How to Spot the Perfect Employee

As a business founder and owner, you hold vast responsibilities and because no man is an island, you could not run a business without some help from other people of various talents and skills. Thus, if you want to advance your business, you would have hire people, but even with an excellent educational background or years of experience, that cannot be the only basis for a perfect employee. Sure, nobody is perfect, but you can definitely find an employee that is just perfect for you and for the improvement of the company.

An employee can be your greatest investment and asset, because they are the body of the business, the one who works to fulfill the tasks at hand, which what makes a business progressive. The thing is, you would have many employees and spotting which one is exceptional helps you regarding promotion and weeding out those who are not so suited to work for you. The perfect employees are usually the ones who are, more or less, unconventional. They are different than the others because of their offbeat attitude, sometimes unafraid of trying the less traveled road, and are actually delighted in being unusual. Their rare personalities may be a little odd for some, but their quirkiness lead them ready to stretch boundaries and step away from their comfort zones, where true learning happens.

Perfect Employee

With their quirky attitude, they are bound to be playful, and that is good for shaking things up at the office and avoiding bland hours, keeping themselves and their co-workers always entertained. They keep things light and remain bubbly even in the dullest times, so even though the work is heavy, they manage to stay positive. However, as much as they are playful, they also know when to be step back a little bit, and become serious in order to be fully focused on the task at hand. It is truly a tough balance between boldness and conformity, which is a fine line to tread, and if they manage do walk this pathway with great ease, then they really are an exceptional employee with remarkable personality. With such personality, it is expected for them to show up with…different outfits or if there is a uniform, they know how to be neat and tidy, but also incredibly artistic at the same time. After all, aesthetics also matters.

Furthermore, perfect employees are very flexible and adaptable, traits that has become a necessity for a successful business, and knows how to manage themselves by completely embracing their roles and responsibilities. They do not do things halfway, instead they even try to go beyond the expectations because they believe in exploring things at the fullest of their abilities. If they make a mistake, they do not wallow in self-pity, give up, or play the blame game, instead, they own it up and analyzes where the failure occurs, in order to correct their wrongs and provide solutions to make it right. They also learn from these mistakes, taking their weakness and turning them into strengths by going through training and self-learning. People who improves themselves even without an order form the higher-ups makes the perfect employee, because they know how to manage their time and resources.

In the event of crisis, they adapt to the changes implemented and help other employees as well, because being adaptable makes them an excellent team player, socializing with fellow employees with ease, even if their beliefs and opinions the exact opposite. They do not discriminate, accepting diversities as another way of looking at the world, and helps in gaining new insights. By being approachable to others, they manage to forge a bond within the office, not only towards employees of equal position, but also to their managers. It is said that exceptional employees know how to “manage their boss” in a way that does not involve manipulation, but by being sincere. They try to remember their boss’ quirks, avoid pet peeves, and makes sure that boundaries are always intact, keeping things friendly, but professional.

Perfect employees also step up to raise issues that others are hesitant to voice out. They know that maturity entails questioning things and resolving issues out in the open, together with the entire team. Thus, they are known for being accountable and responsible, because they value honor more than anything. They believe in strengths but do not deny that they also have weaknesses, which means that they would need others to set them straight sometimes. When other employees are only motivated to do a good job, exceptional ones are driven by a deeper motivation and personal agenda of proving that they can be more and learn more. Together with this kind of values, they usually step up when needed, even if it is not their job. They know that there are challenged that would need greater team work and jumps up to the opportunity of helping out the others.

Perfect employees are patient, because they know that negativity would not get the job done, but hard work and diligence would. They are driven with passion, which them exceed their boss’ expectations. They set goals and strives to accomplish it to the best of their abilities, meeting deadlines after deadlines, because of their awesome time management. They create a timeline that are possible to meet, focusing on the goal, instead of the deadline, because they know that if you work just to meet deadlines, you would end up frustrated and with sloppy work. They do not just do their work for its own sake, they take pride in their job, and this passion differentiates them from everyone else. Finally, a perfect employee is someone who acts like a manager, and this does not mean being aloof or trying to supersede the boss, instead they make sure to tasks are accomplished the way it is supposed to be done, they always have additional input during meetings, and shows leadership skills, by managing their co-workers well, earning respect for their “can do” attitude, and providing reports that are both informative and creative.

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