More Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

A job interview is actually the most crucial 30-60 minutes of a person’s career life. Landing that dream job is something that hard work will truly pay off and where luck and fate will just be a thought. Thus, acing that interview entails a lot of preparation, organization and serious practice. The saying practice makes perfect makes a lot of sense this time. So, take out your pen and list down these common interview questions and suggested tips on how to answer them for you to nail that job interview.

We already answered some common interview questions in a past article, here are some more.

Job Interview Cliche Phrases to Avoid

Tell me something about yourself

The key here is to let the interviewer know about who you are as a person and as an employee. It would be great if at this time you can share your strengths as well as your weaknesses. A little detail on your best self and your worst self may give them an overview of how you are as a person. Just remember the golden rule “Thou shall NOT lie”. With this, you can never go wrong.

Please describe your current work assignment

This may sound an easy-peasy question but surely the interviewer would like to know your relevant work victories so they can have a glimpse of how you are as a worker. It may help to share your specific accomplishments and your experiences and some challenges you have encountered. At the same time, explain strategies you have done to overcome these difficulties.

Why did you apply for this position?

It is recommended that at this point one has to act very interested and also interesting. However, when answering be careful with the choice of words. The answers may be red flags to the job and even to the company. To be safe just make it look like you wanted more challenge and excitement with your career. Giving bad remarks to your current employer will not result on a good first impression.

What are your salary requirements?

In answering this, take note of these two valuable words – flexible and negotiable. Although, it is a plus to know your worth and researching on the current industry range to get your appropriate number, it is still courteous to say that your salary is negotiable.

Do you have any questions?

This may be the last question but make sure that you end up with a bang. This can be a great way to return the favour to your interviewer and ask him a thought-provoking question such as “What is the best part of your job?” Surely, this will lighten up the tension in the room as you got him.

On a lighter note, just enjoy the interview experience and the opportunity to talk about yourself. The fact that they are interested to make time for an interview is already a leap for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing and practicing your pitch.

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