Top Real Estate Companies in the Philippines

One of the commonly used terms in the real estate world is the term ‘realty’. In an easier logic, realty is simply an industry which describes the kind of services that real estate agents are able to give. These include sales, leading, and managing the real estate itself.

Most commonly, real estate agents earn money through the concept of commissions. These commissions happen when real estate agents are able to get a client to buy real property. When they do, part of the payment goes to them.

With this, it’s important to know which real estate companies are most trusted here in the Philippines. This is important for people, as clients, to know which companies to trust, and for job hunters to know which companies are the best to work for.

Below is a list of the most notable and well-respected real estate companies in the country:

real estate companies in the philippines


Robinsons Land Corporation

Robinsons Land Corporation solidifies its position as the Philippines’ pioneer in mixed-use developments and is a driving force in becoming one of the most influential real estate developers in Asia. Robinsons Land Corporation is run by motivated, innovative, and entrepreneurial spirited individuals dedicated to serving the ever changing needs and aspirations of the market.

Robinsons Land Corporation people are very welcoming and amiable. The employees may be professional but are really fun to work with. The opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur really opens up when working under Robinsons Land Corporation.

Filinvest Land Inc.

Filinvest Land Inc. is one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines. It is a subsidiary of Filinvest Development Corporation, which has more than 40 years of experience in real estate development. FLI’s business has historically focused on the development and sale of affordable and middle-market residential lots and housing units to lower and middle-income markets throughout the Philippines.

Filinvest Land Inc. is a great place for those who want to learn and venture into the business of real estate. According to employees, everyday is a learning experience. Employees have stated that their department has leaders who genuinely care for their subordinates and for them, they don’t use boss as a term, only leader.

Vista Land & Lifescapes

For Vista Land & Lifescapes, cost is not a question of numbers, but a question of value. Vista Land is the leading homebuilder in the Philippines. Vista Land provides a wide range of housing products to its customer across all income segments. The company operates through Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella Homes, Communities Philippines, and Vista Residences. Vista is held together with a foundation of teamwork, honesty, competitive spirit, and closeness to customers.

Vista Land is known to give generous salaries. You’ll learn to multitask and unlock your utmost potential. You will develop flexibility in handling tasks and you’ll develop a sense of time management. Your analytic skills will be exercised, and with hard work, you will also receive great benefits.

Megaworld Corporation

Megaworld Corporation is one of the leading real estate developers and landlords in the Philippines. With various awards and accolades, you wouldn’t doubt why Megaworld Corporation is one of the elites in real estate, and why a lot are willing to work for Megaworld.

Megaworld Corporation is a company with a defined scope of work. They are very generous regarding salaries and benefits. They have a very friendly environment, and it is the ideal company for those looking to enjoy their employment.

SM Prime Holdings

SM Prime Holdings is one of the largest integrated property developers in Southeast Asia that offers innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities with developments of malls, residences, offices, hotels, and convention centers. It is also the largest, in terms of asset and income base, in the Philippines.

SM Prime Holdings treats their employees as partners. They will guide their servicemen through thick and thin. The company provides an environment wherein each and everyone of their workers will definitely feel welcomed in. SM Prime Holdings offer motivating employee opportunities for growth within a wonderful culture.

Ayala Land Inc.

With over a century of envisioning, building, and developing master-planned, mixed-use, and sustainable communities, Ayala Land’s rich history and illustrious reputation remain unparalleled in the country. Ayala Land is one of the top real estate companies in the Philippines. They have been for a while and it looks like they’re going to be that for a while.

The people at Ayala Land Inc. are really fun to work with, you get to learn from different professionals from the real estate industry. According to workers, the perks and benefits are superb, and you’ll have the opportunity to be part of one of the Philippines’ most respected company.

Investing in the right real estate companies are important because these could dictate the outcome of your future. If you partner with not so very reliable companies, these could affect you and your family when you’re already stable in the future. Who would want that right? So that’s why it’s important to check and research first about the future partners you plan to get in contact with. Your future assets depend on your hands.

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