Client Gift Giving: A Guide

If your corporate anniversary or Christmas is coming up and you have quite a large list of loyal clients, a corporate gift should be considered. Small things will do and it comes a long way.

Here is a small guide on giving present to clients.

What, When and Why Give Gifts to Your Clients

Obviously, the reason to give presents to clients is that gifts can keep you (and by extension, your services) in your clients minds. Corporate gift giving is one of the oldest but most powerful brand recall strategy big companies have used.

Another reason to do it is that since they clients are the lifeblood of the company, it is natural to express gratitude beyond “thank you for your business”. It makes your clients feel appreciated and it keeps them loyal, too.

Christmas is one of the most common gifting seasons for corporations, but you can also give gifts during company anniversaries. The latter can be advantageous as there are not many gifts to be received when it is not the holiday season.

Corporate gifts should be something that is useful. Company logo can be added for obvious purposes, but should not be large so the item won’t look like a blatant advertising.

Additionally corporate gifts should be a small ticket item: something that ranges five to twenty dollars a piece. Too low and you will look like a cheapskate and too expensive will be shouting “buy more of our products!”

Gift giving should be avoided for potential clients you are bidding on. It is tasteless, unfair to your competition and it sounds like you are buying their love.

Gift guides are all over the net, if you do not have any idea. Gift Canyon, eHow or other writing portals like Hubpages carry gift giving guides you can scour for ideas.

Some Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Okay, are you set to give gifts to your clients? Here are some corporate gift ideas:

  1. Something they will use everyday is a great idea: an umbrella, a baseball cap or a wallet would be nice.
  1. Wearable items like a shirt, a jacket or a ladies’ blouse.
  1. A gift card for Starbucks, Amazon or iTunes is a great and hassle-free idea. These are lightweight and your client can pick his preferred gift wherever and whenever he wants.
  1. Office tools like desk organizer, small clock or a tasteful paperweight can be a great client gift too.
  1. Wines and spirits are appreciated by some clients. If you can determine their preferred liquor type, the better.
  1. Plus points for personalized gift ideas (like an action figure of themselves or a towel with their name on it).

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