Passive Income Sources for OFWs (So They Earn While Working)

Overseas Filipino workers might be earning much abroad. But in time, they might wake up and realize that this hard-earned money will still not suffice for rising costs and mounting bills to pay. It’s high time to check on other streams of income where they can earn, while staying at their main jobs.

These passive income streams require investment and a lot of hands-on. But after some time and constant nurturing, these income streams will start to build, and might be able to maintain themselves, in the end will bring you revenue without much effort compared to when you started it.

Basically, passive income streams will entail one to commit on any one of these: an upfront monetary investment, or an upfront time investment. Understanding these two, then one will be able to check out and explore on some passive income sources we list below.

OFW Passive Income Sources

Dividend Stocks

Stocks are the first thing in mind when it comes to passive stream. This is basically an example where you need to have an upfront monetary investment. This investment entails you to do an extensive research and knowledge building for you to understand how stocks work, what stocks to invest on, and how their value fluctuates from time to time. Wisely constantly investing money on stocks will have you a residual income over time.

Rental Properties

Some physical spaces can be bought which in turn can be turned into a rental unit. Some spaces in the US for example include warehouse units.

But there are other means to achieve passive income through this approach. One can outsource the management of the properties through a company. Other ways will include crowd funding, where you invest in real estate and have revenue shared through all investors.

Certificates of Deposits or Money Market Funds

This will entail one to buy certificates of deposits (CDs) from banks in certain increments to earn a higher return on your money. One can check on banks and ask for information about CDs they can offer and how to invest on them. Generally CDs are a low risk investment, but they also offer a low income stream yield. This type of investment is good for those who do not want to take risks on their investment.


Annuities are insurance products that you pay for and provide you passive income for life in the form of monthly payments. But you need to talk first to a financial advisor as terms with annuities vary and you might not find it worth investing on.

Peer to Peer Lending

P2P lending entails you to loan money to borrowers who do not qualify for traditional loans. The trickof the trade is, as the lender, you need to have the ability to choose and accept who your borrowers will be. From here, you can spread your investment amount out to mitigate your risk. You can also find P2P lending platforms online, so make sure to check them to find out more about this system.

Online Marketing and Selling

While all of the above examples require you upfront monetary investment, you can have other means by entailing partly monetary investment, and part upfront time investment.

Self-publishing is gaining steam today. Online stores like carry e-Books that may turn out to be self-published. So start writing an eBook, and upload it to seller’s web spaces and programs. You might need to invest time in marketing to get this going into a passive income stream.

Similarly, if you have a camera and love taking photos, you can sell photos online by uploading these snapshots on web sites that will distribute them as stock photos. You will have a captive market of bloggers, websites and even magazine that will need images for their publications.

One can venture on other online activities like creating video courses on different topics and subjects, or even have a Youtube channel, and upload a particular number of videos for your channel to be eligible for ads, which in turn will give you quite a stream of passive income.

Remember to be armed with information regarding these passive stream ideas, and also be creative to mix them. Sooner or later these will augment your salaries off your hard work, and benefit you in the long run.

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