Small Business Ideas With Small Capital Below P5,000.00

Do you really have what it takes to make your business plan materialize? Do you possess a great entrepreneurial vision like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to predict what lies ahead in the business world? Some would say that entrepreneurs are born and not made.

There are studies which show that birth order can identify who among you will have these business traits. First-born, they would say, have the tendency to become one as compared to those born in the middle or the last. But this study does not imply that only the first-born must engage in the business world.

Successful businessmen are not satisfied with having a permanent job or an overachieving career. Most of them have this knack that will drive them to the challenge. They have this burning appetite to change their world by accepting such challenge.

Filipinos, even with meager capital, would try opening small businesses just to make ends meet. They are content to earn even a small profit for as long as the capital is intact. When small capital is involved, these Filipino entrepreneurs would face a small risk.

When they become successful, they learn to convince other people in sharing their ideas and in the end, they become partners. This practice is very common in the country even if the capital ranges between 3000 and 5000 pesos. those who own the business usually mobilize their partners  to invest in his idea and to provide supplies and resources which their partners cannot do.

Small Businesses With Small Capital, Under P5,000.00

Whether you have P300.00 or P5,000.00 in your wallet, you have the option to choose from the following money-making activities.

Small Business Ideas Under 5000

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Sell Perfumes and Colognes

Smelling fresh every day is what people wanted. Selling your perfumes and colognes from a budget of ₱1500 will make 300% return on investment.

Puto and Native Filipino Dishes

Aside from the popular puto (matched by steamy dinuguan), selling native Filipino delicacies like bibingka, kinulay, suman or dila-dila is a great choice if you want to earn something from a very small capital. With start-up of ₱500, aside from being affordable to the masses, you only need few ingredients like coconut milk and molasses or brown sugar. You can even charge higher price if you make special delicacy like puto with salted egg.

Dirty Ice Cream

Even if it is not summer, ice cream is a favorite. Filipino style ice cream or commonly known as dirty ice cream is a perfect business to start. You can either sell it around ₱1500 for a 4-gallon volume or ₱250 per half gallon. It is also popular to sell by the cone or scoop at ₱8. The capital needed for this business is ₱1000.

Selling Banana Chips

The start-up capital for selling banana chips is ₱500. The procedure in making this kind of snack is very easy. Anybody can be your customer in this business. Earnings practically depend on how much one can cook. The time for 30 kilos worth of banana chips can be cooked for a day. The good thing for this kind of snack is that you can cook it for the second day and make it sweeter. So as not to lose their crunchiness, store the chips in an airtight plastic sealant.

This ₱1000-peso business is in-demand during parties and holiday seasons. Sweet delicacies such as donuts can be virtually sold to anybody – your friends, neighbors and relatives. You can accept orders by tens or by the dozens and you can add additional toppings and flavors for additional charge.

Selling Siopao

On the average, 80 pieces of dumplings can be bought for less than a thousand pesos, ₱650 to be exact. Making siopao is very easy and you can maintain a competitive price but can have a markup of 100%. Siopao is easily a favorite afternoon meryenda and can even be a main delicacy when matched with hot noodles.

Sell Polvoron

This is a favorite Filipino delicacy and has been a practice in every Filipino to make this as a gift to friends and relatives. As a start-up, you can set aside ₱500 to make 50 pieces. Included in the capital are the measuring spoons and Polvoron molder which can be used all the time. For a pack of 12, it is advised that your price must not exceed ₱44. You can even add flavour to it like peanuts for a price of ₱60.

Learn to Manage a Business with a Small Capital

Here in the Philippines, you can find lots of businesses that could be funded by a capital ranging from ₱300 to ₱5000. Just look around you and you can find what you are looking for. Many Filipino businessmen have proven time and again that capitalizing on a tight budget is not a stumbling block to success. In fact for many, this is the challenge they want to conquer.

Ingredients to Success With a Small Capital Biz

But what are the ingredients to become a successful entrepreneur when you are just utilizing small budget? When a person starts in a small budget, they often learn the ins and outs of the business world. They would think that having used a small capital would involve small risk. The following are some of the characteristics one must possess in order to succeed.

  • Have the right attitude. Being involved in business is a choice to make. Possessing the right attitude is one of the most important ingredients toward your greatest dream. This characteristic has a great impact to your performance including those surrounding you.
  • Patience and hard work. This is a virtue which is congruent to perseverance. Everything that you do is dependent on how hard working you are.
  • Never cease on learning and innovate. In today’s generation, creativity will make you rich. This characteristic allows an entrepreneur to grow his business and expand his horizon to make money out of it. Look at these tech geniuses. Their creativeness is sparked by their desire to become successful and be rich. Whether it involves small capital or millions of pesos, still the bottom line is to grow the kind of business they are holding.

There are so many kinds of business that can be started from a tight budget or the so-called low capital business. You only need to persevere and have the patience. Slowly and as time passes by, you will be surprised that it is just easy to earn and grow your business for as long as you have the courage to face every obstacle running in the business world.

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    i already have the small capital.the problem is how to make banana chips, polvoron etc. pls help me where would i study to make those sweet ice cream.

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      you can sell glutasoap like glutamansi, glutalemon, gluta arbutin) or even dog soap and shampoo… 5,000 package. e.g. 35.00 glutamansi you can sell it at 50.00 each., fab dog soap 60.00 you can sell it at 120.00 pesos. you may visit our website for other info.

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