How to Start an Expresspay Franchise in the Philippines

As technology becomes prominent among our daily lives, we often rely upon it more than ever before. Transferring of money are usually done by technology, making Expressway an attractive place for those who are frequent sender and receiver of money, and even travelers due to their travel and tours offer.

The growing number of OFW needs a medium to transfer money, while rise of mobile users requires a demand for loading station to maximize the use of smartphones, and both of them are problems Expresspay can solve with their array of services, making Expresspay not only a timely business but also a growing market, due to the predicted rise of demand for technology and its services in the future.

How Expresspay paved their way to success

Expresspay built their company through the foundation of providing their customers with the highest form of service and assistance through offering a one-stop-shop that offers to receive and send money, pay the bills, loading and more.

What kind of services Expresspay provides?


The following are the services Expresspay have and also the things you can offer to your customers once you become a franchisee.

  • Money Transfer both for national and international accounts
  • Bills Payment
  • Prepaid loading
  • Travel and Tours
  • Courier Services
  • E-Payment Services
  • And other online based services

Details, Cost and Other Information of Expresspay Franchise Packages


There are three packages Expresspay offers for their franchisee. The most definitive difference between them is the length of renewal, while package A will let you start with a low fee, package C eliminates the cost of renewal contract for a lifetime making it a smart choice. To compare the three package, check the information below and see what suits you best.

Expresspay Packages
Package A Package B Package C
Length of Contract 3 years 5 years Lifetime
Set-up the system ü
Three days free training (Max. 2)
Marketing Collateral
One-sided, lighted signage 3' x 6'
Sticker on glass panel; or standee
Uniforms(4 t-shirts and 2 caps)
Outdoor Banners(10pcs) - tarp 3.5' x 2'. For tricycle ads
"Soon to Open" Poster - 2'-4'
Padala na dito tarp
Partner poster
Service Center Poster
Helpdesk/Technical Support
Flyers (1,000)
Paalala (SMS notification) poster
Franchise Fee 154,000 210,000 308,000


According to Expresspay, the expected return of investment of the franchise fee is around 3-6 months.

Expresspay Franchise Territory requirement

The area requirements for franchising Expresspay is 500 meters.

Expresspay Franchise application procedure

Documents to accomplished

  • Letter of intent
  • Application form (CIS)

Steps for applying as a franchisee of Expresspay

  1. Submit the location of where you’ll establish the franchise for evaluation.
  2. Present an overview of why becoming a part of the chain of franchisee is beneficial for the company.
  3. If your presentation was accepted you’ll be offered a contract where you will sign to seal the agreement.
  4. Pay for the franchise location.
  5. Before the opening, you must attend a training to learn the system’s franchise.
  6. Pay the franchise fee after the signing of the memorandum of agreement.

The Advantage and Disadvantages of Expresspay Franchise

Business concepts like Expresspay have more pros than cons since you’ll be providing services which don’t expire you won’t experience inventory loss. The demand for remittance centers is also growing along with other technology-based services.

However, be aware that competition is prominent in this industry due to the number of available business similar to Expresspay, which means that you need to devote your time to help the growth of the business.

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