H&M Franchise: Is it a Possibility?

Influencers and aspiring social media personalities are growing by a minute, and one of the biggest aspects that people can see on these social media influencers is self-expression, and in most cases this expression involves their fashion style, to make a statement and showcase their individuality.

It is this demand which contributed towards today’s increasing demand towards the clothing industry, and one of the biggest clothing-retail company around the globe is H&M.

Its reputable brand name is also evident in the Philippine market, making it an ideal business investment for those who are thinking of investing in the clothing industry.

if you want to know more about this retail clothing giant and the possibility of franchising with them, then check out the information below to know more about H&M.

About H&M

Hennes & Mauritz AB or more commonly referred to as H&M is a Swedish company which initially caters to women’s clothing only during its first years of establishment in 1947. Today, H&M is one of the biggest clothing-retail company which offers fast-fashion clothing for people of all ages.

One of its expansion during the last decade also included home furniture and expanding its global reach by establishing stores across Asia and the Middle East, which made the company thrive further with thousands of stores located around the globe.

Franchising H&M: Is it a Possibility?

Is it Possible to Own a H&M Franchise?


For those who are hoping to become a franchisee of one of the clothing retail giants, unfortunately, H&M is not open for franchising and the company also made it clear that franchising is not a part of its general expansion strategy; therefore, aspiring H&M business owners, it seems like H&M won’t be opening its doors for the foreseeable future.

Contact Details 

Website: www2.hm.com

Facebook: facebook.com/hmphilippines/

Email: customerservice.ph@hm.com

PLDT and Smart Communications: 1 800 1110 2305 (free of charge)

Globe: 1 800 8222 8888 (free of charge)

International: +1 415 915 0770 (international call fee)

Advantages of Retail Clothing Business

  • With the increased usage of social media platforms and demand for millennials and generation Z’s to OOTD’s, clothing companies are becoming more in-demand day by day.
  • Clothes are non-perishable items
  • With clothes as essential to people of all ages, makes clothes, from a business perspective an ideal item for those who want to have a wider customer demographic.
  • Starting a clothing shop is a low-maintenance business compared to others.

Things to Consider Before Investing in the Clothing Industry

  • With the rising awareness of the consumers towards the clothing industry, manufacturers who also take into consideration sustainability and being ethically produced are highly promoted by the consumers. An example is H&M’s movement towards sustainable production which aims to be more conscious of their environmental impact.
  • When franchising a retail clothing brand, ensure that its mission and vision as a company aligns with your goal with your business venture.
  • Clothing business, are one of the fast-paced industries, and entrepreneurs in this field should have the capacity to be always on the knowledge of what’s trending to attract customer’s attention in a highly competitive environment.
  • Franchising a full clothing store similar to H&M requires an adequate space area to accommodate facilities to properly fit and display clothing, which results in larger investment to acquire a store for operations.


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  1. Christoper Lawrence says:

    My Name is Christoper Lawrence. I want to start a H&M Franchise Store in Neapl. Please guide me the possibilities and necessaries for that. Im a small scale businessman and an investor. I have a interest in investing in fashion world and feel that H&M is a best one for that. Please guide me out regarding this.

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  2. Ajay Kedia says:

    Want to open H& M store in Siliguri

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    Hello I am from Bhutan I am looking forward to franchise H&M store in Bhutan.

  4. Ishika goyal says:

    Hello..I want a new startup of H&M in West Bengal.H&M has been one of the best in fashion world. I am very much interested in been a part of H&M family..

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