Top Insurance Companies in the Philippines

What, really, is the importance of insurance companies in our lives? Are we really giving ourselves a safer future, or are we just spending more?

For the basics, investing in insurance companies are ultimately important because you’ll never know what happens next in your life. Especially for parents with young kids, it’s really, really important for you to be ready whenever something unfortunate happens. It’s not to be pessimistic about life, but it’s more of being practical, in case something unexpected occurs. Better to be safe than to have regrets and be sorry.

Working for an insurance company is truly tough. It’s as if your customer’s lives and future depends on you, right? With this, we have to be careful in choosing which partners are the best ones. Nothing but the best for our loved ones, right?

Below is a list of the top insurance companies which can be found in the Philippines:

Philippine American Life & Gen. Ins.Co.

best insurance companies in the philippines - philamlifePhilippine American Life & Gen. Ins.Co. or more commonly known as Philam Life, is committed to achieving its advocacy of building an educated nation empowered for the future through their different insurance products and consulting services. Key moments matter in life, and for them, they are the best partners for you to achieve and live those out. They promise a rewarding a career for their employees and it indeed transcends to the stories of their workers.

According to past employees of Philam Life, you get to work according to your time as it is really time-flexible. Besides this, you receive a lot of long-term work benefits which not only benefit you but also your family, the work experience is also financially rewarding, and not to mention, the great working environment and culture of the workplace. Philam Life is well-known to maintain in always giving that family-like environment, so you can avoid getting burned out by working with them. The structure is very much organized and it is not politicized which is great to ensure the integrity of the workers, and avoid biases in the firm.

BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corp., Inc.

best insurance companies in the philippines - bpiphilamlifeBPI-Philam Life Assurance Corporation, Incorporated which was formerly Ayala Life Assurance Incorporated is one of the top performing bank assurance companies due to the tie-up by Ayala and Philam Life. Devoted to helping their customers achieve the financial prosperity and security they deserve, BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corp., Inc, continues to be a shining testament in giving the best quality service through their accessible offers.

They believe as well, that their workforce is the foundation of their success. Who wouldn’t want a company who values their workers, right? With this, they strive to make change happen, let their workers experience progress, and inspire success through their training and working environments. Their people are aggressive in delivering excellent service, and when hiring, they always look for people with grit, those who are uplifting, and those who are authentic and innovative.

Philippine AXA Life Insurance, Corp.

best insurance companies in the philippines - axaPhilippine AXA Life Insurance, Corporation is considered one of the largest and fastest growing insurance companies based in the Philippines. They offer financial security for individuals and groups and ensure that they deliver quality work through their general insurance products. AXA offers a complete range of products for their customers and they do their best in maintaining their name as being a worldwide leader in the field of insurance.

What’s it like working for them? According to their past employees, they give you a challenging but fun working environment as they create a workplace for employees to develop their career. Not only that, but they give travel incentives to the top performing advisers as well. This definitely is the place to work for if you want to develop your people management skills and improve in terms of hardcore sales pitching.

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines)

best insurance companies in the philippines - sunlifeWith a premium income of over 32 billion in 2017, Sun Life of Canada never fails to continuously keep its rank on top. This just goes to show that a lot of people find this insurance company trustworthy. Sun Life is really well-known for the good working environment of its employees. A good working environment definitely transcends to good quality and outputs when they try to sell their product to potential investors. When you work for Sun Life, there are a lot of rewarding benefits if they see that you are really working hard and being a productive employee. Not only that, but when you’re part of the company, you may not notice it right away, but you’re also being trained to better manage your time and money. As they say, they help you look farther than your nearest tomorrow.

Before starting a job, it’s always important to do a little research before putting your foot forward. Just like the main point of investing in an insurance company, you want to be sure of what’s ahead of you. Now that you’re more knowledgeable, we hope you make the right choices so you can enjoy working in your next job.

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