The Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

Blog, blogging and blogger are millennial terminologies that one needs to learn and understand in order to thrive and succeed in this new-age environment. A blog (noun) is a term that is coined to refer to a diary or journal that uses the internet and blog that is referred to as a verb is a term that means to ‘write’ in or for the internet. So, blogging is the act of writing the blog and bloggers are the persons who write these blogs. Since blogs are supposed to work as a diary, a daily entry is needed so people get to be updated as much as possible. Remember, the internet is a public domain anyway.


Even when in business, the value of blogging still applies. This is one of the most convenient and accessible tool or channel to communicate with customers, clients and consumers. The system and mechanics of creating a blog is not complicated. In fact, this is one of the easiest and simplest approach to get into your target market. Therefore, if you are currently engaged in a business or plans to engage in one and the thought of blogging still did not cross your mind. Then, maybe this is the time that you will think about creating a website and blog about it every day because of the valuable benefits it will do to your company. Below are the reasons why you should blog at your business website.

1. Customer base increases

According to HubSpot Survey, 60% of businesses, regardless of its size, acquire more customers than those who do not blog. The numbers need not say more. Blogging will reach more customers and its scope is endless. Spending like an hour blogging for a day will create a huge impact on the way you do business. There is nothing to fear so you may start now.

2. Simple, easy and relatively cheap

There is not much requirement to start a blog. You do not need to be a professional designer nor a Ph. D. to start blogging. As long as you know how to navigate the internet, how to read and write and is connected 24/7, then you can immediately begin. With this, the possibilities are endless. There are blogging sites such as WordPress and HubSpot where there platform are user-friendly and easy to manipulate.

3. Effective product positioning

Any product or service should have a distinct position in the market that it wants to prosper. Having a website and blogging about these things is the initial way to let your products be recognized and identified. A blog will serve as the company’s voice in telling the whole world (yes, literally!) about the company’s existence. Its personality, the services or products it offers and even the people working behind it. A blog can practically talk about anything that may have a direct link to the company, to the work that you do, to the trends of the market and even highlight comments and feedbacks of the customers. The topics are endless and blogging about it is just the way to start the business right.

4. Builds relationships and confidence and creates sales

A blog is a venue where you can directly interact with customers. This is where you make it a point that what you blog is helpful to the target customers. Keeping them informed of valuable information will build trust and they will rely on you for more ideas. This is how relationship is built and the rest of the elements will just follow. The equation then is Relationship + Confidence = Sales. These three important elements then can all be achieved if you have a website blog.

5. Understanding your market

Having a blog is an easy way to determine individuals who are checking, making comment, buying and is frequenting your website. Through blog analytics, you can easily assess the descriptions and the details of this segment of the market. Even the traffic in terms of time and day, it is readily available. This makes market analysis and research easy as data are just at the click of your fingers. Thus, innovating and reinventing products and services will be straightforward, undemanding and uncomplicated.

6. Improve your website’s SEO

SEO here stands for Search Engine Optimization and this means, with the help of the search engine Google, it can pick up your website through your content. Basically, it is all about the website’s visibility if someone would search. The key words that are found in the website’s content will actually increase the chances of the site to be on the top and your products be known.

7. Lastly, blogging is limitless

As you go along, try to see, feel and observe the trend of the business. There are surely a lot of opportunities that are untapped and this is another way of expanding and growing your company.

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  1. We are now on the digital age where promoting a band or product is much more convenient minus the spending part.
    Taking advantage of this platform can really maximize the potential of a business.

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