Is Ramen Nagi Open for Franchising? Here are some details!

Ramen is a popular dish in Japan and is currently a dish strongly associated with the country. While originally a Chinese cuisine, the Japanese took inspiration from it and developed the dish to suit the taste and preference of Japanese.

One popular franchise distributing one of Japan’s staple dishes is Ramen Nagi, an internationally acclaimed business in the field of Japanese cuisine-particularly ramen. Find out below about company and the possibility of franchising Ramen Nagi.

About Ramen Nagi

Ramen Nagi or BUTAO-which is derived from the company’s flagship item; is an international franchise with branches located across South East Asia. The company started in Japan, where it was greatly recognized that is bagged the top spot for the National Ramen of the Year Competition for two succeeding years from 2011-2012.

During 2013, Ramen Nagi landed the Philippine shores and became an instant hit in the market, creating lines of customers, eager to taste the company’s well-known product.H

Highly Customizable Ramen

Ramen Nagi’s ramen series are mainly divided into four categories, and each of them is customizable according to a customer’s preference. A smart way to serve the same type of ramen to people while also giving them the freedom of tweaking the following:

  • Richness of taste
  • Amount of special sauce and garlic
  • Type of pork and vegetable
  • Spice level (Butao)
  • Firmness of noodles

About the Ramen Nagi Franchise

The company of Ramen Nagi is already present to the franchising business and created opportunities not only in Japan but also to other countries. As of writing Ramen Nagi is currently in the process of preparing to open franchising opportunities available in the Philippines, and is not open for franchsing, yet.

Interested investors may email or follow them on their social media sites, which is frequently updated, keeping everyone aware of the news regarding the company’s status.

Ramen Nagi Product Line


  • Original King (Butao)
  • Red King (Akao)
  • Black King (Kuroo)
  • Green King (Midorio)
  • Limited King (Limited edition ramen)

Side Dishes

  • Gyoza
  • Sesame Q
  • Chashu Rice
  • Sui Gyoza
  • Nagi Star Salad
  • Chicken Karaage
  • Aurora Shrimp
  • Fried Shrimp with Tartar sauce
  • Curry Spring Rolls
  • Pork Katsu Roll
  • Nagi Chips


  • Nagi Vanilla Ice cream

Ramen Nagi Contact Details


Website: (Website’s currently under construction)

Advantage of franchising Ramen Nagi

  • Ramen Nagi is an internationally known brand with a reputable brand name
  • The company continuously research and improve product formula to bring forth more and new flavors. A reflection of this is their Limited King, a smart way of introducing new items to the patrons.
  • Ramen Nagi is keen on making their social media presence known by regularly updating and posting new content to their official pages. This is an act which also affects future investors by helping new outlets get noticed by the public.
  • The customizable ramen concept attracts a wider range of taste palette, where both people who prefer light and heavy soups can enjoy the array of ramen the store distributes.

Disadvantages of franchising Ramen Nagi

  • The process for the Philippine market’s possibility of franchising the business is currently being processed without a definite date of approval.
  • The product line of Ramen Nagi lean towards the more expensive price tag, which can limit the scale of customers a franchisee can accommodate.
  • Franchising in general proposes risk which should be understood by the franchisee to avoid loss.

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  1. Harold sunga says:

    Good day im interested to franchise how much and if you will help me to find place here in pampanga clark angeles or san fernando

  2. ear Sir/Madam,

    Please be informed that I’m very interested for Franchising of Ramen nagi located at Cotabato City.

    Currenty, I’m working here Abroad in Dubai and would like to start a business. Accordingly, please let me know how much the package, requirements and what are the term and conditions of the contract.

    You may Contact me to the below contacts:

    contact/Whatsapp : +971508183783

  3. Gemma Herrero says:

    My husband and I are crazy about Ramen. We have figured out if we put up franchise ramen nagi business here in Norway. We are going to start from scratch, what we are sure about is that many people would love to have ramen here. We would love if you could generously assist us.

    Thank you

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    How much is the franchise fee of ramen nagi?

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    Im interested to franchise Ramen Nagi.please send me the details of the franchise fee and other Sop’s of the company.We hope for your prompt and kind reply.Thank you.

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    Hi much is the franchise. Thank you. Ritz from UK.

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    I very interested in franchising, location: San Pablo city,laguna
    Ready building
    Wide parking space

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    How much is franchising of Ramen Nagi?

  14. How much is the franchising fee?

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    Hi how much is the franchising fee of ramen Nagi
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  16. Manuelt Tuguinay III says:

    Ramen nagi no.1!

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