Fruitas Shakes: Franchise Information and Fees

While we are no stranger to the hot and humid climate of our beloved Philippines, the coming of summer means that the heat will ramp up to 11 and people are going to look for ways to combat the hot weather and what people commonly do is drink a cold beverage! However, with summer comes the goals of people sculpting their “beach bods”, and that means watching what you eat. Luckily, a certain business comes to mind with consideration of what people want: a cold and refreshing fruit shake that offers thirst-quenching and worry-free healthy alternative to sugary drinks!

Background History of Fruitas Group of Companies

The Fruitas Group of Companies was formerly known as “Lush Group of Companies”, and the franchise was owned by Lester Yu, who is also founder of the company . The business offered to be the answer to the people’s request of a healthy option while being able to enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Fruitas was established on February 1, 2002 at SM Manila and was previously named “Fruitas Fresh From Babot’s Farm”. While not particularly groundbreaking and no goal of growing to what is now,  Lester found an unexpected hit in a stall that only offers a single type of drink which are fruit shakes. Currently, it has expanded more than what was previously predicted and now has more than 700 fruit shake stalls throughout the country.

Not wanting to fall into depending unto the success of the Fruitas franchise, the company ventured into other innovative businesses as well, some in relation to previous success (fruits), but most are brand new ideas. The established businesses they have found success in are  7107 Halo Islands, Buko ni Fruitas, Juice Avenue, Black Pearl, TheMangoFarm, Fruitas Ice Candy, Yes Yo!, Tea-rex, Friends Fries, Buko Loco, and House of Desserts, De Original Jamaican Pattie, Juice Bar.

The Fruitas Group of Company aims to be a customer-first business with satisfactory service, with customer concerns handled quickly, and open communication between their franchisees, suppliers and staff.

Fruitas Shakes Franchise

Fruitas Franchise Information

  • Franchise fee: about P 300,000 to P 1,500,00
  • Contract term: 1 year (renewable)
  • Return of investment: about 18 months depending on the location and promotion of your store

Franchise Inclusion:

  • Standard cart required space: 3 to 4 sqm minimum
  • Counter required space: maximum of 6 sqm


  • Opening-day assistance
  • 2 sets of staff uniform (6 polo shirts, 4 aprons, 2 visors, 2 hairnets)
  • Basic equipment, wares and utensils
  • Initial supplies (good for 2 to 3 days)
  • Trade name and proprietary marks
  • Marketing materials (balloons, flyers, tarpaulin, menu, loyalty card, etc.)
  • Staff procurement and hiring
  • Complete business permits and documents
  • Free staff assistance
  • Staff orientation
  • 10 to 15 days training at training sites
  • Franchise orientation
  • Operations manual kit

Fruitas Shakes Franchise 2

Advantages of Fruitas Franchise

  • Fruitas franchise provides marketing and advertising for you that is guaranteed to entice customers to buy your product
  • Fruitas’ reputation for being customer-friendly has already established loyal customers that keep coming back as regulars
  • You will not be alone in the operation of your store, as Fruitas will provide assistance and guidance to your fire week of operations
  • You no long have to find your own staff as the company will provide one for you complete with orientation and training

Disadvantages of Fruitas Franchise

  • Contract term is only lasts for 1 year, compared to other popular franchises that provide 5 years of operations
  • Return of investment is not immediate
  • The investment cost may not be suitable if you are on a budget since you only have 1 year in your contract

Contact Information

Address: House of Fruitas 68 Data St. corner, Cordillera St., Brgy. Don Manuel, Quezon City Philippines




Twitter: @fruitasshakes

Telephone no.: (632)-330-2889

Mobile no.: (63) 938-7888-888

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