Tell-Tale Signs That You Need to Resign from Your Job

They said that if love what you do, it would not feel like work at all. And the reality is, that’s not entirely true. Imagine working 12 hours straight for a piece of art, or computer programming just to meet the deadline. That would certainly feel like hard labor. However, if it’s already difficult when you love your work, what would you expect if you don’t? That’s twice the grief!

So, if you are dreading Monday and desperately want to fast-forward to Friday, then it could be a sign that you are no longer compatible for your work, because it could mean that you are constantly unfulfilled and passionless. Therefore, you should consider taking a breather and watch for the signs on whether you should resign from work so you could start over, or even change careers. After all, work is a huge portion of your entire life and it would be so wrong to waste your time in a work that does not give you satisfaction.

Signs That Tell You that you need to resign

1. Constantly Having Doubts About Your Work

Similar to any aspects of your life, once you are having doubt about something, then it is a tell-tale sign that something is not right. It might be easy to dismiss this feeling as just lack of self-confidence or just you being pessimistic, but sometimes, doubting something is good for your decision-making. If you are not certain about staying at your work, then you would start to feel like you don’t belong. Feeling of belongingness is part of your basic needs as a human being, which only means that such a significant of part of your life must not be neglected. Once doubt settles in, take a step back and evaluate your work-life, because it can be an incredibly huge warning that you need to let go and find a new job or career.

2. You Don’t Feel Accomplished

Remember how you used to get stamped with stars on your arms during kindergarten? Or that time you received a certification of recognition in the university? You felt proud of your achievement and determined to do your best the next time so you can get another reward. The thing is the feeling of accomplishment is important and acts as a motivator for any person. If you no longer have that excited urge to call your mom or a friend to brag about a work-related matter, then perhaps, your work has become bland. It does not challenge you any more, which diminishes the pride that you take in your work. If working does not make you feel accomplishment, it’s time to think about leaving and finding a work that would make you proud, again.

3. Boredom

Meanwhile, as soon as work goes bland and the feelings of accomplishment diminishes, you would start to get bored of your job. It would no longer inspire you to do more, instead it just makes you want to pull your hair out in frustration. You count the hours until you can leave for home, because there is nothing new. You do not learn anything new so your skills have become stagnant or there is just no room for improvement for your existing talents. Possible causes of this may be stagnation of the company itself, mediocre standards of your manager, and lack of team growth. When boredom strikes you this way, then it is a strong indication that you need to resign and find another job that fuels your excitement and helps you develop and grow to the fullest of your abilities.

4. Underpayment

Everyone worries about money because it is the key for basic needs and for leisure, but if you are constantly short on money even if you have a strict set of budget list (and not shopaholic!) then maybe you are not being paid enough. Salary and workload must be in balance, and if you are working overtime with piles of work that you even have to bring home just to finish it, then you are being taken advantage of, which should ring a warning bell. If even after talking to the administration about your salary issues and it still does not work, you know what to do! Other companies would certainly see your potential and justly pay for you.

5. Lack of Employee Engagement

So after a dialogue with the management, they have chosen not to listen to you, or voicing out your ideas is not met with gratefulness, only irritation. There are no office events and company retreats. The administration of the company could care less about the spirit of togetherness, leaving you feeling inferior just because you are “just” an employee, then they definitely don’t deserve your loyalty. Any business is responsible in promoting and establishing bond with its employees, because you are the body of that keeps the business going. You deserve better than being dismissed and ignored.

6. The Higher Ups Don’t Respect You

Along the lines of no employee engagement, if your boss is constantly shooting you down and publicly demeaning you, you really have to get out of there, fast. Like any other relationships, respect must have paramount importance and if your boss can’t give it to you, don’t suffer under that kind of treatment, which could inadvertently affect other aspects of life, particularly your mental health and damage your self-confidence.

7. Work Burn-out

There is no easy job and you would experience weariness from time to time, but if you are in a chronic state of stress and frustration, so much that you no longer have a life outside of your work, then you are burning out, which is detrimental to your overall health. Burning out for work could cause bad sleeping patterns, irritability, and even illness. Don’t do that to yourself. Your life must be a healthy balance of work, socials, and self-time.

8. You’re No Longer Compatible for Your Work

So life happens. Everyone faces a crossroad in their life, which changes their life circumstances. You just got married, have a baby, or transferred to another neighborhood. All of which could cause incompatibilities with you and your work. Business travels could affect your marriage. A baby would need more financial support. You live too far from your workplace. Or maybe you have changed. The career that you already have may not be the career that you actually want some years later. Don’t be afraid to leave and start over in a new company, with a new career. People change, so do you.

9. You Feel it in Your Guts

Most important of all— what is your heart telling you? Sometimes, we also have to listen and trust our gut-feeling, because it is usually right. If you feel like it is time to move on to another job, company, or in a different career, then do so. Take the risk and find out where your passion really lies.

It may seem impossible for some to simply quit work and start anew, but stepping out of your comfort zone would lead you straight to where you actually belong. Also, if you do not try to be somewhere else, then you would always have a one foot out. You would always doubt your place in your work and that could drag you down.

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