How to Start Your Own Pet Grooming Business in the Philippines

Pet owners realize the important of their furry companions in their lives. And the sheer number of pet owners makes the pet industry thrive and prosper. Pet services then come as an important part of this thriving industry.

As pets are treated as part of the family, their well-being and grooming thus becomes an important aspect their owners will give them. This is a starting point where individuals can go and come up with their own pet grooming salon to cater to this need.

Here are pertinent things one needs to know in order to have their prospective salon rolling.

Pet Grooming Business in the Philippines

Have enough knowledge on the business

While a good business sense is a key to a good enterprise, pet services entails much deeper dynamics. That includes knowledge of pets and other animals and how to take care of them, and there are a lot of things to learn from these alone. Aside from these, you must also have a passion for animals, as this will be the foundation of your business.

Research about the intricacies of pets, as each animal has their own sets of needs and thus entailing particular sets of care and management. Browse through informational materials like books and the internet. You can also learn first-hand from experienced pet groomers, and visit salons to have an idea of their operations.

Other things to consider learning are materials and supplies, their prices, and costing rates.

Know the types of pet grooming services

You can be surprised that your salon is not much different from beauty salons and spas we humans go to for pampering.

Commonly, pet grooming salons offer services as follows: bathing, hair drying, hair brushing, trimming and styling; pet massage and spa treatments (which include pet pedicure, aromatherapy  and even pet facials). Other services you can offer would include teeth brushing, fur coloring, and pet workout)

It is ideal to focus on a few pet grooming services first when starting on your business, but of course you can add more and more services and even features as your business thrive and your clientele comes in regularly.

Fixed or mobile? It’s your choice

Finding a place where you will place your salon comes next. But while you can have a shop, going mobile is an option too.

If you would be renting, a fixed shop should be located where it can be easily accessed by your customers. It must be spacious enough for you to place all the faucets, washing bins, tubs, sinks, grooming tables and other essential equipment. Keep in mind proper ventilation for everyone, and proper air temperature. Our furry clientele may have different temperature needs, so do watch out for that.

You can alternately get a large van or truck for a mobile salon. Basically everything you could place in a fixed salon will be crammed inside it. The addition here is finding a good system to supply water. Also, there is a need for generators to power your electrical needs. As this will be on the road, refer to any applicable standards and regulations with the Land Transportation Office.

Start-up capital and investment

What you now need is your equipment. And there is a lot to procure! All those sinks, tubs, grooming tables, all the way down to hair blowers, scissors, nail clippers – all these will entail you having enough capital to start your business.

You will be needing tubs, sinks, grooming tables, racks, pet holding pens, basic grooming tools like scissors, shears, clippers, combs, brushes, blow dryer, nail clippers , towels, and other grooming tools.  You will also need supplies of shampoos, pet friendly fur dyes, pet colognes, towels, and pet accessories.

You should then have a start-up fund that will be able to cover initial expenses for these, as well as supplies that will last at least three months. This fund should also include overhead expenses, like rent, utilities like water and electricity, and your staff.

One way to curb down expenses is to have a very lean staff, and that will include you. Do the services alone, or hire an assistant. Once your business flourishes, you can have the option to hire more staff.

Man your shop

As you will be part of this shop, doing the store tasks alone can be taxing. So hire a couple f workers first. You can hire more if you see the need as your business grows. But the main thing to keep in mind when hiring workers, apart from their ability to provide good service and interpersonal skills, is their love for animals and their eagerness to work with them. Some training on how to handle animals may be needed once you have your choice of personnel.

As this comes along, certain skills and knowledge are needed. You must learn even the basics of pet grooming. Later on you will learn that there are intricacies pets will need – the right way to bathe them, the right way to trim their hair, without stressing them.

It is a good chance then to have a certification course on pet grooming. Enroll in a training program, where they offer on-the-job training or even apprenticeships. That certification will look nice on the wall of your salon too, and clients can be ensured of good care of their beloved pets upon seeing that.

Secure your business registration and other documents

Yes, you will need all the legal papers you need for your business operations. Perhaps the most you have to think of is a catchy name that you will be registering to the Department of Trade and Industry and the Securities and Exchange Commission. You will need your barangay clearance and mayor’s permit from the place where you will hold your shop. Your staff should be covered with Social Security System, Philhealth, and PAG-IBIG.  But more than these, perhaps the most important registration is compliance with the Bureau of Animal Industry.

Promote your shop

Of course your shop will be needing clients. And there are a couple of marketing and advertising techniques and tools to inform them of your shop. Remember to have calling cards ready. Have streamers and advertising posters where they can be hung. Go and join pet shows and pet trade fairs. Word-of-mouth might help too: invite your friends who have pets to experience your service, and have them recommend you to their friends.

Build a relationship with your clients

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind for a successful pet shop is building a lasting relationship with your clients and their pets. Know their intricacies by heart, and give the proper service that they need and deserve. That way you will have a steady clientele that will keep on coming back to your shop and avail your services.

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