Kappu Potet’o: Franchise Fees, Details and Contact Info

On-the-go packages of Kappu Potet’o are made to provide consumers the convenience of eating drinks and snacks with one hand. The compatibility of mobile packing with today’s busy lifestyle gained a well-received feedback and is continuously supported for its taste and convenience.

This reputation carries on to franchisees, providing future investors the advantage of having a reputable brand name and proven marketing strategies.

About Kappu Potet’o Franchise


Mr. Francis B. De Lumban and Ms. Mylene L. Fernandez started their venture to the food cart business during their yearly visit on Tanuan City, Batangas to attend the arcade sale, where they first sold their on-the-go snacks and drinks.

Later on, as their shop thrive, the couple decided to formally establish a business on December 8, 2014, which they named Kerimoto, a play of words meaning ‘Carry Mo Eto’, a reflection of their packaging combining biodegradable cups and bowls to give consumers the ability to carry both food and drinks in one.

Two years after the establishment, Kerimoto changed their name to Kappu Potet’o, which is derived from the Japanese word, a cup of potato. The company described its new name as unique and catchy- befitting the potential of a growing market and quirky packaging.

Despite the changes Kappu Potet’o undergo, the company is continuously striving for their business principle of providing its customers with affordable and quality products.

3 Procedures on how to franchise Kappu Potet’o

  1. Franchise Fee and Payment
Franchise Fee ₱ 280000
Initial Payment ₱ 180000
Full Payment ₱ 100000

The initial payment is given through the main branch of Kappu Potet’o via cash or cheque. Together with the successful transaction is an account number, which the franchisee can use to pay for the remaining balance through cash, cheque, or bank deposit.

Settling the full payment is done upon receiving the franchise package.

  1. Kappu Potet’o Location Requirements
  • Proposed locations should have 1-kilometer distance from the nearest Kappu Potet’o outlet.
  • The environment should have the potential to thrive. Ideally, high traffic areas like markets, commercial areas, sidewalks, etc.
  • Kappu Potet’o encourages future investors to look for locations with a differrnt target market from nearby Kappu Potet’o franchises.
  • Locations situated within malls are not accepted.
  1. Requirements for Submission

After the location’s approval, the franchisee shall proceed with the submission of the required documents.


Image/sketch/map of the location, indicating the distance from nearby Kappu Potet’o franchises.

Include the location’s detailed information:

  • Barangay
  • Municipality
  • Province
  • City
  • Lot No.
  • Street No.
  • Block No


  • NBI clearance
  • 2 Valid ID’s
  • 2 pcs. Of 2×2 picture
  • Checking account
  • Letter of intent

Benefits of Franchising Kappu Potet’o

  • Affordable package
  • Doesn’t require large area to allocate store
  • Reputable brand name

Things to consider Before Starting a Kappu Potet’o Franchise

Review and ensure that the terms of agreement enclosed within the contract can be upheld. Study Kappu Potet’o’s business market and their rules to see if they align with your personal goal and existing resources.

Kappu Potet’o Franchise Contact Details

Website: www.kappupoteto.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kappupoteto2016/

Contact Person: Mr. Kelvin Clifford Castillo / 09184167003

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