Productivity Hacks When You Feel Lazy at Work

To boost productivity at work, there is a need to be snoozed sometimes so you shift gear and focus. In order to feel motivated and to get back on your working feet immediately, a break is literally and figuratively required so you are energized to do more when you are back at your desk.

There is also a way of tricking your brain so you would not feel lazy the whole day. Being up for 8 hours, 6 days a week to be productive is a tough job to do.  It needs self-control and will power to stay at this mind set.  However, the mind is a very brilliant mind that it can do a lot of things.  A little trick is needed to let it think and work harder.

Below are list of interesting hacks and brain tricks so you can still be very productive all day without even knowing or trying so you will not feel lazy or bored for the whole day.  Check this out and apply it in the workplace as soon as you can.

Productivity Hacks When You Feel lazy at Work

Check for Room Lighting and Temperature

This is the first trick to your brain.  Remember that too cold and too hot decreases productivity.  It is the same as too bright and too dark.  So try to find that lighting and temperature that is in between and set that number to your workplace every day.  In this way, you will not feel the difference and will continue to just work and enjoy every minute of it without actually thinking about it.

Do that Morning Exercise

It is scientific and you will definitely agree that exercise promotes not only good health but a quick mind.  Studies have also shown that after an exercise (especially in the morning) it can improve your mood for up to 12 hours.  Thus, happy hormones are released which means less stress and more efficiency.

Exercising even just for 30 minutes is surely energizing rather than exhausting, revitalizing rather than draining.  So, I guess it will not hurt that much if you spend thirty (30) minutes earlier to keep fit and in shape.  Ready the gear and put on that great mood as you jump, move and sweat.

Certainly, it will be a great day at work.  Not to mention that exercise will also help you look awesome.

Stretch and Move in the Workplace

In connection to exercise, inserting a little stretch of the arms, head rotation and some bending is therapeutic.  This will actually keep you on the go.  Standing and walking around in your workplace is actually a must especially if your work requires you to sit and stare in the computer the whole time.  This will aid in blood circulation and surely you will fell energized.

Drink that H2O

As they say water is life.  It is not only needed by humans but it is important to everyone living in this planet.  Thus, the healthy tip that says drink 6-8 glasses of water every day actually makes sense and should be strictly monitored and followed.  Our bodies thrive on water just like all the continents.  The more water you drink, the more energy you have, the healthier you are and most of all keeps you on the go for a bladder break.  In this way, your head is not stuck on the computer nor your butt on the chair.  Hence, it is imperative not to forget that water bottle every day, make that gulp, be refreshed and enjoy those strides to the bathroom.

Follow that Five-Minute Break

The funny saying ‘Have a Break – Have a KitKat plainly makes everyone smile, seems to be true and literally makes a lot of sense.  This tag line is probably base on ergonomics – the study of people’s efficiency in relation to their working environment.  This is where the Pomodoro technique came from and it says – work for twenty-five minutes and give yourself that deserving five-minute break.  This therapeutic five minute can either be used to munch that Kit-Kat, drink a cup of coffee or tea or walk outside and capture that nice breeze.  Whatever you want with your five minutes, it is yours.  Make use of this time to relax so when you get back, you will be inspired to be glued at with what you are doing.

Clean up or Declutter

A clutter is a stressor and is factually a stress inducing sight.  So, who would want to be stressed at work? I say nobody.  So, clean up and declutter by throwing those papers, segregating stuffs not needed anymore and making your desk a worthy sight to see that will make your blood pressure go down.

A clean desk means you are efficient and effective and that tasks are done in an organized way.  If your mind is used to seeing clean and decluttered table, then rest assured that surely you are productive.  Make clean-up fun and go to work smiling.


This is an interesting tip as it just confirms mind over matter principle.  If you dictate something on your mind that you need to be enthusiastic about what you do, it seems to be like a button that the body automatically shifts to being enthusiastic as well.  So, self-talk is the way to do this process.  Seems cool right? Try it for you to see.

All the hacks listed here are all doable and are very simple and creative.  It just needs a little practice and organization to push productivity in the workplace.  Try any of the things listed here and you will be surprised on what it can do to you and your career.

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