How to Apply for a J. Co Doughnuts and Coffee Franchise in the Philippines

You could say that J. Co is a rival of Krispy Kreme, as their donuts combined with unusual flavors you wouldn’t imagine in a donut that are topped with cute designs. Their product lineup offers a different  variety of flavors for their donuts that pairs suitably with their coffee. Customer favorites such as Belgian Chocolate, Californian Almonds, Japanese Matcha Green Tea, keeps people coming back for more. Find out more about J. Co and see for yourself if this kind of business is right for you!

History of J. Co Doughnuts and Coffee

J.Co Donuts Franchise Philippines 2Founded in the 18th of May, 2006 in Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia, founder Johnny Andrea. In the first year of its operation, J. Co Donuts and Coffee was awarded with the “Marketing Award” for recognition of its innovation with its products. In less than 6 years, they have expanded throughout Asia in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Their recent operations have opened up a branch in Hong Kong and expansion is expected to continue with their success as a delicious supplier of coffee, yogurt, and donuts!

J.Co Franchise Information

Unfortunately, J. Co Doughnuts and Coffee only grants exclusive franchise rights to a limited amount of people per country. Latest reports have shown an estimated investment costs for franchising:

Franchise fee: $10,000 to $21,000

Total investment cost: $250,000 to $1.5M

To try and apply for a franchise with the company, you will have to contact them with the contact information provided below, and a form will be given to you regarding the financial status of the applicant. Get in good terms with the contact person as they are the official franchisor of the Philippines, so you should try and negotiate for a lower price.

The J. Co Franchising ProcessJ.Co Donuts Franchise Philippines

  1. Inquiry

The first application process to happen is to give your basic information. Contact details such as your name, telephone and mobile number. Company profile and financial information so as to ascertain your liquidity as a business and current financial state are a must as well.

  1. Selection Process

After submitting the required information needed, you will be asked to submit an in-depth background of your history, a business plan, and financial information of your personal capital.

  1. Legal

Further screening of available candidates will be done to narrow down the potential applicants, and those who are chosen will be invited to participate in the next step of the process. At this point of the process, the information included in the contract such as the terms and conditions of the contract will be discussed.

  1. Pre-Opening

Once the applicant is chosen, they will be sent to training program that must be completed, along with the selection of store design to attract customers with signages and an inviting atmosphere, and learning the marketing campaign for their (J. CO) line of donuts and coffee.

  1. New Store Grand Opening

As part of the J. Co family, a grand opening will be conducted for your store, along with assistance in the first day of operations.

Advantages of Franchising with J. Co Coffee and Doughnuts

  • Partnership with one of the fastest coffee and donut shop in the current decade
  • Potential expansion for further growth of your store
  • Tried and tested universal training program used in all of their stores globally

Disadvantages of Franchising with J. Co Coffee and Doughnuts

  • Exclusive franchise of J. Co Coffee and Doughnuts means harder passing rate for local applicants
  • Applicant’s capital must be in US dollars, and not in local currency such as our Philippines Peso
  • Franchise fee may cost up to $ 1,000,000

J.Co Donuts & Coffee Contact Information


Email:, or

Telephone no.: (+632) 844 8441

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  1. Juliana magsino lanip says:

    Im interested to franchise donuts there is no outlet here in our place a highly urbanized city..calamba city..

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    Hi i want it to franchise want to put up in any where in naga city if you have a good spot available just let me know tnx.

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