Kangaroo Jack: Franchise Fees, Details, Requirements

Kangaroo Jack has a casual dining setting offering a slightly affordable food selection compare to similar business concepts. Their low-cost afternoon buffet fee is also ideal on attracting Filipino diners who are naturally frugal.

kangaroo jack franchiseTogether with those factors is a business plan and management which has been tried and tested across Kangaroo Jack’s branches nationwide, providing franchisee an investment with a high chance of yielding profit. Read further to learn the procedure and packages involves on franchising Kangaroo Jack.

About Kangaroo Jack Franchise

Kangaroo Jack Steaks & Grill Sizzlers mostly offer meat produced products like T-Bone steaks, tenderloin, and other sizzling and grilled food, but they also served seafood, poultry, ribs, pizzas, nachos and more.

The concept of Kangaroo Jack derives from providing their customers excellent dining experience which includes affordable but delicious food in a casual format for a more laid-back and relaxing atmosphere.

Kangaroo Jack Franchise Packages

Type of Franchise Package Site Requirement Cost of Investment Advertising Fee Return of Investment (ROI) Term of Contract
Full Store 50-130 sqm. 3.5-4.5 Million 2% of Total Gross Sales 2 Years (Depending on location, sales and other factors) 5-8 Years (Renewable upon agreement from parties involved)
Kiosk 20-45 sqm. 2.5-3.5 Million


Kangaroo Jack Franchise Packaging Inclusion kangaroo-jack[1]

  • Leasehold improvement
  • Dining tables & chairs
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Security bond
  • Security and advance deposits
  • Use of Logo & trademark
  • Usage of Kangaroo Jack’s training and operations manuals and program
  • Operation and Marketing Assistance

Process of Franchise Application for Kangaroo Jack

  1. Submit a letter of intent containing map of proposed site
  2. An inspector from the Kangaroo Jack franchise management team will assess the condition of prospect site sent by the franchisee
  3. When approved, the franchise manager shall contact the franchisee to discuss further details and process of franchise.
  4. Receive the contract agreement for reviewing and signing
  5. Pay the franchise fee according to the chosen package
  6. The franchisee and crews undergoes a training program to learn how to properly operate a Kangaroo Jack outlet.

Benefits of Starting a Kangaroo Jack Franchise Business

  • Operating under a tried and tested business plan
  • The afternoon buffet offers attract customers
  • The menu of Kangaroo Jack consist of a wide variety of selection, catering to people who prefer meat, seafood or a light snack.
  • The long-standing reputable name of the company reflects other branches, attracting patrons of the establishment to the franchisee’s outlet.

Disadvantages of Starting a Kangaroo Jack Franchise

Kangaroo Jacks aims to establish branches to areas with a constant flow of high foot traffic like malls, which can take a large portion of an outlet’s income as a rental fee, seeing that renting locations on major malls have an expensive price tag.

As the required total cost of investment leans towards the expensive side, owning a Kangaroo Jack franchise is not suitable for everyone’s capital budget.

The price point of Kangaroo Jack’s food selection is above the average cost of food budget most Filipinos have, which can be detrimental to attracting customers.

Kangaroo Jack Contact Details

For further questions and details about Kangaroo Jack, you may refer the following contact information to find answers to your inquiries.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kangaroo-Jack-Steaks-Grills-Sizzlers-368578896529957/

Phone No.: (02) 869-0076

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