UV Express Franchise – Information, Fees and Franchise Investment

Did you know that UV is a play on the word “uwi na”? The Philippines has been home to a developing hustle and bustle lifestyle. Workers come from all over the country, just to be able to get to and from their homes and office. A car may be an investment for some, but given the high amount of traffic, the necessity for owning your own vehicle does not seem that worth it at all.

Which is why there is multiple franchises of UV Express. Contrary to popular belief, UV Express is not a company, but a license that allows you to operate utility vehicles (UV) for public transportation. Alongside the Jeep, you would not be able to avoid seeing a Van with the “UV Express” logo embedded on its side.

Yes, UV Express is popularly used, mostly because it is the cheapest alternative mode of transportation for everyday commute, as opposed to hailing a taxi. While taxis often private and offer comfortability, UV express offer cheaper prices per kilometer, making it the most used vehicle every day.

You can see this alongside Park Square at Ayala Makati, where UV Express vans are stationed. Multiple waiting lines are places around the terminal, with people waiting their turn to be able to use the service.

As you can see, as long as business is usual in the Philippines, the profitability is guaranteed as long as you are being smart with your investment and know what you are doing, which you will be as you continue reading on how to start your own UV Express franchise.

History of UV Express Franchise

FX Franchise in the Philippines

During the 1990s, the Toyota Motor Company released the Tamaraw FX, its Third Generation, exclusively in the Philippine. Marketed and designed as a smaller type of UV as opposed to its larger variant in the United States, it still provided relatively large area of space for passengers and their luggage.

However, as many of you may have experienced, the space for luggage would usually be used by the driver as additional space as a passenger seat. Competitors Mitsubishi, Isuzu, would offer their Adventure and Hi-Lander, respectively, as another form of public transport, which would eventually be locally termed as FX.

The LTFRB eventually noticed this trend of using the UV and offered a guideline to properly legitimize the business. Alongside this, the Nissan Urvan and Toyota HiAce replaced the old FX models for their larger space and legroom. These transitions would eventually become what the UV Express we all know and use today.

The UV Express as a franchise provides more than 120 services all over the Philippines aside from the National Capital Region. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is also the owner of said franchise.

Vans of the UV Express are able to seat a maximum of 14 passengers. The service charges 2 pesos per kilometer since 2013. UV express also has their own terminals in Metro Manila: Manila, Makati (Ayala Center), Pasig (SM Megamall), Mandaluyong (Starmall), Cubao, North Avenue, Centris Station, to name a few.

UV Express Franchise Information

Generally, there are no fees required to be paid to own a franchise of UV Express, other than 570 pesos for the documentation and processing fees.

In any case, there are scammers that would require you to pay a hefty sum for franchising, which we advise that you avoid by not consulting fixers.

UV Express Franchise: How to Start

In order to acquire UV Express as a franchise, it is up to the LTFRB to assist you, at the end of the article, contact information for their office has been provided for your convenience.

Contact Information

UV Express Franchise Philippines 2National Capital Region

2nd Floor, McDouton Bldg., 768 EDSA cor. East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Hotline: 1342

Mobile No. (Globe): 0906 163 7034

Email: complaint.ltfrb.gov.ph@gmail.com

Facebook: LTFRB Citizen Enforcer

Twitter: @LTFRB

Office of the Chairman: 426-2519 / 426-2505

Office of the Executive Director: 925-7194

Admin Division: 426-2501

Financial and Management Division: 426-2496

Technical Division: 426-2526

Information Systems Management Division: 426-2491 / 426-2513

Legal Division: 426-2530

Public Assistance & Complaint Desk: 426-2515 / 426-25-34

SMS Hotline: 0921-448-7777

For a list of other LTFRB offices per region, please refer to their official website.

Advantage of UV Express Franchise

  • Direct assistance from the franchise owner (LTFRB)
  • Documentation fees and processing fees, aside from the vehicles needed, are the only expense you need to cover.
  • Return of investment is usually a year or two.
  • Profit making is guaranteed as UV express is a sustainable business model.
  • No royalty fees

Disadvantage of UV Express Franchise

  • Unguided registration may lead to being scammed
  • Vehicles are to be purchased by the franchise buyer, with the 3rd unit having a fee
  • High capital requirement (as per the vehicle) may prevent interested buyers from franchising

UV Express is an interesting business as it is owned by a governing body, but is free to franchise aside from fees and expenses. Unlike other franchise businesses, there are no royalty fees required, and profit will be toward the owner!

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  2. Danilo says:

    How long will it take from application to release of franchise?. Interested but having second thoughts because my friend ‘s franchise apllication is more than two years now and still with ltfrb. Is this a normal wait in applying the franchise. Thank you

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    Kaialangan po ba myembro ng isang kooperatiba para makapag operate ng uv express. May 1 unit po kami ng uv express at balak po namin na palitan ng bagong unit kaya lang may usap-usapan na kailang magmiyembro sa isang kooperatiba. Totoo po ba ito?

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