Kerrimo Franchise: How to, Franchise Fees, Info, Contact Details

Anyone who is Filipino would tell you that a merienda would always consist of French fries, hot dogs, and a drink! Indeed, these products are popular for anyone in the country on the go, or on a break. You would usually see street vendors and food stalls in the street being surrounded by students and workers alike.

But have you ever had trouble with your merienda? Not being able to enjoy your food when you have both hands carrying food and beverage? For the owners of Kerrimo, this is not a problem, as they have found an innovative way to combine both into one superior product!

Kerrimo has definitely saw a way to enter the market with an entrepreneurial spirit: one that saw a need and made a product out of it. As a result, it has garnered loyal customers and earned a profit out of a brilliant concept!

Would you not want to be part of a successful brand such as Kerrimo? If you are, then you are in luck! Keep on reading if you want to know more on how to franchise a food business such as Kerrimo!

History of Kerrimo Franchise

How the Kerrimo Franchise Started

kerrimo franchise 1Introduced way back in 1998, Kerrimo was marketed as “The Original Food and Drink in 1” combo that provides a way of eating delicious selections of fries, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and drinks!

Their French fries consist of cheese, bbq, sour cream, and onion flavorings, with an optional topping to add nuggets and hotdogs in the mix, colorfully adorning the beautiful drinking cups that they have.

A play on the name “carry mo”, Kerrimo has enjoyed two decades of success. It has multiple branches, over one hundred nationwide! Not only that, the ingredients are imported from countries such as the United States and Belgium to ensure the freshest of supplies.

Acquired by Arjolan Premier Corporation President Edmund Lanto since 2011, Kerrimo has made a name for itself all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao through various food stalls and carts all over the country!

Kerrimo Franchise Information

Kerrimo has multiple franchise packages that are perfectly adaptable to the budget of starting franchisees. They range from Php 250,000 to Php 350,000, which includes the Php 100,000 franchising fee.

There are 3 types of Kerrimo stores are kiosk, cart, and stall.

A required space for a Kerrimo kiosk, stall, or cart is at least 5 sqm or 2 sqm x 2.5sqm.

Franchise inclusion:

  • 100,000 pesos franchise fee
  • Cart and counter fabrication
  • Marketing support
  • Inclusive of training for two staff
  • 10,000 pesos worth of initial stocks for pre-operation
  • 4 pieces of uniform for the staff
  • 1 unit of 9 cu ft Sanden Freezer
  • 2 units of 8L Cap Deep Fryer
  • 1 unit of 8L Tab Juice Dispenser
  • 1 unit of Range Hood
  • 1 Complete Set of Utensils
  • 1 Set of Office Supplies
  • 1 Set of Cleaning Materials

Unlike other franchises, Kerrimo does not have any royalty fee for every sale or transaction of the franchisee’s store.

The Kerrimo Franchise Procedure

How to Franchise Kerrimo, Step by Stepkerrimo franchise 2

  1. Acquire an approval for the location where the store will be established
  2. Submit a Letter of Intent to the franchise (contact information below)
  3. Submit an updated resume with your picture to the main Kerrimo office (address at the end of the article)
  4. Fill out the Franchisee Evaluation form with the requirements attached
  5. Meet face to face with the franchisor
  6. Settle the franchise fee of Php 100,000
  7. Complete and finalize all requirements to the lessor
  8. Sign the contract with Kerrimo and pay the down payment
  9. Store opening and completion of franchise payment

Payment terms:

  • On the first payment, the franchise fee is after meeting with the franchisor face to face.
  • The second payment is after signing the proposal which the franchisee will only give 50% of the total package for cart and equipment fabrication. (Either cash or dated check)
  • Third payment is 25% of the package, which will be settled a week before the opening of the store (Cash or dated check)
  • The final payment will be on the opening of the store, which is the remaining 25% of the total package.
  • Delivery of said package is 3 to 4 weeks upon receipt of down payment.
  • BIR certificate, government permits, and other necessary expenses will be provided by the franchisee.

Want to Start Your Kerrimo Food Cart? Here is the Contact Information!

  • Address: City Park Ave. Cor. Bahayang Pilipino Village, City Park Subdivision, Sabang, Lipa City, Batangas
  • Phone: (63) 917 – 823 – 3310
  • Landline: 043 – 774 – 0570
  • Email:
  • Facebook: kerrimoPH
  • Website:

Advantage of Kerrimo Franchise

  • No royalty fees mean that all sales are a profit for the franchisee only
  • Initial opening will be covered by the franchise package
  • Franchise is a low-cost opportunity for would be franchisees

Disadvantage of Kerrimo Franchise

  • Investment is larger compared to other food cart businesses
  • Legal documentations are handled by the franchisee
  • Kerrimo as a franchise is a relatively easy to start, easy to manage food cart business in the Philippines. Providing 100 branches all over the Philippines means that they are able to satisfy hungry customers with tried and tested experience that have been enjoyed by many.

An innovative way to enjoy food and beverage in a cup, Kerrimo has been franchised by 85 franchisees! In the business world, success requires innovation and continual improvements, which Kerrimo undoubtedly has done for 20 years!

Do not miss out on the chance of making it big by franchising one of Kerrimo’s stores today!

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