The Best Water Franchises in the Philippines + Details

Do you want to enter the business world, but afraid that you would not be able to handle the heavy weight of responsibility? Then you should be looking at franchising a water refilling station. Why is it recommended for you? Well, water is a basic necessity, which means that people would be looking for it every day, making it twice more profitable than other business ventures. After all, people cannot go a day without water.

In addition, a water refilling station is relatively easy to manage, you would just need to find the right franchise (and also a motivated and punctual delivery guy that might be the next carrot man!).



For more than a decade, Aquabest has definitely proven its best in the water refilling station industry. After all, it now has over 500 branches nationwide and a member of Philippine Franchising Association and the Association of Filipino Franchisers Incorporated, because the company believes not only in providing excellent service to quench Filipino’s (literal) thirsts, but also to answer the Filipino’s thirst in achieving more out of life and having financial success.

Aquabest Premium Pure Drinking Water is also known for its use of advanced water treatment systems and of the exclusive technology called Grander Tech, which works by re-structuration of water molecules into a cleaner water that ordinary filtration could not achieve. Once you decided to franchise an Aquabest water refilling station, you or your staff would receive a thorough training to ensure familiarization with the product and service.

Aquabest’s Franchise Information

  • All the necessary equipment and full installations are included
  • Warranty for all the technology involved
  • Training, logistical support, and branch monitoring
  • Full marketing support including strategic advertisements
  • Opening Day Collaterals
  • One week hands-on support by one of the company’s technicians

Want to Franchise?

You can visit Aquabest’s website for the full details, but as a summary, you would have to submit a letter of intent including the possible business location, which is required to be at least 28 square meters with provision of a stock room and toilet. Additionally, a briefing must be attended after the acceptance of your letter and then site inspection would follow. Easy, right? Go ahead and communicate with them through the contact details below!

Contact Details:

Phone: (02) 371-0478; look for Lyn Gordon


AquahealthHealthy. Clean. Safe.

That is the principle that Aquahealth religiously follows for more than 17 years of operation nationwide. Aquahealth Pure Drinking Water boasts of a thorough and quality purification process, through the use of technological innovation, which ensures that every Filipino people have access to a clean drinking water. They have a strong mission and vision that is mostly directed for the masses, since they are considered one of the most affordable water refilling station provider, despite of using great technology.

So if you want to help out in providing water that even the marginalized sector of the Filipino society could afford, check out Aquahealth, since they are offering their products for 8.00 a gallon with FREE delivery.

Aquahealth’s Franchise Information

  • They have a reliable and efficient water purification system, which reported a minimal water waste, but able to remove all the possible harmful elements in the water.
  • You will be provided technical assistance in the setting up of equipment, full gear installations, and staff training
  • You don’t need to hire an interior designer since Aquahealth is going to take charge of the store layout and design
  • Free twice a month maintenance is also provided so you don’t need to worry about malfunctions and technical problems
  • Unlike others, they have a financial projections report so you more than informed about your business
  • Marketing is also on the company including the giving of flyers, etc.

If you are interested, further information would be given once you reach out to them through the contact details below.

Contact Details:

Phone: +63 (02) 636 1140; +63 (02) 636 1153
Mobile: +63 922 833 1670
Address: Unit 1103 OMM Citra Bldg. San Miguel Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig

Ybanez Group: Ocean Fresh

Ocean Fresh Water Refilling Station“Sell the Cheapest High Grade Water anywhere!”

And you can, once you try out and franchise a Ybanez Water Refilling Station. The Ybanez group has been founded with one true goal: to provide cheap water. Based on their research, they are heartbroken to find out that most Filipino families could not afford to drink clean water, instead they are opting out to drink straight from the tap, and this has been causing many diseases that would almost always lead to death.

Inspired to help, they started to use the latest technology and energy-efficient process of water desalination, which ensures a high-quality water for everyone. However, they also conform perfectly to the industry’s International Standards Organization (ISO), National Association of Testing Authorities of Australia (NATA), United Nations Org. (UNO) and most importantly, the World Health Organization (WHO). With worldwide acclaim, it is only right to try franchising a Ybanez Water Refilling Station.

Ybanez Group’s Franchise Information

  • They have a hydro-alleviation program, which would prove beneficial to your business operation, as it is considered one of the latest and most upgraded method in water purification
  • Membrane lifespan to 7 Years and beyond
  • Product quality = 0.0001 Microns of purity with traces of essential minerals at 200mg/L or higher
  • They are offering their professional technical services free of charge to assure the success of your business
  • You would have no worries when it comes to equipment set-up and installation, it would be included in the franchise fee
  • Upon briefing, they would give you their research study for further information, Cost Justification, and Investment Return Projections

A world-class water for an affordable price! You definitely have to consider Ybanez Group in your franchise venture and try to contact them with the information below.

Contact Details:

Phone: +63 32 5050731; +61 8 93071904

Mobile: +61 408936227; +61 409913085




This is a relatively old company in the water refilling industry in the country, but they are certainly out to prove that water services and products are all about brand names and celebrity endorsements, instead they have been campaigning their water with only one thing: tested quality. They believe that through commitment and passion, they are better than most and definitely ready to serve Pinoys.

They have three different types of water stations and they have a team geniuses “who will unleash a line of innovations that will set a new trend in the industry” since they are one of the firsts to provide water services to the Filipino people. Therefore, with 25 years of experience, you can trust Bluewaters to rise above fierce competition and challenges.

Bluewaters Franchise Information

  • They have three water station type so you would have to choose which one suits you
  • In general, all the water station types comes in with necessary equipment, full installation, staff training, and marketing
Water Station Type Franchise Fee
1.       Safe Alkaline Water Station
Safe Solo Alkaline 80000
2-in-1 Mineral and Alkaline Water Station 98000
3-in-1 R.O, Mineral and Alkaline Water Station 148000
2.       Safe Mineral Water Station
Safe Solo Mineral Php 80000.00
Safe Mineral + Ionized Alkaline Php 98000.00
Safe Mineral + Natural Alkaline Php 118000.00
Safe Mineral + Safe R.O. Php 138000.00
Safe Mineral + Ionized Alkaline + Safe R.O Php 148000.00
Safe Mineral + Natural Alkaline + Safe R.O. Php 180000.00
3.       Safe R.O. Water Station
Safe Solo R.O. Php 98000.00
Safe R.O. + Ionized Alkaline Php 118000.00
Safe R.O. + Safe Mineral Php 138000.00
Safe R.O. + Natural Alkaline Php 140000.00
Safe R.O. + Ionized Alkaline + Safe Mineral Php 148000.00
Safe R.O. + Natural Alkaline + Safe Mineral Php 180000.00

Contact Details:

Phone: +63 2 775 5010
Mobile: Globe: 0906-329-0640; Smart: 0999-650-3354; Sun: 0922-445-7556




Aqualipure Franchise

Pure water and pure service. Aqualipure is a company with membership to both The Water Quality Association of the United States of America and Water Quality Association Philippines, Inc. which ensures that they only serve what is best and guarantees the health of their consumers!

They always seek to improve themselves using science and technology in order to have an advantage in the fierce water industry and prove their competitors that “purity wins” and they are always willing to offer business venture via franchises to many Filipino people, so that they could achieve financial stability, thus they obtained a membership in the Philippine Franchise Association.

Ever since their establishment in 2001, they achieved several recognitions which are posted in their blog and aims to gain more by providing excellence through smart and diligent labor.

Aqualipure’s Franchise Information

  • They offer a complete franchise investment package with free full installation of mutli-stages water purification system technology
  • Free assistance and marketing
  • 24 hours technical support
  • Training of your probable staffs
  • Full Stock of replaceable parts and components available

You may choose between the three:

  • Mineral Water System
  • Ionized Healthful Water System
  • Reverse Osmosis System (Purified Water)

All at a negotiable price!

Contact Details:

Phone: (02) 288-3858; (02) 288-7331

Mobile: Globe: (0917) 512-0431; Sun: (0922) 857-1127; Smart: (0999) 881-0671



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