Guidelines on Starting a Monterey Meatshop Franchise

Meat is a staple item found in every Filipino’s dining table, making it a marketable product for those who wish to start a business; And Monterey Meatshop Corporation, which is the largest distributor if meat and poultry in the Philippines, offers franchising opportunities for interested individuals.

Franchisee shall operate under a tried and tested business plan approved by the Monterey Meatshop corporation. You will also receive marketing support from the company to help boost business awareness.

Below is a guideline which can help estimate the overall cost and procedure to become a part of Monterey Meatshop corporation chains of franchises.

A Brief History of Monterey Meatshop

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As Monterey Meatshop slowly thrives in business, they started welcoming interested investors at 1990 to become a franchisee. The slogan of “Farm to Market” concept help the company become a successful manufacturer of Philippine’s meat and poultry industry.

The use if cutting edge technology, well-trained butchers, and implementation of safety protocols declared by the National Meat Inspection Commission, the Monterey Meatshop ensures the quality of their products along with its safety for consumption.

Products Manufactured by Monterey Meatshop

  • Beef Cuts.
  • Pork cuts.
  • Chicken Meat.
  • Seasoned meat cuts.
  • Magnolia Chicken.
  • Purefoods hotdogs.

Cost of Starting a  Monterey Meatshop Franchise

monterey meatshop franchiseReports claimed that establishing a franchise from Monterey Mestshop requires at least ₱3 million as an initial capital investment. See the breakdown list below of how the cost accumulated to the said amount:

  • Franchise Fee – ₱200-300 thousand
  • Supply and Equipment cost- ₱1-2 million
  • Construction – ₱500,000-1 million; However, the price depends on the size of the land area and the cost of construction materials.
  • Merchandising Product – ₱20,000
  • Meat Inventory – There is no definite cost stated for their meat inventory due to its constant change in price.

Monthly payment:

  • Advertising Fee- 1% of total monthly sales
  • Royalty Fee- 2% of total monthly sales

Required Land Area for Opening Business.

The Monterey Meatshop Franchise look for a minimum land requirement of 60 sqm. Including 5 meters of additional frontage to accommodate all the tools and equipment that would need to have the shop fully functioning.

The Procedure of Applying as a Monterey Meatshop Franchisee

  1. The steps below shall help you process your desire to become a franchisee:
  2. Submission of letter of intent. Include in the letter the complete address of the location, preferably following the minimum land area requirement.
  3. Proceed with submitting the application form which is used for the evaluation and screening of your eligibility to operate a business.
  4. A survey will be conducted on the area to see the site’s potential and shall be evaluated by the Monterey management for approval.
  5. You must present a business plan in front of the Franchise Agreement discussing your goals for business to thrive for years to come.
  6. Upon approval of the proposal, the signing of the Franchise agreement will ensue.
  7. Development of plans and activities for the benefit of the business.
  8. You will undergo training at Monterey Meatshop school along with your recruited staff.
  9. Once everything is done, planning a marketing strategy to bring awareness and organizing the opening of the business will commence.

The whole process can take a minimum of 3 months including the construction and training of every staff.

Reasons Why Monterey Meatshop is an ideal business

  • Monterey Meatshop is a well-known and trusted brand among Filipino.
  • They provide training for every staff, equipping your store with knowledgeable employees.
  • Meat and poultry are food which is high in demand.

Drawbacks of Monterey Meatshop franchise

  • Expensive initial capital
  • Perishable goods

Contact information

7th Floor JMT Corporate Condominium
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Tel: (02) 633 6328




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