How to Apply for a Police Clearance in the Philippines

A Police Clearance is usually requested in applying for a job either local or abroad. It is also one of the supporting documents in applying for a passport or when other government agencies ask for it. The Police Clearance is different from the Barangay Clearance and the NBI Clearance because it proves that the applicant is cleared from any criminal record in the police department or PNP station and its affiliates. The Barangay Clearance covers the barangay or community where the applicant resides while the NBI Clearance proves that the person is free from any liability, case, offense, crime, or record covered by the NBI.

Aside from employment purposes, the Police Clearance is also considered a valid identification in the absence of other ID’s.

The process in securing a Police Clearance is simpler that getting an NBI Clearance. It is usually accomplished within the same day of application.


  • Recent Cedula (Community or Residence Tax Certificate)
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Application Form (they will provide the form)

Step 1: Present Requirements

Police-Clearance-300x205Make sure you have with you the original and photocopy of the documents required. There is no need to bring pictures because they will capture your photo and signature in the PNP office.

Step 2: Fill Out Application Form

An Application Form will be given to you. Fill out the form accurately providing all the necessary personal details.

After accomplishing the form and making sure that everything is correct, submit the form to the personnel in charge.

Step 3: Payment 1

After submitting your application form, you will be given a Payment Slip. Go to the appointed payment area and pay the current clearance fee which is PhP100.00. You will be given a receipt. Take this receipt back to the Police Clearance Center.

Step 4: Fingerprinting

Show the personnel in charge your first payment receipt and the next step is fingerprinting. Just give the officer-in-charge your hands and he will do the rest of the process.

Step 5: Payment 2

Next step is you will have to pay for a certain Security Fee which costs PhP150.00. You will be given another receipt, a small white one which you should keep.

Step 6: Encoding

You will be directed to another line. Present your application and your small white receipt. The personnel will type all your personal information so make sure that the encoded details are correct.

Step 7: Picture

Your picture will be taken. I suggest that male applicants wear proper haircuts, and properly shaved. Glasses will be removed while pictures are taken. All applicants, male or female should be wearing proper attire.

Step 8: Digital Signing

You will be asked to sign using a digital pen. Just sign on the digital platform. Your signature must be identical to your other signatures appearing in your other documents.

Step 9: Thumb-printing

Finally, you will be asked to place your left and right thumb on a small thumb-sized scanner. The personnel will inform you once the process is done.

Step 10: Releasing

Proceed to the waiting area. Wait for your name to be called. It may only take 10-20 minutes depending on the volume of applicants.

Then you have a new Police Clearance!

The Police Clearance is valid only for six months. For renewal, the same process will be followed, but you can bring your previous Police Clearance as supporting documents.


26 responses to “How to Apply for a Police Clearance in the Philippines”

  1. Lionel G. Saquilabon says:

    where can we apply for police clearance?

  2. louiesa marie says:

    what time is thier office hour ?

  3. Mary lagramada says:

    May i know if it is possible for a filipino abroad to get a police clearance and police certificate online.if so what are the steps for the applicant abroad do. I also do not see any blank form for the applicant to useThank you.

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  5. James says:

    what if i dont have a cedula?

  6. Aslima says:

    Pwedeng cedula Lang at id

  7. Ma.Salvation Pinca A. says:


  8. Jemar says:

    one municipality I know requires drug test first before processing police clearance.

  9. Christy d says:

    How about an ofw trying to get a police clearance? Can he get it even if he lives abroad?

  10. Rose ann villanueva alagos says:

    Pwd pb ung barangay clearance gmitin na naissue nong march 2017.

  11. Angelie says:

    what if I dont have a cedula?

  12. Lucia M,Ybanez says:

    Can i get police clearance online

  13. Len says:

    Is this possible if someone bring an authorization letter for someone who want to get a police clearance?

  14. eduard flores says:

    for Renewal of my police clearance i need more requirements?

  15. Chadebryson says:

    Hello sir did you need any id if i get police clearance ?

  16. Maryam Assai says:


  17. Maria Chona Yana Ypil says:

    How registered online sir

  18. Maria Chona Yana Ypil says:

    Hi! Sir how to aply police clearance online

  19. Arnel says:

    I have several criminal records and spent many years in prison I am free now will these records show in the clearance of pnp and nbi and if yes then I won’t be able to get a job

  20. Gretchen says:

    Ask ko lang po pano po ako walang cedula pwedi po tin id nalang?

  21. Charlotte v batarina says:

    Pano po magrenew ng police id card at clearance ng online po gagawin. Para hindi n po ako pupunta mismo

  22. Sebastian says:

    Just a tip. Don’t wear shorts, earrings or sleeveless shirt when applying for a police clearance. They are additional requirements of some municipalities. I live in general trias, cavite and I had to go back the next day because I was wearing cargo shorts.

  23. Control number and Id number of police clearance are same for using to submit in fill out registration of bank account

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