How to Start a Nacho King Franchise in the Philippines

Nacho King is one of the pioneers of spreading Mexican food on the Philippines, through the distribution of their Nacho products. Learn how to become a part of Nacho King’s chain of franchises and the benefits it brings to you as a franchisee.

About Nacho King Franchise

It was April 1995 when Mike Singh and his high school best friend Teddy Manotoc first established their first Nacho King outlet in SM North, and through its growing demand and popularity, they later open doors for franchising in 1997.

Nacho King Franchise Site Requirements

Counter Top: 150-200 square feet. Additional 100 square feet might be required for offsite storage

Cart-Type Kiosk: 50-20 square feet

Mall Cart: 3-4 SQM

Potential Location

For undecided individuals, you may scout the following locations to help you decide where to establish your own Nacho King kiosk.

  • Sm Super Malls
  • Walter Mart
  • Savemore
  • Ayala Malls
  • Robinson Malls

Types of Nacho King Package Franchise

As of writing, there are no records of the other two Nacho King packages on Nacho King’s website, the only franchise package information they provided was the Mall Cart Type. You may reach through Nacho King’s to inquire for further information.

Mall Cart

Recommended for: Fixed operating spaces which is ideally located at Malls

Package Cost: 580,000

Term Contract: 3 Years

Minimum Monthly Purchase of Products: 10,068

This package is Inclusive of:

  • Equipment & Accessories
  • Cart Crew Uniform
  • Complete Training & Manual
  • Initial set of Chips and Cheese

Nacho King International Franchise Procedure

  1. Nacho King franchise management and interested parties will discuss details regarding the nature of implementing Nacho King as a business in the proposed country.
  2. Submission of requirements
  3. Reviewing the High-Level Master Franchise Proposal and signing an agreement of ‘what if scenarios’ and changes the company may undergo through further development such as changes of expenses and others.
  4. Settling a non-refundable downpayment
  5. The proprietor will assess the proposed location/country
  6. Final review of master franchise proposal and finalizing requirements (staff training, opening dates, etc.)
  7. Signing of agreement together with paying the fee for Nacho King Master Franchise.
  8. The launch of Nacho King

Nacho King Franchising Procedure in Philippines

  1. Sending your letter of intent
  2. It usually takes two days for the letter of intent to be processed, after that, you will receive a list of Nacho King packages to choose from, their corresponding requirements and what you will need to become a franchisee.
  3. Sending the requirements as a franchisee and needed documents for the chosen Nacho king package.
  4. Expect to have an interview with the franchise management team, a day after it reached their office.
  5. Your business proposal will undergo a feasibility study to determine the possible strengths and weaknesses. This assessment usually takes 21 days.
  6. Surveying the proposed site location
  7. Settling fees
  8. Undergo a 1-day training
  9. Receiving your chosen franchise package
  • 15 Days-Countertop
  • 30 Days- Flexi Cart
  • 45 Days-Mall Cart
  1. Grand Opening

What you can expect as a Nacho King Franchisee

  • Reputable brand name
  • Provision of quality supplies and ingredients by the company
  • Tried and tested business system
  • Recruitment, training, marketing, and operating assistance
  • Fixed Royalty Fees

Cons of Nacho King as a Franchise

  • The term of contract is short lived with longest being 3 years
  • No assurance of pursuing the business further after 3 years, since renewal of contract is subjected by approval of management.

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