The Six Best Bakeshop Franchises in the Philippines

Remember how excited you are when a friend invites you over in their place for the fiesta? Fiesta is a Filipino custom of celebrating a certain religious patron with performances, booming music, colorful designs, and a variety of food.

Yup, it’s so obvious, isn’t it? You can immediately see how it’s a Filipino culture to bond over food, food, and lots of food! Don’t forget that the country enjoys having Merienda very much and this mostly involves buying delicious bread at the nearest bakery store!

It is now time to answer the Filipino’s hunger (literally) by franchising the top six promising bakeshop franchises in the Philippines.



It’s almost impossible for the Filipino people to not know Goldilocks because it has been a household name for cakes! It is truly a leading brand and defies all the challenges for the bakery industry in the country.  Goldilocks has a wide variety of products at a very affordable price, so many Pinoys love this bakery.

Due to its delicious products, which started from only selling cakes, it has been awarded the Superbrand Seal of Recognition and elevated as a hall of famer for bakeshop and franchise awarding because for over 40 years, Goldilocks can attests that it has withstand the hurdle of time with its genuine service, high-quality products, and unrelenting dedication to answer Filipino’s food craving and sweet tooth. Yep, Goldilocks has set the standard for cakes, breads, pastries, and Filipino cuisine. When there’s a goldilocks, people would surely flock at the store, because it is definitely a bakery that is “Tatak Pinoy.”

Goldilocks Franchise Information

  • There are two types of store franchise that you can acquire from the company: Bakeshop Only or Full Store.
  • Bakeshop Only has a franchise cost of 800,000, investment cost of 6-8 million, and has minimum location requirement of 60-80 sqm that you would have to meet
  • When acquiring the Full Store, you would have to pay 1.2 million franchise fee, 10-13 million of investment fee, and meet a location criteria of 150-200 sqm
  • The investment cost may look expensive but it’s already a full package of insurance, management fee, infrastructure, and even delivery vehicle
  • The franchise term is up to 8 years

Golidlocks is projected by analysts to grow in the next few years, as the population continues to rise, the demand for food supply would also rise. Now, you have more reason to try franchising a Goldilocks bakery store!

Contact Details:



Address: Goldilocks Bake Shop, Inc. Franchise Relations Department 439 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Red Ribbon

Red RIbbon Bakeshop

Another household name, a rival to the big and achiever bakery of Goldilocks is Red Ribbon, which merely started as a small family bakery in 1979 at Timog, Quezon City, but it has gained attraction due to its delicious cakes and pastries. By word of the mouth, Red Ribbon’s growth continued from there, opening several company-owned branches and franchises, and in 2005, Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired the store and under the new management, blossomed exceedingly well, enough to have 200 stores nationwide and 38 stores overseas, in order to cater to Filipino taste buds abroad.

A strong name and strong support from the Jollibee Foods Corporation, Red Ribbon is absolutely a smart investment if you are thinking about franchising and entering the food industry. After all, it also offers a variety of products that can answer to the Filipino’s tradition of acquiring a pang-himagas or dessert.

Red Ribbon’s Franchise Information

  • Franchising a Red Ribbon bakery store would cost 400,000-600,000 franchise fee and 1.9-4.9 million all-in package investment cost
  • The franchise term is up to 5 years
Store Format Options Bakeshop Basic Bakeshop Limited Bakeshop Full
Franchise Fee P400,000.00 P600,000.00 P600,000.00
Location Criteria 15 square meters 30 square meters 40 square meters
Investment Cost P1.9 Million P3.5 Million P4.9 Million


If you are interested in franchising with them, you would to submit a letter of intent, which upon approval would need a personal meeting with the administration. Afterwards, the vicinity site would be visited for evaluation and then a two-month long training for you or your staff would follow, to ensure that only excellent service would be provided. Full assistance on your opening day is guaranteed together with the marketing process.

Contact Details:


Address: Red Ribbon Bakeshop Franchise Relations 29th Floor Jollibee Plaza Building #10F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600

Julie’s Bakeshop

Julies Bakeshop

If there is anyone who can attest than ideas turned into concrete work due to patience and diligence is the greatest life move, it would be Julia Ganionco. She was the founded and namesake of the infamous and well-loved Julie’s Bakeshop on 1981 in Mandaue, Cebu. She did not even mean to have a successful bakery, because Mrs. Gandionco was a container concessionaire around that time and the bakery was established to coddle the requests of the flask for bread. Initially, the aim was for the bakeshop to enlarge the bread prerequisites of the family’s container business.

After a few months, Julie’s bakeshop had gained traction in the food industry due to its wide variety of products including crisp bread, cakes, and heavenly desserts, which allowed them to open 500 branches nationwide with more than half of the stores as a franchise-owned. They managed to survive even against the industry giant Goldilocks and titan Red Ribbon because of the full-time management support and incredibly delicious Filipino bread and sweets that you can never get enough of, so you just come for more!

Julie’s Bakeshop Franchise Information

  • There is a location criteria, so you would need to send a copy of the site plan to management for evaluation, with minimum area requirement of 50 square meters with the site’s frontage of no less than 4 meters
  • The initial investment would cost 1,770,000-2,000,000 which would include an all-in package of franchise fee, building construction/renovation, and 5 years of franchise term
  • You are expected to get back your capital in about two years and is highly dependent on your bread sales
  • In order to apply for franchise, you would need to pass a letter of intent and the map of the location. A site inspection would ensure followed by the immediate processing of fees and a panel interview

Contact Details:

Phone: (02) 643-7455; (032) 261-7117



Bread and Butter Bakeshop

Bread and Butter Bakeshop

Kalibo, Aklan is not only home to the famous white beach of Boracay, it is also the where Filbake Food Corporation first established its bakery, Bread and Butter Bakeshop in 1986. It started merely as a small bakery in Kalibo, Aklan, but due to its amazingly delicious bread and pastries, it has grown into a big bakeshop company. It produces a variety of bread, cookies, cakes and artisan bread for the domestic market. In the year 2001, Bread and Butter has started developing a franchise program to meet the growing number of consumers and to open more branches in Luzon.

So, if you are interested in bringing this Vizayan tastes to the other parts of the country, check out the franchise information below!

Bread and Butter Bakeshop’s Franchise Information

  • Bread & Butter Bakeshop offers two full store packages to prospective business partners: a small-store package for a store area of less than 70 square meters, and a big-store package for a store area of more than 70 sq.m.
  • An initial investment of P700,000 to P1 million is required to cover the equipment and set-up cost, the training of bakeshop personnel, and the initial operating costs.
  • The payback period for the initial investment in the store is 18 to 24 months on the average.

Contact Details:

Phone No. (036)500-8567

Fax: (036) 268-5721

Email: or


Address: Filbake Food Corporation, 50 Osmena Avenue, Kalibo, Aklan

Pan De Pidro

Pan De PidroFor people living in the fast-paced world of urban spaces, like Manila City for example, it is almost impossible to get some rest due to a busy and hectic schedule. Therefore, people opt for something that is easy to eat and readily available: bread and pastries. However, most bakeries around the neighborhood are not offering eye-catching products and so the design remain bland and too common.

In order to answer to the people’s demand for quality, but eye-pleasing products, Gillie Sing decided to take a leap and established Pan de Pidro Bakeshop, which is in between Filipino’s traditional bakery and a modern-day bakeshop. Similar to traditional Pinoy bakery, it offers Filipino bread and pastries, with its specialty of Pan de Coco at the forefront. As a modern-day bakery, it also provides cinnamon rolls and other “coffee-shop” products.

It has become a household bakery in Mandaluyong City, but the company is now opening its doors for franchising so that more people could take a taste of their delicious products!

Pan de Pidro Bakeshop’s Franchise Information

  • When franchising a bakeshop of Pan de Pidro, a franchise fee of 250,000 is needed, and already includes trademark use, marketing assistance, and staff training. However, be mindful of the bakery location since the company has a location criteria of 50 square meters.
  • If you choose to franchise a Retail Outlet, it would cost 100,000 with full-package of staff training, marketing assistance, and manual operations. Luckily, it only needed 12 square meters in its location criteria.

Contact Details:

Phone: (02) 531-2682, 719-0540

Mobile: 0917-8861265, 0918-8861265



Address: 747 San Ignacio Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Annipie – Your Cinnamon Destination

Annipie BakeshopDavao is not only home to the famous President Rodrigo Duterte, the first President from Mindanao, but also the place of origin of Annipie – Your Cinnamon Destination and is considered as the number one supplier of cinnamon rolls in Davao City. It is established by the power couple Mr. John Erwin J. Anonuevo and Mrs. Andrea Partoza- Anonuevo with the aim of answering the cravings and demand of Filipino masses for drool-inducing, yet affordable cinnamon rolls that has quality ingredients.

They also believe in presentation so all their pastries are a state-of-the-art and filled with generous amount of cinnamon with various toppings and syrup! It is a perfect bread best enjoyed over a cup of coffee on a rainy day or a pastry for your cheat day. Like Goldilocks and Red ribbon, they also serve different Filipino cuisine to complete your meals.

The famous and mouth-watering cinnamon rolls in Davao City is now open for Franchise. They welcome interested individual to be part of their successful business venture and are hoping to bring the cinnamon-fever to the entire country.

Annipie’s Franchise Information

  • The franchise fee for this bakery is only 350,000 and is already a full-package, even including staff training, marketing assistance, and an initial term of 5 years
  • If within the Davao Region, an investment cost of 1.8 million and a location criteria of 60 square meters
  • Outside the Davao Region, it would cost a bit more, amounting to 2.3 million and 100 square meters of location criteria

If you are interested, contact them below and keep in mind on how they have become part of tourist attraction and destination in the Davao Region.

Contact Details:

Phone: Ecoland Branch – 295-3799; Malvar Branch – 295-3022

Mobile: 09228050500; 09228608672


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