How to Start a Western Union Franchise in the Philippines

It is a given fact that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) play a vital role in the Philippine economy.  The inflow of their remittances increases the foreign exchange supply available in the system and with this generates the foreign currency requirements of the economy which at the same time induced consumption expenditures.  This actually creates demand and expands domestic production.  Thus, there is an increase in ratio to gross domestic product (GDP) boosting economic growth.

This is why the demand of remittance centers in the likes of Western Union has been tremendously increasing throughout the country in the past years.  Western Union in particular partners with other financial agencies to deliver its services such as money transfers and money orders and even bill payments.  These partners referred to by Western Union as “agents” are like franchisees as it supplies its services in a uniform manner.

By being a Western Union agent in your community, you get to be of service to families of OFW and at the same time earn income from the transaction.  This is also one great opportunity for a business venture.  Read the details below as it might interest you.

Western Union Franchise

Western Union History

Western Union has been in the business of transferring money since 1851.  The company started in the United States and is considered as the world’s largest money-transfer network with more than 500,000 agent locations from 200 countries.  It is a private subsidiary of First Data Corporation, a payment services company that specializes in the transfer of money from one location to another.  Through its vast networks, individuals and businesses are able to transfer money and make payments electronically or through money orders convenient, fast and without hassle.  Annually, it sells more than one billion money orders globally.

Moreover, Western Union’s vision is to be a global leader in cross-currency, cross-border money movement & payment services, continuing to meet consumer and business needs as they develop.  This vision is realized through their global cross-border platform supported by a multi-channel network, built on ever-evolving technology, trusted relationships with agents and partners, and global compliance capabilities.

Benefits of Having a Western Union Franchise

  • You can generate revenue through a commission earned on every transaction, sent or received, from your retail location(s).
  • You can increase footfall and revenues by leveraging cross-selling opportunities as well as shopping frequency
  • You can enhance customer relationships by offering them more convenience.
  • Studies show that Western Union consumers are frequent, committed and loyal, with 77% of consumers transferring money between once a week and once a month while over 65% of these consumers always use the same agent to make their transaction.

Advantages of the Business

  • No investment or annual fees involved; all you need is a computer, an internet connection and depending on your country, a printer.
  • Free marketing and sales starter packs for your retail location(s).
  • Free of charge training and money transfer software updates.
  • There is a 24-hour customer service support.
  • The company has the best-in-class compliance program.

Disadvantages of the Business

  • Since the business operates on the internet, its success depends on your connectivity. So, if your internet bags down, there is also no transaction.
  • Although, security is assured, you never know the glitches in the world of technology. There is a possibility of hacking confidential information.
  • The business involves money and the Anti Money Laundering compliance procedures should be strictly implemented.  If not complied, it may greatly affect your business.  This is a risk that each agent will take.

How to Become a Western Union Money Transfer Agent

If you have a retail business such as financial service providers, convenience stores, pawnbrokers, travel agencies or any business for that matter.  You might be interested to add Western Union to add to your goods and services.  All you have to do is to register and enrol online to become an official and accredited agent. You need to fill out an online form linked here ( ) and once application is accepted, you will be contacted by a salesperson.  If approved, Western Union will help you get started as you make your first transaction.  Your enrolment comes with a free starter pack, training and marketing promotional materials plus the software which is also free of charge.  As an agent, you will have a 24 hour access to its online customer service support to answer all your queries and problems encountered. To learn more about becoming an agent, call the toll free hotline 1-800-325-6000 to learn more.

The Western Union Agent Portal

The WU Agent Portal is the official website where interested individuals can sign in or enrol, order supplies, access training, reporting the latest fraud, compliance information and even password resetting.  This website is accessible 24/7 from any computer or web browser.

Contact Information

Western Union Customer Service Hotline:  Feel free to call the Philippines Hotline at:

02 888-1200 (for calls within Metro Manila) or
1-800-1-888-1200 (toll-free nationwide via PLDT Lines) or
1-800-9-888-1200 (toll-free nationwide via Globe Lines) or
+632 888-1200 (for calls from overseas).

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