried perfecting the siomai in their own kitchen.  With their effort to get that Filipino siomai taste, they involve the entire household to their goal.  With the couple as the makers and their kids as food tasters.  This was in the 1970’s when every Chinese influence food is just affordable.  Thus, with this popularity, the love for Chinese cuisine was also increasing among Filipinos.  This inspired the couple and gave birth to Hen Lin, a dimsum restaurant that offers the famous Chinese dumplings. With the thought of getting the authentic Chinese taste, the couple asked help of a Chef which eventually opened opportunities to make other Chinese specialty. Their first store opened in Paranaque and then with the company’s eagerness to be good at what they do and their motivation to succeed, they expanded their menus and eventually became the Chinese restaurant to be a regular in all SM malls nationwide.

With the company’s innovative styles and the variety of menu it offers from the typical dimsum, to its noodles and to its rice toppings, Hen Lin did made history in the Philippine food industry.


Hen Lin Franchise Details

If you are an interested to be a franchisee of authentic Chinese food.  Hen Lin is the best option as it has been in the food business for over thirty (30) years.  The first step to do is to fill up an online franchise form and submit necessary requirements.  If the company believes that you have what it takes to be a franchisee, then you will be surely be approved and awarded with a franchise.

You may also opt to write a letter of intent with the following details: (1) exact location of the prospective site and the location map (2) A photo of your prospective site (3) A brief description of its surrounding area and overview why you think this will be the perfect location for Hen Lin (4) Lastly, they want to know you more so you may give them a short description about yourself.

For those who are still planning to look for a specific location, the checklist below can be your guide as these are the details that Hen Lin company is looking for in their store location.  Here are the specifics

  • The specific condition of the building including its air-conditioning, lighting, and exhaust should always be in good running condition
  • The presence of pedestrian types should be highly visible in the key area.
  • Their should be purchasing capacity of immediate area and the proximity of parking spaces.
  • Very good leasing conditions in prospective sites
  • Cleanliness of surroundings is encouraged
  • High volume traffic area either pedestrian and vehicular

However with the Hen Lin franchise,  you are responsible for the overall management of your business. This includes but is not limited to the management of the overall operations, hiring of personnel, and control of inventory.

Furthermore, the franchisee is also bounded by the Franchise Agreement to uphold all the provisions within the contract to promote and protect the Hen Lin brand.

The Total investment package is different for every store.  Each store is independent from each other.  Thus, the company is not providing a single figure or range when it comes to the amount.  It is best that you contact the company through their Franchise Inquiry Form.

Advantages of the Hen Lin Franchise

  • Recipient of the Agora Award and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Excellence
  • Established Brand with over 30 years experience
  • Trusted by generations of Filipinos since 1983
  • The first HACCP certified Siomai and Siopao in the Philippines
  • Overall quality of product is a priority
  • Customer satisfaction is top priority
  • Products provide value of money for customers
  • Reasonable capital investment
  • Site Evaluation
  • Strategic store planning
  • Operation and support
  • Human resources training and development
  • Centralized purchasing and distribution
  • Design, construction and technical support
  • Opening and monitoring support

Disadvantages of the Hen Lin Franchise

  • Specific criteria for location is required by the company, thus this will take time

Wan to Start Your Henlin Franchise? Here are the Contact Details

Official Website:

Office Address: M&H Building, Sucat, Paranaque, Metro Manila

Email Address:

Landline Number: (02) 8203246

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