How to Start a Coffee Shop Business in the Philippines

Coffee is the go-to beverage for people who wake up in the morning, students who pull all-nighters, or just people who generally want to get their caffeine fix for the day. Metro Manila, with its booming workaholic lifestyle, has people on their feet all day and as such, a cup of Joe is a perfect energizer for us.

The popularity of coffee shops in the Philippines does not seem to dwindle as more and more pop-up after the emergence of a local Starbucks. With coffee, its high demand and profitability would make it a smart investment. These tips will guide you in the dos and don’ts of basic coffee shop procedure that will ensure you have a proper and successful business!

How to Start a Coffee Shop Business in the Philippines

1. Know your target market

Depending on your investment, if you could spend a little more on capital, then the more appropriate type of pricing you want is for high-end customers who consider coffee more prestigious and exclusive compared to your standard everyday coffee shops.

On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, it would be make more sense to cater to the everyday men and women who just want affordable but quality coffee. Set the price you think will be okay with the buying power of your prospective customers.

2. Research on your business location

In relation to your target market, the location should be similar in concept, choose the location that best complements your customers and where you think you would find them. If your target market would be people who spend more money, you certainly would not find them in a poorer part of a city.

A note for start-ups, malls are usually the most expensive place to set up, as their rental fees are exorbitantly high.

3. Invest in quality equipment

You can buy cheap equipment but the trade-off would be the performance and durability, whereas the more expensive stuff would be more reliable and process coffee quicker. This all depends on your budget and your instinct so it is best to keep in mind when comparing the operating capacity of either machine.

4. Introduce innovation

Often serving the usual Frappuccino does not satisfy the tastes of customers, so why not introduce your own take of the flavors? Offering a variety of dishes as well such as bagels and pasta can entice your customers to just dine in your shop instead of going somewhere else after buying a cup of your coffee.

5. Provide convenience

Most people go to coffee shops for the ambiance: warm and cozy. Go for the relaxing aesthetic look and soon you will be flourished by many visitors.

Another important thing you should take care of is having free Wi-Fi! A lot of people that visit coffee shops bring their laptops to take care of their e-mails.

6. Establish good supplier and customer relations

A good friendly interaction with both your supplier and customer can benefit everyone. First, your supplier may give you discounts and also the best quality coffee beans that they have in their inventory as well as tips on having better coffee roast.

Your customers will admire your customer-friendly attitude and service, and in turn will be a regular as well as making referrals to their friends and family. In addition, providing loyalty rewards to your faithful customers can further deepen their relationship with your coffee shop.

7. Employ staff with eager attitudes

Your manpower for the whole operation of the coffee shop is important. The way they treat the customers, their effectiveness in making coffee, and devotion to the company image will play a big role on how your customers will perceive your business.

15 responses to “How to Start a Coffee Shop Business in the Philippines”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Interested to start a small Coffee shop Business for a while now.. And with this article that i read, it really gave me a good knowledge of how to make my dream possible. Thank you

  2. lim su khong says:

    i am interest in coffee shop business

  3. Ariel says:

    Im planning to start cafe shop business in my province in negros occidental. I don’t know from where i found good suppliers for coffee beans.

  4. Mac says:

    I want to open a beverage concept in Philippines but i don’t have enough money to do it.

    I’m working as a Beverage Developer/Creator in United Arab Emirates, Dubai for 12 years, Please let me know what is the steps that i need to do for to start making business or if anyone interested to collaboration with that would be awesome.

  5. Hermie says:

    Hello I would to know and planning on how to start a coffee shop in our province in pangasinan

  6. Vaughn says:

    I’d like to start my own coffee shop in Iloilo City. I already have planned menus and kinds of coffee to make. The only problem I have is how to set a budget. Target market is general population. People of all walks of life can come and enjoy our coffee and service.

  7. Ronn Bryan De Salit says:

    Interestes to put up a coffee shop business? We will cover you just call or text 09556443247.

  8. Aldrin arevalo says:

    How much is the cost for coffe shop business

  9. Daniel H.Delin says:

    I love hearing comments…

    I convince myself to put up one in my hometown.region v111 Leyte..I am just waiting for the right time.

    I am currently now employed in Dammam City Saudi Arabia..

  10. PINK says:


  11. Genara Bolz says:

    I am planning to start a coffee shop business however I don’t the place/building at this point. I would like to learn how the process how to start a business plan together.

  12. Flora says:

    I my self a coffee lover and at this moment i decided to put up my own coffee bar in my place.I have a fair amount of capital but no idea how to start.Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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