Outrageous Business Ideas That Worked

These past couple of years, unemployment rates were high and the chances of business failure inside the initial five years was more than 50 percent, because of these circumstances individuals got innovative. Extreme financial times can motivate a considerable measure of imagination regarding the matter of new business thoughts. As per the Small Business Administration , more than 50% of little organizations fizzle inside the initial five years, and of those that make it, another 50% fall flat in the following couple of years. However, there are a lot of employments that are considered subsidence verification, for example, handymen, undertakers, bookkeepers, and food merchants, there are additionally a lot of strange and wacky new business wanders that have flourished in a down economy. Seen below are the top outrageous business ideas that actually worked. You might feel like your eyes are cheating on you and doubts may ponder on your head so you need to check them out to see for yourself.

Boulders as Pets

You might think that having a pet is sometimes not a good idea after all because of the responsibilities and most of all cleaning their poops. No wonder the late Gary Dahl decided to create his very own low maintenance pet and that is a rock otherwise known as pet rock. You think it’s crazy? Well Gary’s crazy idea apparently generated $15M in six months! It even landed a spot in the top ten toy crazes by Time Magazine.

Toilet for Pets

On the off chance that you’ve ever had a pet while living in a flat, then you know how difficult it can be to take them out for potty when there’s a furious wind or when it is freezing cold. On the other hand possibly you work on extended periods of time and can’t easily surge home to let your pets out. Or perhaps you’re a senior resident and it’s difficult to make numerous outings all through your home. All things considered, every one of these reasons are the prime movers why The Pet Loo was imagined. The Pet Loo is a square of fake grass, which sits on a basic waste control framework that you put inside your home or loft. It’s much the same as a small scale lawn where your puppy can diminish himself. In spite of the fact that The Pet Loo is situated in Australia, comparable organizations have sprung up in the States. Smart thought? Probably. Indeed, individuals are putting their Pet Loos in their pantries, their cellars, even in their grass-less lawns and on galleries.

Fake Excuse Letters for Sale

Crazy Business IdeasA company has launched an excuse absence network service for U.S. employees and students which offers a load of excuses that you can use to be absent from work or from school.   The excused notes provided are authentic looking from doctor’s note even jury summons. The Excused Absence Network provides all your excuse letter needs for just $25 per excuse note. Bereavement leave is popular, My Excused Absense will allow you to download the required documents to produce evidence of a funeral service that never really happened. The owner of this site claimed that this was made for entertainment purposes only but since people are using the site to be absent from work and from school and even to prevent traffic court hearings, the site was soon shut off or relocated after making millions already.

Million Dollar Webpage

In 2005, a 21-year-old Alex Tew came up with an idea to raise money for college. He propelled The Million Dollar Homepage and through which he sold the pixels of a 1000×1000 framework for $1 each. Despite the fact that it was a basic thought, the exceptional venture pulled in colossal measures of press scope, and in the end earned $1,037,100 in a matter of months. The last space on the page was sold for $38,100. It likewise generated incalculable copycat sites that essentially all fizzled.

Sell Things People Will Destroy

Stress gets the best of us, big time! When you’ve had enough and can’t seem to take it any longer then you have to let it all out. In Tokyo, an entrepreneur came up with the idea to allow clients to buy fragile items like plates and cups and smash them against the wall. It may sound weird but for sure you have thought of this maybe a couple of times to unleash your stress. In the Smashing Place, you can let it all out! Smash stuff, stomp on them for all you care until all your stress and anger are leaked out.

Dating Network for Married Individuals

The wedded man who made an issue site for married individuals. AshleyMadison.com comes with a tag line: “Life is short, have an affair!” The site author is a lawyer named Noel Biderman, who is interestingly a happily wedded man. The site surely drawn criticisms and a lot of high brows but surprisingly, it has 3.2 million members with 1.8 million visitors per month. Clearly a huge success for this not so common dating site.

Sell Engagement Ring of Cheating Fiancee

What happens when a dream engagement became a big, fat nightmare? You sell the ring and move on! These are the taglines of this famous website I Do, Now I Don’t. This website was created by Josh Opperman, he himself was engaged and then left by his fiancée.   He was devastated after the break up although their engagement only ran for three months, he really worked hard to have that engagement ring only to be ditched. Since he worked hard for this ring, he took it back of course! He had the courage to move on and tried to sell the ring but to his surprise it was being bought for a cheap price of $3,500. Unfortunately, he bought the ring for a whopping $10,000. Of course, the offer was a deal breaker! With this experience, he came up with an idea to have a site that buys ditched engagement rings for a better price unlike most jewelry shops so the heartbroken other half would not be more devastated after all! The site became so popular that it has been on CNN, Fox News, Today Show and even the New York Times.

People Will Pay to be Chased by Zombies

Healthy lifestyle is the trend nowadays. No wonder, fun runs are always a big hit! What could be more exciting that to run for your life! Run for Your Lives is the pioneer company that offered a five Kilometer obstacle course run while being chased by hungry zombies. The zombies used are created by Reed Street Productions. Imagine yourself being part of the walking dead, how thrilling that could be! This business venture is surely a lucrative one, runners pay from $50 up to almost $90 just to be chased. Even the spectators are being charged also for $22 and if you want to run after the runners and be a living zombie you will be charged for more than $50.

Got a Crazy Biz Idea? It Might be Profitable!

Seen above are the eight outrageous business ideas that actually worked and even gave their creators whopping millions! Got an absurd business idea? Do not be afraid to take action!

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