How to Start an Isaw and Barbecue Business

The food industry is one of the most successful kinds of business that isn’t seasonal. A food business can operate everyday regardless of what season or day it can be – which is why a lot of entrepreneurs are encouraged to build their own brand in the field.

The main reason as to why restaurants and food stalls earn a lot is because people love to eat. Filipinos love eating at the start and at the end of the day. Most of the time, they would even eat snacks after their work of their day at school and their favorite go-to place is always a nearby street food stall.

Why Do People Prefer A Street Food Stall Rather Than Other Restaurants Or Café?

First, is because it is affordable. Street vendors offer their products at a low price without sacrificing the quantity of the foods they sell because the business is great. People prefer going for street foods because it is easy to cook, delicious at pretty accessible to them.

Usually, when an entrepreneur intends to launch a street food business, they easily become successful since it is relatively easy to establish. Not to mention that they wouldn’t have to acquire hundreds of thousands capital just to be able to build the food hub they dream of.

Cost and Materials Needed to Start an Isaw Business

Isaw Business In the Philippines

As a matter of fact, a small isaw and barbecue business can be built with a measly amount of 2,000 to 5,000 pesos only. However, aside from the cash capital, there are also some materials that are considered as a must-have for entrepreneurs.

  1. Stainless grill usable with charcoal
  2. Charcoal (Either lumber coal or copra)
  3. Tongs
  4. Bamboo Barbeque Sticks
  5. Plates for Grilled products
  6. Container for sauce
  7. Brown bags for take outs
  8. A small electric fan or even a paper fan

In the Philippines, street food business owners use paper fan when grilling the food products they sell. The marinated meet will be skewered with the bamboo stick and grilled using charcoal. Business owners may also use electric grill, but it isn’t cost-friendly and would give you a hard time when used outdoors.

You’re probably thinking, how can you establish your isaw and barbecue business properly?

To guide you, here are some of the aspects to consider when starting an isaw business.

  1. Find a good spot for your business

A lot of people, specifically Filipinos, love street foods so it would be a great opportunity to sell isaw, barbecue and other grilled snacks. To make your business more successful, you should pick a nice location wherein people from schools or offices will pass through.

  1. Create a good business plan

You should also come up with ideas on how you can boost your business’ sales in any way possible. Moreover, it should also include possible selling venues, strategies to outsmart your competitors, and back-up plans in case something goes wrong in your daily operations.

  1. Choose your specialty

In most street food stalls, a wide variety of grilled products are offered for sale by a lot of competitors. From internal organs to the external, as long as an animal’s body part is edible, it would make a good source of income.

Moreover, an owner should decide what kind of products he/she prefers to sell. Whether it is pork, chicken or beef, the business owner should be creative enough to add something unique to the food such as a special marinade. What matters is that the barbecued products have great taste and nicely cooked.

As a matter of fact, some of the usual products sold by street food vendors are chicken/pork intestines (isaw), chicken head (ulo), blood (betamax), chicken feet (adidas), pork ears (tenga), and pork cut meat (laman). Hotdogs can also be sold as it is usually preferred by kid customers. Balot and penoy can also be a great idea too!

  1. Never forget your documents.

When starting a business, permits and clearances are definitely important. Since a barbecue business is in the food industry, you will have to acquire certain documents that can also ensure your customers that your products are safe to consume.

  1. Choose high quality meat products.

Don’t just buy from any meat supplier.

If you want your business to be a hit to the public, you should remember to make sure that the meat products you will buy is clean and of high quality animals. This tactic will add a good impression to your customers since the taste will be more enjoyable than low-quality products.

  1. Don’t just use any sauce.

Sauce is indeed important, especially for Filipino customers. If the barbecue is not that good, it can be overcome by a best-tasting sauce that will make your patrons go back.

Most customers prefer to dip their barbecues in the vinegar mixed with onions, garlic, chili, and a sprinkle of salt. But you can always invent your own mixture if you wanted to stand out among the rest. Just remember to keep the sauce clean by individually giving each customers their own sauce to prevent them from constantly dipping their barbecues in the sauce container – which can lead to health risks.

  1. Sell some drinks as well.

Your barbecue business will not be complete if you don’t have any beverages in your menu.

As the Filipinos like to say, “Hindi kumpleto ang kainan kung walang panulak.” (Dining won’t be complete without the drinks.)

Some of the drinks you may offer to your customers are soft drinks, and if they want something healthier, fruit juices will make a perfect pair for their freshly cooked barbecue.

Barbeque business in the Philippines will not be complete without local beverages such as Melon juice, Pineapple juice, or the all time favorite Gulaman at Sago. You can make a research on how to make them but they are very easy to do. Just remember that while you eat, you would also like something to push that down with.

To put it simply, barbecue business is one of the simplest businesses that will not cost you that much and is not seasonal. Meaning, your street food stall can operate any time of the week, regardless if it is a holiday or not. More chances of earning!

Always remember that a delicious food serves the body and soul.

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