Pan De Malunggay Franchise Fees, Details and Contact Info

There’s a saying among parents that the best way to sneak in healthy ingredients is through bread and pastries; and this showed truth once again in the form of the malunggay pandesal. The incorporation of the malunggay makes it such an easy and sneaky way to supply the body with nutrients, especially with the kids who dislike vegetables.

While many would love to get a healthy pandesal alternative, not a lot of bakeries sell the famous malunggay pandesal. Thankfully, rkfranchise offers an opportunity to interested entrepreneurs to invest in a malunggay pandesal bakery shop, and be one of the rare bakeshops on their area who sells the healthy pandesal alternative.

Interested to know more? Keep on reading further to see the details and process on how to become a franchisee of Pan De Malunggay.

About Pan De Malunggay

Pan De Malunggay is a franchise that specializes in providing its franchisee the knowledge of setting up a bakery and how to create malunggay pandesal — a healthy twist in the classic and staple bread of the Filipino breakfast which is the pandesal.

Under the management of rkfranchise consultancy; a franchise consultant company which started in 1995 at Cebu — applicants can now franchise a bakeshop which specializes in making malunggay pandesal as its flagship item, together with the training and assistance provided by rkfranchise consultancy, franchisees can be assured that a team of professionals will guide them towards their journey of a successful bakery.

Pan De Malunggay Franchise Details

pan de malunggay franchiseNote: Details regarding the fees, procedures, and requirements may change without prior notice, it is advised to contact Rkfranchise directly for any updated information.

Franchise Fee: 60,000

Total Capital Requirement: 200,000

Initial Term: 4 years

Required Space: 8 square meters (minimum)

Pan De Malunggay Franchise Fee Inclusion:

  • Use of trade marks
  • Site approval
  • Staff and franchise training
  • Procurement program
  • Opening assistance
  • Operations manual
  • Continuous research and development assistance

How to Franchise Pan De Malunggay

  1. Contact Rkfranchise to request for the list of documents needed (if applicable) when submitting a letter of intent.
  2. Wait for the approval of rkfranchise on the application.
  3. Set a schedule to conduct a meeting together with rkfranchise to discuss further details of the franchise details.
  4. Receive the franchise disclosure information
  5. Proposed location/s undergoes an approval process
  6. Upon approval of the location, the franchisee may start with the construction/renovation of the store.
  7. Undergo franchisee and staff training
  8. Receive the pre-opening and opening assistance of the Pan De Malunggay franchise from rkfranchise.
  9. Grand Opening!

Contact Information



Phone: (02) 8912-2946 / 8911-1966 | (02) 8912-2973 / 8995-0734

Advantages of Pan De Malunggay Franchise

  • Pandesal is a staple breakfast product in the Filipino household making it easy to find customers
  • Franchising Pan De Malunggay will be of great help for those who want to have a bakery but have no idea where to start.
  • Receive training and assistance from rkfranchise to increase the chance of successfully operating the store.
  • Get your prospect location to undergo a site inspection to evaluate its market potential.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Pan De Malunggay

  • While Rkfranchise provides training and assistance, it is best to have some background on baking or how to handle a bakeshop to have a better first-hand understanding of running a bakery, making it easier to manage a Pan De Malunggay franchise.
  • Bakeries specifically ones that sell pandesal, have a very early start, therefore, owners and staff should have the capacity to start working very early in the morning to accommodate the people buying pandesal early for breakfast.
  • Coordinate with the local authorities to know what are the documents and licenses you’ll need to operate your Pan De Malunggay franchise



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    Pwede Po ba kami avail Ng franchise dito sa laoag city

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