Samgyupsalamat Franchise: Is it possible? Are They Open for Franchise?

The hallyu took over the Philippines by a storm, and with the rising interest towards Korean culture, their food in general spiked the curiosity of Filipino. One distinct food that successfully penetrated the Philippine market is the samgyeopsal with its accompanying side dishes to compliment the pork’s fatty flavor.

Samgyupsalamat can be pricier than its competitors, but the selection of meat cuts in different marinates made them prominent amongst other business competitors, which helped them grew from one store to 30 stores and counting.

About Samgyupsalamat


Samgyupsalamat was first established in 2012 and had its name derived from the play of words between the Korean word Samgyeopsal which means pork belly, and Salamat which translates to thank you in Filipino. The name Samgyupsalamat means “Thank you for eating samgyeopsal”

Samgyupsalamat Franchise: Is it a Possibility?

Sorry but no, Samgupsalamat is not open for franchsing.

While Samgyupsalamat is not open for franchising, you may read further to learn how this type of business operates, its advantage, and disadvantages that can make Korean barbeque restaurants successful.

Things to consider when opening a samgyeopsal restaurant

samgyupsalamat franchiseIf you are thinking of replicating the same type of restaurant business, here are some of the things to consider:


Location is a pivotal part of business planning, but with the Philippines slowly becoming saturated with Korean barbeque restaurants, choosing the right place to establish your store is important.


Install as many ventilation devices available. Some stores have air conditioners and electric fans to cool down the restaurant specifically during peak hours when all the grilling pans are open.


You need to find a supplier that will provide affordable products without sacrificing quality; Thou, this is not a problem for Samgyupsalamat franchisee since they distribute products manufactured from their factory across their branches.

Side dishes

While meat is the main ingredient of Korean barbeque restaurants, the side dishes are also important. Customers want to get their money’s worth, and if they see that they will get a heaping serving of meat and delicious side dishes, people will naturally flock your place.

Samgyupsalamat’s strengths and weaknesses


  • When Samgyupsalamat welcomed franchisee in the future, your advantage for choosing them as a franchiser would be the reflection of good reputation they set towards their customers, giving you an edge on marketing.
  • Samgyupsalamat personally handles the provision of items across their branches. Having one supplier across all stores ensures that quality and taste stay the same in every place.
  • Samgyeosapsal restaurants are high in demand which makes it easier to attract customers to dine with you.
  • With the right marketing, negotiations with suppliers and inventory handling, this type of business can yield a high profit.


  • You are handling with food which easily expires. Handle your inventory wisely to avoid wasting stocks.
  • Korean barbeque restaurants can be one of those trends that might die down after a few months or years.
  • The series of samgyeopsalamat franchise gives you more rivals on getting customers to your store.

You may wait for Samgyupsalamat franchise to open its doors, it’s a highly recommended opportunity due to their brand reputation; However, if you prefer to operate your business alone, you may use the information above to help you in opening your samgyeopsal restaurant.

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    people did you read the article..samgyupsalamat is NOT franchising.

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  16. KHENNY QUI says:

    How to franchized and what will be the contact ro franchized

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    Im interested to franchise. How much it will cost?

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