How to Start Applying for a Johnn Lemon Franchise

A business which quenches the thirst of customers is a befitting concept to establish all year round to a tropical country like the Philippines. Learn how to franchise Johnn Lemon and become a part of supplying the constant demand for relieving the heat of the country through Johnn Lemon’s cold and healthy drinks.

History of Fruitas Holdings, Inc.

Johnn Lemon is one of the many brands under the Fruitas Holdings, Inc. A company which started back on February 1, 2002, through its first store in SM Manila. Through many years of thriving in the industry, they soon expanded the number of their outlets, and variety of business you can franchise to choose from. As of writing, Fruitas Holdings, Inc. has 20 different brands under their name, which all holds the goal of distributing fresh and affordable products to its customers.

Responsibilities and Qualification as a Holder of Johnn Lemon Franchise

Aside from meeting the required documents and covering the franchising cost, becoming a franchisee of Johnn Lemon, or any brands under the Fruitas Holdings, Inc. calls for leadership skills and the ability to manage and maintain the flow of business operation.

Site Requirements

To fully operate the franchise, Johnn Lemon requires at least 4-6 square meters of floor area as an ideal space

Inclusive of Package

Johnn Lemon is an ‘all in franchise’ package which means that basic tools and equipment and initial inventory will be given to the franchisee.

The franchisee and the crew are also subjected to undergo a minimum of 10 days of training before working on site.

Applying as a Johnn Lemon Franchisee

2f1b0d81-5eea-457e-9363-d5921c49f4a2[1]To apply as a franchisee of Johnn Lemon, proceed to this link and click the ‘Apply Now’ button where you’ll be asked to answer a series of questions regarding your background information. The designated place to upload the following requirements can also be found on the linked page.

  • 1×1 photo
  • Letter of intent
  • Vicinity Map of prospective site
  • Photograph of prospective site
  • Lease/Award Notice from the lessor (if possible)

Benefits of Johnn Lemon Franchise

  • Human Resource support
  • Usage of a proven business concept
  • Continuous product development
  • Reputable brand name
  • Operate a business which is recognized by Philippine Franchise Association

Becoming a part of a good cause

Other then the numerous benefits which entail franchising Johnn Lemon, there’s also another reason why becoming a part of the growing Fruitas Holdings, Inc. franchisees is an ideal business choice. The motive is being a part of their goal to give back to those who are in need.

Through appreciating the fact, that the company was able to become successful through the support citizens showed on their business, Fruitas Holdings, Inc. provides an equal job opportunity to Deaf-Mute people to provide them training programs and the ability to become a part of the store as a crew.

Selected children of employees and other deserving students are also given educational assistance to help them achieve their goals.

Things to consider before Starting a Johnn Lemon Franchise

As per mentioned earlier, there are certain characteristics you must uphold into to operate Johnn Lemon as a business successfully. You should also have enough time and resources to handle it. Apart from that, is the pre-application preparation where you need to survey your prospect location. Understand carefully if Johnn Lemon is a type of business that can thrive to your ideal site, this is done through observing customer traffic, their preference, lifestyle and the overall environment of the desired location.

Johnn Lemon Contact Information





+63.939.101.0101 Luzon

+63.947.101.0101Vis Min

Customer Relations


Fruitas Headquarters:

60 Cordillera Street, corner E.Rodriguez Sr. Avenue,

Brgy. Doña Josefa, 1113, Quezon City

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