How to Start a Petron LPG Franchise

With the use of fuel being relied on every aspect of our lives, such as in cooking (stove), gas (vehicles), as well as heating appliances (air conditioning systems), there are practical applications for LPG. As such, the demand for LPG is constant as it is used every day of our lives. Franchising an LPG business, particularly Petron, which is one of the longest running fuel business in the Philippines, can be a profitable venture for you and the return of investment will be worth the capital you spend. Find out how much you need and see for yourself if this sort of business is suitable for you!

History of Petron

Petron started in September 7 of 1933 when two companies, Socony Vacuum Oil of New York and Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, partnered to form Standard Vacuum Oil Company or Stanvac. Although business was put on hiatus during World War II, it briefly resumed in 1945 and in 1957, Stanvac started a refinery at Limay, Bataan to supply the country’s fuel demand.

The partnership came to an end in 1962 when it produced Esso Philippines. Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) bought Esso Philippines and renamed it into Petrophil Corporation. In February of 1988 it was renamed into Petron Corporation, the name we all know today, and cooperated with the government to have the most reliable supply of petroleum products.

Now managed by San Miguel Corporation, whose expertise in beverage, food, and packaging for over a century has helped Petron become the number one fuel station in the Philippines. With a number of awards such as the Gold Trusted Brand (2010), it is no secret that Petron is passionate in serving the Filipino people, delivering only the quality fuel for the energy industry and its derivative business.

Petron LPG Franchise Information

Petron Gasul LPG FranchiseBefore deciding to franchise the LPG business, here are some information regarding the type of business you will get yourself invested in.

LPG (liquefied petroleum gasoline) business involves the distribution and/or refilling of Petron’s LPG Brands: Petron Gasul and Petron Fiesta Gas.

Petron seeks individuals who:

  • Prioritize customer satisfaction in the service of the business
  • Passionate, and hardworking, but also friendly and service-oriented

There are two types of LPG business partners

  • LPG Dealers

Involved in purchasing and storing Petron LPG products in their stores and deliver the products directly to the consumers in strategic locations

  • LPG Refilling Plant Operators

Partners involved in the maintenance of Petron LPG products in storage tanks in their respective plants, and subsequently refill the Petron LPG product cylinders for commercial distribution.

How to Franchise LPG from Petron: Selection Process

Here is the selection process for franchising Petron’s LPG outlets:

  1. Screening

The first thing you need to do is to write a letter of intent to be addressed to the Petron Corporation, specifying the following information:

  • The type of LPG business you are interested in
  • Location of proposed outlet (LPG Dealer) or plant address ( LPG Refilling Plant Operator)

Review will then proceed for your letter, and they will contract you for additional information needed for their assessment.

  1. Training

Upon successful passing of the screening process, you will be contacted immediately. During this time you will be asked to enroll in their seven-day Petron LPG Dealers Management Course, which will help you learn about Petron products, safety skills, sales, and marketing.

For Refill Plant Operators, a hands-on training onsite will be conducted for one month, which may occur before or during your business operations.

  1. Project Implementation

For LPG Dealers, your property or outlet will be refurbished as soon approval is given to your business proposal. Suggestions such as shop design and hauling trucks will be noted.

For Refilling Plant Operators, in addition to the suggestions above for LPG dealers, expenses willbe shouldered to acquire the equipment needed for product integrity as well as the safety of the operator.

Advantages of Starting an LPG Franchise with Petron

  • Expenses shouldered by the company
  • Further expansion potential
  • Stimulates the economic growth

Disadvantages of Starting an LPG Franchise with Petron

  • Course does not guarantee successful partnership
  • Outlet must be provided by the investor

Contact Information

Petron Corporation
Address: San Miguel Corp. Head Office Complex
40 San Miguel Avenue, 1550
Mandaluyong City

For Luzon Applicants:
Address: Petron Gasul-Pasig, Bo. Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: (02) 671-9817

For Visayas - Mindanao Applicants:
Address: Petron Mandaue Terminal, Looc, Mandaue City
Tel. No.: (032) 344-7341 to 44 loc. 50158

For additional inquiries, contact the Petron Customer Interaction Center (PCIC):

Hotline No.: (632) 802-7777
Toll Free No.: 1-800-100-738766 (PETRON)

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  1. Romeo H. Candado says:

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    Please be informed that I intend/wish to franchise LPG dealership from Petron. I’m willing to attend your 7 days dealer management course and will comply with all requirements of franchising.

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    i wish to franchise LPG dealership from petron. I’m willing to attend your 7 days dealer management course

  3. mervinbarloso says:

    im willing to attend your 7 days dealer management course and i’m willing to comply all requirement for franchising

    gusto sana maging authorized dealer ng petron gazul thank u…

    god bless::::

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    I am interested to be a franchise dealer of LPG Petron Gasul. Am willing to comply with all the requirements & training that you require once chosen to be a part of your growing number of dealers. Your immefiate response will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    How much is the starting capital?

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    How much the starting capital?

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    How much is the starting capital in franchising?

  12. Rowell Conche says:

    How much is the capital?

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