How to Start a French Fries Business in the Philippines

Any Filipino who has live their whole life in the Philippines know just how much of a food junkie they can be. From fried siomai to the world famous French fries (that were not really invented in France!), Filipinos find a way to stuff themselves all afternoon with these delectable meriendas.

French Fries are undoubtedly consumed the most by everyone in the country. In each and every corner of the mall, to nearby transportation terminals, you would not be able to avoid seeing a French fry stall that is hounded by hungry customers.

Indeed, there is a lot of money to be made when you make your own French fries. However, we all know that there are popular franchises available already to make things easier for you, why not choose that? Unfortunately, while they are able to provide you with years’ worth of experience and knowledge in the business and the equipment necessary to run the stall, it is nothing compared to running things your own way! Yes, with franchised businesses, you must follow the rules and procedures however the higher ups see fit.

Moreover, the profit and royalties that goes toward the franchiser, often in a large percentage. What results is a reduced potential for income, and long return of investment. So what if I tell you that it is relatively easy to do things your way?

If you are interested in how to start a French fries business in the Philippines, then keep reading on to know what you need before you establish one to ensure your successful venture in a very profitable business.

Choose the best location for the business

Location is the most important aspect in starting your own french fries business in the Philippines

Potato CornerA good location is a competitive advantage that you have to other rival business owners of French fries. A business is like a war, and one of the rules of war is to think smart! Often, food establishments are located in busy places, and idle areas.

A French fries business is ideal at malls (food courts), beaches (beachfront), parks (activity centers), and especially at schools in the cafeteria. Your best bet is staying somewhere where cheap food is lacking and merienda is mostly sought after!

This is where schools and office buildings offer the highest profitability in terms of area location. Depending on the school, whether it is elementary, secondary, or tertiary, a good French fries business can profit from a large location with thousands of people at any given day.

Come up with a business plan

A business is no good without a business plan! Continuing with the war metaphor, a strategy cannot be formed without a map of the warfare. While most think that small businesses such as a French fries business do not require a business plan, this is farther than the truth. Whether you are a big time megacorporation, or a small time mom and pop store, it is essential to have a business plan.

The business plan usually covers the aspects of goals, competitors, target market, location, and competitive advantages that your business may provide compared to the rest of the competition.

You can think of the business plan as a guide and a road map toward the right direction where you should go to be able to maximize your potential for success and profitability!

Register your business

Your french fries business should get its own name

A business should always comply with the necessary requirements, such as registering the name at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) if you are the sole proprietor, or to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) if you plan on having a partnership or corporation.

Invest in the right equipment

french fries franchise philippinesA french fries business would need, as common sense dictates, a lot of potatoes! But arguably, the biggest investment you should focus on are the machines that would transform these vegetables into a beautiful batch of fries!

Equipment that you should look out for are a cutting machine (optional) for the potatoes, deep frying machine, a stand for your business, strainers for oil and flavored powder.

Non-stock supplies should also be considered as they are perishable and used up. They will often be needed to be bought frequently such as the cooking oil, salt, pepper, flavored powder, and sauces.

Get in the good sides of their suppliers and you will be taken cared of properly!

Maintain good practices

A customer that eats food is the most “nitpicky” of its kind. Be careful with your equipment, and always clean them at the end of the day to make them spotless. This reduces the possibility of them breaking down.

Practicing good hygiene such as wearing gloves and washing your hands (or your employees), are a good way to reduce the likelihood of food sickness and liability that may incur due to carelessness.

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    May I know how much would it cost to make french fries business with own brand name here in Philippines?


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