Six Best Buy 1 Take 1 Burger Food Cart: Franchise Fees, Details

Sales and promotions, who can resist them? Buy one-get-one promo is decently preferred by the masses for it’s a mainstream deal method in light of the fact that it can be utilized legitimately whenever. Even in the franchising business, this concept has been a great hit and is mostly seen in burger food cart franchises.

Buy 1 Take 1 burger has turned into a craze that the buying public just could not resist. We can see in almost in every burger food cart this familiar promotion. And this is widely used because of the impact on the sales, how then picture this: you’re strolling along the occupied lanes then abruptly you stop and gaze at a burger stand. Also, what made you caught? Its charming fragrance, isn’t? Don’t deny it! Additionally, the expense of Buy 1 Take 1 burger is amicable to the pockets of the masses. Fulfilling yet so moderate, who can’t avoid it?

If you are eyeing this concept in the food cart industry but are totally clueless on which to avail, then you need to scroll down our top six Buy 1 Take 1 burger food cart franchises in the country today.

FaB Suffrage Services’ Heaven’s Hamburger Food Cart Franchise

Heaven's HamburgerThe burger business has always been a crowd favorite and it even began blasting quite a while back. One of the offers that customers truly love is burgers offered at Buy 1 Take 1 which additionally come in extremely reasonable costs. However regardless of the possibility that burgers are sold at exceptionally reasonable costs, FaB Suffrage Services ensured that the quality and taste of their burgers are not compromised. That is the reason the organization began making excellent burgers from freshest fixings and is presently beginning to be decently prestigious in the Philippine market. FaB Suffrage Services has started in the franchise business since October 2014 and since then it continuously grown and is starting to gain more followers. Click here for info about Heaven’s Hamburger.

Heaven’s Hamburger Appetizing Menu:

  • Burger plain (buy 1 take 1)
  • Burger with cheese (buy 1 take 1)
  • Burger with egg (buy 1 take 1)
  • Burger with cheese and egg (buy 1 take 1)
  • Ham plain
  • Ham with Cheese
  • Ham with Egg
  • Footlong (with cheese/egg)
  • French Fries
  • Drinks

Heaven’s Hamburgers franchise package is worth Php 39,000 which comes with various inclusions as stated below. The advantages of availing this franchise package is that it comes with no royalty fee, no quota in sales, no renewal fee and other charges. The return of investment comes in three to four months as stated by the current franchisees.

The following are included in Heaven’s Hamburger Food Cart Franchise package:

  • Use of trade name and logo
  • Semi High End Food Cart
  • Initial Inventory worth Php 2,500
  • Inventory Kit
  • Heavy Duty Equipment, utensils and wares of complete set
  • Operations Manual with video training
  • Manual for costing and pricing
  • Franchise Seminar
  • Crew Uniform (T-shirt, apron, hairnet)
  • Hands-on Training of the crew
  • Notarized Franchise Agreement
  • After Sales Support

Distributorship across the country is open and there are suggested areas and procurement of aid in business enrollment too. Likewise, free food tasting and introduction is offered by the organization to intrigued franchisees.

Contact Details

For more details on Heaven’s Hamburgers food cart franchise, feel free to reach them through the following:

Address: #17a Unit 302, 3rd floor St. Martin bldg. Westpoint Street, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Look for Mr. Edison Gomez.

Contact Number: Mr. Edison Gomez at 0917-5323708 / 0998-5491567 / (02)6231856

Filtrepreneur’s Burgeroo Food Cart Franchise

Burgeroo Buy 1 take 1 burger franchiseBurgeroo Food Cart Franchise is one of the single food cart franchise packages being offered by Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. Their items are an assortment of burgers and sandwiches which incorporate Burgeroo purchase 1 take 1, Burgeroo with cheddar, California Burgeroo, Ham and Cheese, Ham and Egg, Giant and Texan Burgeroo. Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc has been in the franchising business since 2006.

Franchise Package Inclusions

Below is the list of the Burgeroo Food Cart Franchise inclusions:

  • Food Cart
  • Utensils (1 set)
  • Php 400 Initial Inventory
  • Seminar for the franchisee
  • Free Crew Training
  • Uniform of the crew (1 set)
  • E-loading Dealership
  • 1 unit of Teppanyaki grill

The Burgeroo franchise package costs Php 58,000. This comes with no royalty fee, no monthly fee, no quota required, no store opening fees and absolutely no hidden charges. Likewise, the establishment expense incorporates the permit which permits the merchant to work and utilize the trademark of Franchise. The Franchise Cart terms is three (3) years.

Contact Details:

Contact Person and Numbers: JP Dagos at 0906-9690572 / 0946-0722358

GYOB’s Burger Buy One Take One Food Cart Franchise

Buy 1 take 1 burger food cart franchiseGrow Your Own Business Corporation (GYOB) is the proud founder and distributor of Burger Buy One Take One food cart franchise. This food cart concept serves a mixture of burgers and sandwiches at extremely reasonable costs. GYOB is a Philippine based company which markets various affordable food cart franchising business in the country. Among which are: burgers, dimsum, shawarma and waffles to give some examples. What’s more, they offer these bundles at sensible and moderate costs. They as of now have various food cart outlets disseminated around and outside Metro Manila and it appears that GYOB will continue developing their system further more.

One of a kind menu of burgers and sandwiches are accessible on this food cart, customers can simply continue returning and request an alternate sandwich without a doubt. The best thing about this is that they offer a purchase one take one for any sort of burger that you buy.

Browse this rundown of burger and sandwiches choices to choose from: cheeseburger, longgaburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger with coleslaw, longgaburger with egg, longgaburger with coleslaw, longgaburger with cheddar, ground sirloin sandwich with egg, ham sandwich, ham and cheese, ham and egg, burger mushroom melt, and gooey chicken burger, all at exceptionally reasonable costs.

Food Cart Franchise Fee

A single food cart concept at GYOB starts at Php 69,888.   You have the option to combine it with their other food cart concept in one cart for only Php 148,888. Check their page in regards to their other establishment bundle.

Contact Details

Below are the contact details of Grow Your Own Business Corporation (GYOB).

  • Address: GYOB Corporation, Unit 2402-C 24th Floor, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines.
  • Telephone nos.: (02)409-8943, (02)470-7367, 0923-703-0876, 0908-863-5565
  • Email:
  • Website:

C8’s Burger 8 Food Cart Franchise

burger-8-food-cart-conceptBurger 8 Food Cart Franchise is one of the food cart business bundles offered by C8 Best Franchising Corporation. C8 Best Franchising Corporation, situated in the Philippines which was established in May 2007, offers an assortment of food cart business packages to Filipinos who are aspiring to put their resources into a decent and more profit generating solution. Burger 8 Food Cart offers an assortment of burgers and sandwiches at reasonable costs.

Franchise Package Inclusions

The Burger 8 Food Cart Franchise Package includes the following:

  • Right to use Trade Name and Logo
  • Technology transfer
  • Business System
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Training and Manpower
  • Research and Development Assistance
  • Assistance in Pre and Post Opening
  • Free Food Cart Delivery within Metro Manila
  • Free Selected Equipment
  • Free Cooking Utensils
  • Initial Stocks
  • Uniform of Personnel
  • Operations Manual
  • Location (the company will provide you with a target location within your area)

Advantages of Burger 8 food cart franchise:

  • It has no renewal fee, no royalty fee and no sales percentage.
  • The company will give you site assistance and will give you options within your area.
  • You will be enrolled to the universal program where in you can change your food cart concept if you prefer to do so without paying another franchise fee.

Contact Details

If you need more information regarding Burger 8 Food Cart Franchise, you may contact C8 Best Franchising Corporation through their contact details below:

  • Address: 3rd floor, Hansel Arcade Bldg., #1 Imperial St. Cor. Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
  • Telephone Nos.: (02)439-4018, (02)438-4017, (02)921-6984
  • Mobile Nos.: 0999-525-2606, 0933-487-2678, 0927-754-4399
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook Page:

FCL’s Burger Duo Food Cart Franchise Alternative

Burger DuoAnother exciting buy one take one burger food cart concept is the Burger Duo food cart franchise. Burger Duo, is an innovative burger food cart concept of the organization Food cart Link Services (FCL), which is based here in the Philippines. Dissimilar to other food cart concepts, they don’t oblige you to pay any franchising expenses, rather they offer you the food cart complete with all the gear and supplies. This is one of their alternatives in the food cart franchise business.

Burger Duo is a food cart which offers burgers and different sandwiches that the customer may wish to offer. Likewise, the organization won’t limit you from offering different items too, in the event that you need to include other wage creating things in the food cart. The planning for this concept is simple and not by any means a competitive advantage, anyone with the suitable equipment can do it. The taste and consistency is the same or even better with the more costly brands. The enormous contrast of their offer is the low start-up capital and greater overall revenue.

Advantages of availing the Burger Duo food cart franchise alternative:

  • The quality of the food cart is comparable to the quality seen in malls. Plus, the food cart comes with equipment under warranty, products and even the utensils.
  • You can begin running your business as early as two weeks, provided that you are done with the legalities.
  • You can offer other items inside the Burger Duo food cart with no confinements from Food Cart Link Services.

Burger Duo food cart franchise alternative package is worth Php 39,000 and with this amount you could get the following items as seen in a detailed manner below.

Franchise Package Inclusions:

  • Initial Inventory
  • Video Training & Operations Manual
  • Formula for costing and pricing
  • Uniform for the crew
  • Electric Griddle
  • Juice Container with Ladle
  • Containers, Utensils, Wares
  • Promo Banner

Food Cart Link also offers other packages such as the business kit which is worth Php 15,000 and this has no food cart. If you prefer to have a high end mall food cart, they also have that package and it is worth Php 90,000.   The Burger Duo franchisees claim to have their return of investment reached within three to four months with a profit margin of 70 to 80 %. With reference to the target location of your Burger Duo food cart, it should be in an area with no duplicates within a five hundred meter radius.

The Burger Duo Menu:

  • Buy1 Take 1 Burger (or with Cheese)
  • Solo Burger (or with Cheese)
  • Hotdog Sandwich
  • Other sandwiches preferred by client (optional)
  • Red Iced Tea or other drinks preferred by your customers that you could serve as you like
  • Php 14 to 32 per serving is the standard retail price

For more information on how to avail the Burger Duo food cart franchise, you may contact them through the following:

  • Office Address: LBT FoodcartLink Services, 2/F (Back of Elevator), RFC Shopping Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd., Pamplona, Las Pinas City
  • Office hours: 9:00 am to 5:00pm Monday to Saturday
  • Phone: (02) 843-3632 / (02) 340-0156
  • Sun: 0922-862-6154
  • Globe: 0917-848-3522
  • Smart: 0921-951-3522
  • Email:

JC Franchising Inc’s Burger Factory Food Cart Franchise

Burger Factory Buy 1 take 1 burger FranchiseThe Burger Factory Franchise is a food cart franchising bundle by JC Franchising Inc. This organization offers a few other nourishment truck bundles that you might likewise discover fascinating.

The Burger Factory food cart serves burgers with a buy one take one promo.

Besides burgers, they additionally offer longaburger (longganisa), ham sandwich, cheese mania, footlong hotdog, hotdog sandwich, burger steak with rice, and chicken pops. Burgers are served with cheddar, coleslaw and with egg as the customers like for minimal fee. Beverages like gulaman and iced tea are likewise being sold here.

Burger Factory Food Cart Franchise Fee and Inclusions

Burger factory food cart franchise package is worth Php 78,888 with the following inclusions:

  • Trade name and logo use
  • Business system
  • Operations manual
  • Heavy duty equipment and utensils
  • Uniforms of the crew (6 set)
  • Comprehensive personnel training
  • 4 day on-site crew training
  • Free food tasting product worth P1,000
  • Opening assistance
  • Notarized franchise contract
  • Monitoring officer assistance
  • Marketing collaterals (banner and menu tarpaulin, and banner stand)

Contact Information

Below are the contact information of JC Franchising Inc.

  • Address: 1196 Batangas St., San Isidro, Makati City, Philippines
  • Telephone nos.: (02)889-4773, (02)889-4774, (02)889-4775, (02)889-4776
  • Mobile no.: 0917-852-3726 or 0917-8JC-FRAN
  • Email:
  • Website:

Buy 1 Take 1 is a Fab Business Idea!

Buy 1 take 1 burger idea is exceptionally common along the occupied boulevards in the Metro. This idea has gotten to be much more prominent on the grounds that it’s shabby and appealing. Additionally, this offering idea was started up by the Chinese businessmen on the grounds that they accept that acquiring clients trust and waving their image name is significantly more critical instead of simply make benefit out of them.

The significance of offers or promotions like the buy one take one is the particular part it plays in advertising. Therefore, it permits the advertiser to include time direness and other behavioral impacts to the campaign. Through its publicizing, advertising, and individual offering, deals advancement is one of four instruments for showcasing correspondence. This strategy has been tried and tested for generations and it is proven to be effective in generating more profits even in the food cart franchising business. Cheers to the buy one take one burgers and to more income that comes along with it!


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