Top 5 Ice Cream Franchises in the Philippines

The climate in the Philippines will never change, it will always be hot, and finding a way to reduce the heat and avoiding the illness that might come is a chore. That is why eating ice cream is very popular among us Filipinos and why a certain jingle we hear in the streets is memorable to us! Even in Christmas the weather is not generous and still showers us with heat! That’s why ice cream market is thriving, and also a good reason to invest on an ice cream franchise because there will always be a demand all-year round!

1. Mr. Softy Ice Cream

Mr. Softy Ice Cream Franchise PhilippinesThe story of how this franchise came to be is interesting: a family decided to profit their ice-cream making. What’s impressive is with only an initial 2 square meters of space in the market and a capital of P9,000, they have expanded to 120 outlets nationwide in a timeline of only two years! Franchising with this business will give you a relatively good boost in profit!

Franchise Information:

Total Investment Capital: P300,000

The ice cream machine is actually optional, since you are allowed to purchases from other sources.

  • Reconditioned machine: P 180,000.00
  • Taylor brand-new machine: Ph265,000.00
  • SEA brand-new machine: P 295,000.00

Contact Information:

Address: Softy Ice Cream #137 Katipunan St., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City, Philippines


Telephone Nos.: (632) 998-2114 / 998-2077

Fax No.: (632) 941-8163

2. Miguelitos Ice Cream

miguelitos-ice-cream franchise philippinesA little slow in the start, understandably so, only because it is run as a small family business in Paco, Manila, which started around 2002. They managed to get on this list because of their persistence and perseverance because now they are expanding and started franchising to manage their growth more!

Franchise fee: P300,000

Franchise Inclusion:

  • Food Cart
  • Signage and Equipment
  • 2 Days-worth of initial stock
  • Staff Uniform
  • Training Program
  • Manpower Recruitment
  • Store Grand Opening Assistance with Mascot Appearance (Complete with Flyers and Pastoral dedication)
  • Site Assistance (preferably malls)

Renewal: 3 years with fee of P60,000

Contact Information:

Address: 8888 Marian Rd. 2 SMDP Parañaque City, Philippines





Telephone no.: (02)822-5028

Fax No.: (02)822-5028

3. Frozo Soft Ice Cream

A product by the LBT Food Cart Link Services (LFS). It is suitable for newbie entrepreneurs who want to dip their hands on the ice cream business. Their carts are made in such a way that the design attracts prospects with ice cream that makes them want more!

Franchise fee: P139,000

Franchise inclusion:

  • Non-collapsible semi high-end cart
  • Soft ice cream machine
  • Storage box
  • Video Training Operations Manual
  • Costing and Pricing: SRP: P7-15/serving
  • Initial Inventory of products
  • Ice cream bell
  • Crew uniform
  • Utensils and other equipment
  • Different flavors of Frozo soft ice cream
  • Various dips and toppings
  • Optional e-loading business

Contact Information:

Address: Food Cart Link Services2/F RFC Shoppers Plaza, Alabang – Zapote Rd. Pamplona, Las Pinas City



Telephone no.: (02) 340-0156

Mobile no.:0922-862-6154, 0917-848-3522, 0921-951-3522

4. Soft Ice Cream Food Cart

eca4101de83a12126f95024723d1845b[1]A brainchild of the Food Cart Link Services (FCL), they offer franchising packages unlike other systems where the franchisees do not need to pay any recurring fees once they pay for the package. This is a great investment for people who wish to start an ice cream business on a budget!

Franchise fee: P114,000

Franchise Inclusion:

  • Non-collapsible semi high-end cart
  • Soft ice cream machine
  • Suggested retail price is about P7–P15 per serving
  • Utensils
  • Initial inventory
  • Crew uniform
  • Operations manual
  • Video training
  • E-loading business (optional)
  • Food Cart Products
  • Different flavors of soft ice cream
  • Different dips and toppings

Contact Information:

Address: FoodcartLink Services, 3/F Rubetan Bldg. (ICC Las Piñas), #88 Alabang-Zapote Rd., Pamplona, Las Piñas City, Philippines. (in front of Tuazon Village)



Telephone no.: (02)340-0156  Sun: 0922-862-6154 Smart: 0921-951-3522 Globe: 0917-848-3522

5. Fiorgelato

fiorgelato-1[1]Unlike the other products in the list, this franchise offers gelato, similar to ice cream but with added flavors from fruit! Originally from Italy, gelato now comes to the Philippines thanks to Milkin Corporation, a Filipino-Italian venture, who owns Fiorgelato and caters to various markets and establishments since 1989. The best investment for those who want to try something new!

Franchise Information:

No disclosed franchise fee or investment fee because of it negotiability.

Three franchise types:

  • Kiosk
  • Counter
  • Café

Franchise Inclusion:

  • 1 unit of Fiorgelato freezer
  • 1 set of glass canopy
  • 1 set of Fiorgelato or Fiorcafe logo and name lighted sign
  • 12 pieces of Tubs / gallons (ice cream containers) with aluminum casing
  • 1 set of menu board with beam
  • 6 pieces of co-branding uniform
  • 1 set of merchandising materials
  • 4 pieces of tables
  • 16 pieces of chairs
  • 1 set of cabinet with sink and drawers
  • 2 units of blender
  • 2 sets of railings with post and logo sign
  • 1 set of small wares
  • 1 unit of espresso machine
  • 1 unit of coffee grinder
  • 1 unit of coffee brewer with double decanter
  • 1 unit of water pump for espresso machine
  • 1 unit of milk thermometer
  • 1 unit of display chiller
  • 1 unit of oven toaster
  • 1 unit of microwave
  • 1 unit of two door worktop chiller

Contact Information:

Address: Milkin Corporation, 1263 Gen. Luna St., Ermita, Manila, Philippines



Telephone No.: (02)524-0384

Fax No.: (02)524-0385

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