How to Start a Shawarma Shack Franchise

Everyone loves middle eastern cuisine. Not only that, Filipino taste buds are compatible because of our adaptation to street food. So it is no surprise when you see a food stall with a giant hunk of meat in a vertical rotisserie being cut in small portions to fit a taco shaped bread, become a literal breadwinner of a business for its taste, affordability, and most important of them all is its affordability!

In a competitive environment such as the business world, only the best is able to come out on top among the competition by standing out and cornering the market. Competing against other rivals of the same industry means that you should be able to provide a value proposition and competitive advantage that can entice prospective customers into loyal repeat clients!

Shawarma Shack FranchiseWhich is why Shawarma Shack stands on top as one of the best shawarma stores in the Philippines for their offerings of a “Buy 1, Take 1” promo. Yes, Shawarma Shack is the true pioneer in the country for implementing a marketing campaign of purchasing one shawarma and getting another one for free!

Are you interested in franchising such a business? Thankfully, in partnership with U-Franchise, Shawarma Shack is open for franchising, which you can know more as you read below!

History of Shawarma Shack Franchise

Starting as a lowly literal shawarma shack in Divisoria, the food cart business eventually moved on top of as one of the premier brands of shawarma, with over 30 branches sprawling across Luzon.

The Shawarma Shack offers its customers a shawarma that is both affordable and tasty, and a profit margin for its franchisees.

It recently partnered with U-Franchise Sales & Management to expand the business to other networks nationwide, and perhaps globally. U-Franchise is responsible for matching franchisors with

Shawarma Shack Franchise Information

Shawarma Shack offers four types of packages that caters to all types of budget a franchisee has:

Food cart:

  • Investment cost (estimated): Php 661,000
  • Franchise fee: Php 200,000
  • Royalty fee: 3% of every sale and transaction
  • Local Marketing fee 1%
  • Advertising fee: 1%
  • Term: 3 years on the initial term, then eligible for 3 renewals at 3 years each. A total of 12 years.

Outdoor Kiosk:

  • Investment cost (estimated): Php 876,000
  • Franchise fee: Php 250,000
  • Royalty fee: 3% of every sale and transaction
  • Local Marketing fee 1%
  • Advertising fee: 1%
  • Term: 3 years on the initial term, then eligible for 3 renewals at 3 years each. A total of 12 years.


  • Investment cost (estimated): Php 3,100,000
  • Franchise fee: Php 300,000
  • Royalty fee: 3% of every sale and transaction
  • Local Marketing fee 1%
  • Advertising fee: 1%
  • Term: 5 years on the initial term, then eligible for 2 renewals at 5 years each. A total of 15 years.

Food court:

  • Investment cost (estimated): Php 2,700,000
  • Franchise fee: Php 300,000
  • Royalty fee: 3% of every sale and transaction
  • Local Marketing fee 1%
  • Advertising fee: 1%
  • Term: 3 years on the initial term, then eligible for 3 renewals at 3 years each. A total of 12 years.

Inclusive on all franchise packages:

  • Assistance at pre-opening and starting up the stall / cart / kiosk
  • Evaluation of site is assisted
  • Operations manual for the Shawarma Shack franchise system
  • Business operations training
  • Management training
  • Customer service training
  • Local store marketing training
  • Continual business support
  • Grand opening assistance
  • Marketing support
  • Trademark name, logo, and brand

Shawarma Shack Franchising Procedure

If you want to franchise Shawarma Shack, you may to do so by contacting them with the provided details below. Procedure is kept under a tight lip so you should contact them if you want to know more!

Contact Information

Address: U-Franchise Sales & Management
Unit 2807 Jollibee Plaza, F. Ortigas, Jr. Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

Facebook page: ShawarmaShackPH

Telephone No.: 632 634 0586 / 632 634 3717

Mobile No.: 0927 574 2705 / 0906 435 0235 / 0975 520 6290

Email address: /


Advantage of Franchising Shawarma Shack

  • Adopting a tried and tested franchise prevents mishaps and follows a successful business model
  • Franchising Shawarma Shack allows you to use its recognition as a brand that will benefit you toward profitability
  • Established suppliers, assistance, and marketing from the franchisor allows you to handle the operations easily

Disadvantage of Franchising Shawarma Shack

  • Royalty fees are able to take a cut of your profit even if the business is successful
  • Term is limited to 3 to 5 years depending on the package,
  • High cost for a food franchise

If after you have read everything you are still interested, you should be sure that this kind of business the one you want to venture into. If you are unsure, then you should peruse one franchise of the Shawarma Shack to better ascertain that you are able to handle the day to day operations of the business, as well as being able to gauge how successful it is on a specific location.

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  1. girlie pedrosa says:

    do you have small amount for shawarma shack

  2. Gilda c. Welan says:

    I own several com. Spaces in san mateo rizal.i have some vacant spaces and i am contemplating on putting up a swarma outlet. Is site subject to your approval b4 processing application?

  3. Jeanyanne Samonteza says:

    Hi kindly clarify what would be the inclusions of investment costs for a food cart franchise, why 661k? Am planning to take 1.

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    Can i open for small a mount?

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    How to apply shawarma shack franchise?

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    ls it possible for non Filipino citizens to invest in your company

  11. Anwar says:

    Is it possible for a non Filipino citizens to invest in your company

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    How and how much and the term

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    How much franchise ng shawarma shack?

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    How to apply shawarma shack franchise, pwede ba sa maliit na capital mag start o kay langan talaga ng 661k na capital thanks and God bless

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    I’m interested to franchise, please advice what to do.

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    Good Afternoon! I am interested on Shawarma franchise and I am very confident that I can handle it well. But please, advice me how to be a part of your team.

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    Can you provide me the full details for franchise please. Very much interested here. My target location is in San Jose Cty Nueva Ecija.
    Thank you and more power.

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    I’m interested and have a space in my home in Tubigon, bohol but I’m still waiting for the money, proceeds of the sale of residential lot in cebu city.

  23. Harold Kestenbaum says:

    Walther, great program! Are you interested in coming to the US? If you are, we can help. We represent many international franchisors who want to bring their brands to the US.

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